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Timothy Kurek: Walking In The Shoes Of The Other

Timothy Kurek is a living example that you can only trully understand someone if you have walked a mile in their shoes. He proved exactly that when he decided to pretend to be openly gay in his very conservative community for a whole year. 215 more words

LGBT Social Movements

I Know Nothing. Really I don't.

Trigger Warning: shits about to get real.

I am what you would call a radical because I believe all people are equal. I believe all people are entitled to water and food. 840 more words

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Paul Chaffee: Beyond The Doctrine Of Discovery


The Doctrine of Discovery which emerged from the Papal Bulls of 1452-1493 may be the most destructive ‘doctrine’ ever… 126 more words

Practical Chrisitans

Shawn Thomas: The Christ In You

Second single release from the CD/album, “Worship & Desperation” by “out and affirming” Christian artist, Shawn Thomas.


http://www.shawnthomasonline.com or http://www.aaronsrainbowproject.com for more information.

Available on ITUNES and AMAZON… 22 more words

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Why the LGBT Community is Winning: A Love Letter to the Religious Right

To Whom It May Concern,

19 states down…31 to go. Within recent years the LGBT community has managed to swing the tide against the conservative right, and have begun winning an impressive string of victories nationwide for Marriage Equality. 710 more words