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The couple that cleared the way for same-sex marriage in Utah finally got married

SALT LAKE CITY — Theirs was a marriage made in litigation.

Derek Kitchen and Moudi Sbeity, the couple involved in the landmark case that led to same-sex marriage in Utah, tied the knot in a downtown ceremony Sunday. 568 more words


KO Win for LGBT Rights in Catholic Ireland

Despite the efforts of the Irish Catholic church, the Iona Institute, the US-based National Organization of Marriage, and other conservotrad and traditionalist groups, Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage by a popular vote. 548 more words

The Complexity of Sexual Orientation and Labels.

I myself have had many debates surrounding the problems of ‘labels’ and in particular those ‘labels’ that people use for sexual orientation. What I mean by ‘labels’ is a person identifying with or labelling themselves with a sexual orientation or otherwise, the regular “I’m straight” or “I’m gay” or any of the other options that people contribute to everyday. 479 more words


Philomena movie review

I just watched an incredible movie. It was called philomena. Its set in Ireland and is about an irish woman named Philomena who becomes pregnant in her mid teens. 199 more words

Andrea & Kirsty’s 2nd Big Adventure – Part 2: Reminiscing in Hull (through the eyes of a zombie), Bronte-Country… and TG-Clumsiness

The daytime agenda for the Sunday of our little holiday took is to Hull – the primary purpose for going here, as mentioned in my previous post, was because this city is the setting for an amount of my first novel (that I have been writing for many years) and thus it was an opportunity for me to refresh my aged memories of the city and re-visit some particular spots of relevance; it was thus a shame that, after another poor night of sleep, I literally resembled the living dead (at least on the inside, or so I imagine) and much of the day I felt like a zombie… and unfortunately when I am like that then I can be a moody, miserable cow, as has been confirmed. 1,084 more words

"Wildest Dream"

new chapbook coming soon and it’ll be a free download. It drops May 31!

Wildest dream

Been dreaming of ya

Could never put a face… 253 more words