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BOOK REVIEW | Enigma Variations by André Aciman

5/5 stars

I am the most miserable man alive, and more so because no one at this dinner table has the slightest notion of what is tearing me up. 369 more words

Book Review

Living as both a man and a woman

This was enlightening, validating, and frustrating all at once.


An Open Letter To The Openly Homophobic People I Encounter On A Daily Basis

To the group of women who laughed when their friend accidentally pushed into them and replied, “It’s okay ladies, I’m not a Lesbian.”

To that bus driver who nearly forgot to go when the light turned green because he was too busy staring at us holding hands. 425 more words

Writing & Expressions

Why I Love "Love, Simon"

This past weekend, 20th Century Fox released the first major motion picture to focus on a gay main character and a gay relationship. As someone who not only appreciates film but is also a part of the LGBTQ community, this is a big step for companies to understand that not only releasing films that focus on more than just heterosexual relationships but just having characters that identify as more than straight and white is crucial for inclusion and celebration. 538 more words

Needles in the Hay

I don’t really know how to start this post other then saying “WOW!” It’s been an uphill battle for so long and I somewhat feel like I’m allowed to descend one step at a time and experience freedom that I thought I’d never experience in my life. 557 more words


...on Gay Narratives

Around a year ago, triggered by a gay-themed movie or play that I watched, I decided to challenge myself to write a story where the protagonists were gay, but without the usual plot points of a gay narrative: bullying, suicide, coming out, sex, drugs and alcohol, HIV, religion, self-destruction, or violence of any kind. 1,078 more words