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Heteroromantic Bisexual?

Yes, I would call myself Heteroflexible. The term that means I am attracted to both genders, but I am mostly straight and I would not date/marry the same sex. 256 more words


Inauguration Day

Melania Trump sat outside the bathroom.  Her back against the door, she glossed over the luggage packed for her trip back to Manhattan. Her flight was going to have to be delayed unless she could wrap this up quickly. 1,173 more words


New Light

So here we stand

On westward mountainside

The setting sun

Golden past

Extinguished by the inky lowlands

Of a world made flat.

The long-awaited path: 60 more words


Feminist Friday: To Those Who Need Support Today


When the election results were announced I, like many of you, was shocked, scared an angry. To express my feelings and reach out to those who were struggling I wrote an… 351 more words



I remember January 20th, 2009 pretty clearly. It was my final semester of high school, and I go to stay home that day. I remember watching President Obama’s inauguration live on tv. 634 more words

My Heroine, Miss Fiona

I’ve been in love with Fiona Apple from day 1, relying on that honey/molasses hybrid to carry me through twenty some years now. And whaddya know, she put out an anti-Trump song. 78 more words

Magical - Flashback - Part Five

On that day, eight years ago, everybody in the world was woken up by a furious rumbling that shook the entire Earth to its core. Luckily for Arian, she should have been up by this time anyway. 428 more words