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[EI: Day 12] I'm passionate about NKOTB, behind the music

For WP#everydayinspiration, they gave us an opportunity to comment on something we’re passionate about, and I’m passionate about NKOTB, “behind the music”. So… Let’s get this! 1,085 more words

Ok. Let's Talk About It

Betrayal: Why Hillary Clinton’s Lies Matter to Democrats.

Since the beginning of last year, Hillary Clinton has been unable to escape an email scandal that has dogged her campaign. In effort to defend her legitimacy, Clinton has repeatedly assuaged concerns by insisting her private server did not violate federal regulations, such practice was common amongst previous Secretary’s of State, security was never compromised, she had been fully transparent and compliant with the ongoing inquiry, and the entire controversy would eventually blow over once the facts were released. 437 more words

2016 Democratic Primary

Reader's QA: What Truly Maketh A Man?

I was recently asked by a reader what it is that makes me a man. And once again, I was placed in an indescribable position where I felt like I had to validate my identity.  856 more words

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People get confused about transgender issues. There are a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings - and hostility and discrimination, based on a lack of understanding. So, I am sharing this latest blog from a Jamaican transgender man, which I think would be helpful. You can also check out TransWave's blog, which has an extremely useful section (if you scroll down) on "Transgender Terms." Go to: https://transwavejamaica.wordpress.com

Will IT Never End

Political stress and anxiety have some people fearing the end of the American Dream.

For his entire presidency the left says President Obama doesn’t go far enough, and the right says he goes to far.   550 more words

Walang Poreber kay Uncle Sam! Ni Vonn Adlawan

Sadyang napasok na sa bulsa
Ang tugon na boto ng mahistrado
sa inimbak na takot at multo
mula sa karatig na insulto
upang itong paing dala ng EDCA; 390 more words

11 States Just Jumped on the Bathroom Freakout Bandwagon

11 States Just Jumped on the Bathroom Freakout Bandwagon

They’re suing the federal government to block the Obama administration’s transgender rights directive. SAMANTHA MICHAELS – Mother Jones