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Book Review: Hot Dog Girl

“I am an ungrateful little hot dog.”
Rating: Solid 3.5/5
One word review: Ho-hum.

Hot Dog Girl
Jennifer Dugan

In this stream of consciousness novel, Eloise (Lou) Parker is determined to have an impossibly amazing summer before she becomes a senior. 615 more words


YA Review: Birthday by Meredith Russo

Title: Birthday by Meredith Russo

Rating: 4/5

Two-sentence summary: Morgan and Eric are two teenagers who were born on the same day. That makes them bonded for life, even if their journeys take them in very different (yet connected) directions. 401 more words

Book Review

Flute and Harp Reprint Up for Summer 2021

A very, very quick bit of news. “Flute and Harp,” accepted as a reprint by HELIOS QUARTERLY on June 3 (see below), has now been scheduled for Volume 6, Issue 2, for June 2021.  121 more words


BLOG: Pride Month - LGBTQ+ Books and Bloggers

I was discussing the other day that as a straight, cisgender woman, I actually have no idea when Pride is in the UK. I’m fairly confident the Birmingham Pride event takes place in May, whilst Nottingham’s is in July and Leicester hold theirs in late August or early September – it used to be held in the park across the road from my flat, and we had a beautiful vista of rainbows and revels for that weekend. 1,601 more words

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School's Out Summer Give-Away, and $0.99 sale on American Traditional

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In other news, … 8 more words

A Happy Pride Snippet!

Hello and welcome to my snippet! It’s been a while but I think I remember how this is supposed to work. :D

In honor of Pride Month, here’s a little snippet from… 358 more words

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Deals of the day

We aim to bring you the best LGBT+ romance book deals, the hottest new releases and some awesome giveaways. Happy reading!

Friday 7th June… 753 more words

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