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Lost and Found: Rescuing Atlanta's LGBTQ youth

BY:  Brittany Grayer, Kim Riggins, Shawn Vinson and George Waits

The parking lot at 2585 Chantilly Drive in Atlanta is small but packed with cars. Inside, a small group of teens sort through boxes and grocery carts full of donations for this local thrift store, Lost n Found Youth. 1,771 more words

Bruce Jenner: Choose Your Response Wisely

Whenever a celebrity comes out, it’s a teachable moment. There’s no doubt that coming out in the public eye requires a lot of courage, but also offers a huge opportunity to reshape the attitudes of society. 423 more words


Gay is NOT Okay...as an Insult.

I took the baby to the park-something we do fairly frequently-and for the first time we came across some graffiti. Honestly, I should be more surprised we haven’t come across some before considering the park is next to a high school. 366 more words


Transgender Youth: What can be done to increase positive well-being?


Defining Terms

Current practice considers youth as any person between the ages of thirteen & twenty-four. Transgender (Trans) is an umbrella term for individuals who experience an incongruence of their assigned birth sex with their current gender experience, which includes any person who is gender variant/non-conforming or transsexual (Clark et al., 2013; De Vries et. 1,898 more words


"Raison d'Être"

An Out4STEM student reflects on cadavers, safe spaces, and STEM

by Tosef Katriel

I joined Out4STEM because of the frustration and loneliness I feel as a queer person interested in science fields. 477 more words


We Were Different

So. Indiana. Freedom of Religion.

I’m sure y’all can figure out what I think about such a (bullshit) bill. I’m actually glad I didn’t end up going to school in Indiana, because they don’t deserve my money. 774 more words

Educators and the LGBTQ Community - Where do we fit?

Written by: Michael Li 10149096

Students are a very diverse group. In this article, the focus is on LGBT youth and their relation to safety in schools.  500 more words