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This is NOT a bookish-related post!

This is a book blog. And as such I try to not get too political with anything I post on here. But sometimes I feel very passionately about something and I can’t keep my mouth shut. 176 more words


Dating...Yes? No? Maybe?

There has been one thing from the very beginning that I never really talked about nor have I felt like it should because it has been a non issue. 997 more words


Strange Flesh - Indie Bara Game Review

When I sat down and played ‘Strange Flesh’ after coming across it on the Bara subreddit community I thought I was going into a standard side scrolling beat’em up game with an top coat of bara aesthetic, but as I delved deeper into the game I came to realize that there may be more here than a barman with hypnotic smoke and a very naughty bara beat em up. 672 more words


Dance like a man!

What’s wrong if a man is trapped in a woman’s body or a woman is trapped in a man’s body?

Majority would say, “Arrey.. We’re in 21st century yaar! 289 more words

Poem of the Month | April

That Song, Like Everything, is About You

You’ve described them to me, and now I don’t know how
to listen to music without knowing cock size and kinks. 182 more words



There has been some nasty discourse lately about how nonbinary people aren’t trans. The “logic” behind that has been mainly that nonbinary people don’t transition – and when it’s pointed out that many nonbinary people do, in fact, socially and/or medically transition, the argument then becomes that nonbinary people aren’t “really” transitioning because they are not transitioning to the so-called opposite sex. 124 more words


Starbucks and Bias: a Common Tale of Two Black Men in a Store

So, Starbucks is on fire this week because last week, two black men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were arrested for being black – pardon, suspicion of trespassing – in a Philadelphia store. 1,234 more words