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Lucien's Unpopular Opinion: LGBT People Have No Right to Complain About Representation (In video games)

I read an article in some “news” site where they were complaining that the LGBT crowd (I limit my acronym to four letters.  Unless your acronym rolls off the tongue, you don’t get longer) don’t get enough representation in Hollywood.  1,376 more words


Book Review: Basketball Jones

AJ Richardson is living the good life. Thanks to his longtime lover, NBA star Dray Jones, he has a gorgeous townhouse in New Orleans, plenty of frequent-flier miles, and an MBA he’s never had to use.

734 more words

i hear your words

coming out is never a single moment. it’s a decision that we take hundreds of times yearly, weekly, daily just to exist. telling a friend is different to telling a family member is different to telling a dressing room assistant and hoping they’ll accept it. 490 more words


My Names, My Choice

Hi, I’m John.

Hi, I’m also Lana.

Hi, it’s nothing to do with you.

My parents – my dad, especially – picked the name ‘Lana’ for me after a song of the same name. 1,246 more words


COMICS AND BONDAGE AND LESBIANS (OH MY!) - Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić

WARNING: This graphic novel, and its review, both include heavy sexual content. Proceed with knowledge! 

So, here’s something you people might not know about me. I used to be big into BDSM. 1,235 more words


Cover me discover me and take what I have left
For you I can be nothing but without you I’m bereft
Only when you offer do I notice what I lack… 77 more words


11.4.16 // #31 - so. unfair.

they’re so unfair
they get to walk like goddesses
knowing their perfume
and long hair trail
after them and.
it feels like going on a… 107 more words