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The Stones Cry Out - 7 Things Catholics Must Learn From Orlando

The silence has been deafening.

My dear fellow Catholics, your silence screams; our ears are ringing.

Tragedy has struck. Yes, much needs to be grieved; and yes, I know… 2,954 more words


Vigil in the Sky

Hello, Starbursts,

It is almost summer. We call the long day in June that officially commences the sunny season the “summer solstice;” it just means our planet is tilted closest to the star it orbits– the sun. 4,751 more words

Orlando you have my heart

This last month it is uncanny that I felt strongly there was going to be an attack on a Pride event this year. A city that many of us think of as a fun place to go unfortunately, Orlando became the target of someone’s mental instability. 719 more words


Only Yesterday

(By Cher Guevara)

Only yesterday
I stood in the middle
Of a hundred thousand brothers and sisters
Cheering, clapping
Feeling so free and safe.

Only yesterday… 120 more words

The Bicast

Personal Statement on the Shooting at Pulse

Today, 50 of our LGBT+ family were shot dead in a place that was supposed to be a shelter, a safe space, where they could be free to be and express who they are. 891 more words


A short post on the Orlando Shooting (More to Come)

The shooting today. I’ll talk about it because I need to talk about it, but I need to get my thoughts in order first, and get my rage in check. 76 more words