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Trump : Heartless and Hateful

The title of this post may seem extreme but I assure you, it is not at all and shows exactly what kind of “president” we have now and what is without a doubt to come for however long he remains in office. 969 more words


Taiwan first in Asia to accept same-sex marriage!!

The moment we all have been waiting for has come. The first country in Asia to accept same-sex marriages is here!

And of course it is NOT Singapore! 280 more words


A heads up for my English speaking friends in Japan.

I posted this on my Twitter and Instagram feeds, but I have reposted it here for English speakers.

Amnesty International is running a campaign to have the Japanese government introduce legislation preventing anti LGBT discrimination. 57 more words


Lou Reeds friends dismiss claim that Walk on the Wild Side is transphobic

Defense came after Canadian student body defended for injurious lyricals to the trans community after including the 1972 hit on a playlist at a campus event… 498 more words

The Case For Transgender Rights

It has become a bandwagon among the right, especially evangelicals and the alt-right, to bash transgenders and to make cases for denying them their human rights. 1,592 more words

Nero Of Rome

Does Love Make a Parent?

Insisting I get back to “normal,” I found myself on a bike at the gym reading the New Yorker. It’s the latest issue and the extremely long, entangled article titled, “Are You My Mother?” (a gay couple, an adoption plan, and a brutal custody battle) by Ian Parker held my interest; so much so that I would have never have left the bike if not for my aching back! 665 more words

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Bree Carlson

The Personal Is Political

Bree Carlson has been politically active almost as long as she has been alive. She learned the importance of political engagement from her mother who passionately demonstrated it as a board member of Planned Parenthood. 2,576 more words