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Fuck It

Want me to be sorry for you?

Fuck it,

Won’t happen.

Want me to take you in my arms?

Fuck it,

Won’t do it.

You deserve what’s happening to you. 779 more words


Life In The Besieged City (74.4)

This scene contains sexual content.

25th of the Hazel’s Frost 2030 DCE

Ayvarta, Solstice City — Kuwba Oasis Resort

Shortly after midnight a stark silence fell over the guest room. 5,763 more words

The Solstice War

I'm not straight...

It’s Pride month, and it’s quite possibly my favourite month out of the year (okay maybe second favourite, August is my birth months so that’s always fun as well). 1,335 more words


How ICE is Abusing Trans Asylum Seekers

Reporting by Erin Ammon. Photography by Mitch Lensink.

In recent weeks, Americans have been following the news with horror as the United States Government willingly separates children from their families, in an effort to send a message to people who are attempting to flee to safety that they are not welcome here. 1,043 more words

Current Events

Did You Really Think?

Did you really think I would let you control me?

Did you really think I would let you decide what’s good for me?

Did you really think… 136 more words


Homosexuality and India

India is a country which believes in equality in every sections of the society. The extraordinary society treats every single human as a family and not as an individual. 407 more words