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Anti-LGBTI Discrimination Harms Efforts to Fight HIV/AIDS

Originally published on The Advocates Post

I went to Mwananyamala Hospital (a government facility) for HIV testing. During the pre-counseling, I came out as gay to the health staff (counselor) and immediately he condemned me saying that it was my fault to catch the virus because of my behavior of practicing anal sex.

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Human Rights

U.S. Marine guilty of killing transgender woman in Philippines

A Philippines court has convicted US Marine Joseph Scott Pemberton of killing a transgender woman who was found strangled in a hotel room last year. Pemberton was in the Philippines for a joint military exercise, and met the victim, Jeffrey Laude — also known as Jennifer —  at a local bar before the two checked into a nearby hotel. 122 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Cyprus adopts confuse "civil partnership" law

By adopting a law that allows for same-sex “civil partnerships”, Cyprus has set the first step on the slippery slope that homo-activists hope will ultimately lead to the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages”, homo-“families”, surrogacy, homo-adoptions and other aberrations. 70 more words


Fables Of Forbearance?!

I’m finding it absolutely ridiculous as to how 65% of the Indian population is inefficaciously trying to protect its sententious national pride by endorsing a “Simon, Go back!” against the people who are naive enough to voice their concerns about the current governance and the precipitous rise in insularity and parochialism (a.k.a ‘Intolerance’ for the lexically challenged people). 409 more words


The invention of the family

Working at The invention of the family has been the most challenging and rewarding experience in my photography research so far. With the final show at LCC my beloved year as a student is almost at its end. 71 more words

Three Promises for Better Safe Spaces in Gaming

Let’s begin with a definition of the term “safe space.”

A safe space is a place (such as a convention, a club, or even your home) where a community does not tolerate hate speech, harassment, or violence to marginalized groups. 731 more words

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