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Sunday Evening Ramblings

Hello, World!!! It’s been a good Sunday with a few bumps in the road and I am okay with the bumps in the road. Bumps in the road that I know I can get through with the help of my DBT skills and support of others. 134 more words


Thanks for joining me! I’ve decided to start a blog where I just, kinda, write about my life. I’m going to try and post everyday. Haha that probably won’t happen but I’m going to try. 80 more words


The Q in LGBTQ is my life

Hi I’m Rylee and I’m struggling with my sexuality. I’ve always been attracted to guys. But deep down I’ve always been sexually attracted to girls. I envision myself getting married to a man and having kids but I can’t help but also want to be fucking women. 283 more words


Confronting Religious Bigotry in the Classroom

In June of 2017, in a post called “LGBTQ Advocacy in Oklahoma Classrooms Part II,” I wrote, “LGBTQ issues are non-debatable in classrooms of districts with inclusive nondiscrimination policies. 794 more words


Ode to the First Woman I ever Loved

I guess the ugly truth I know now is that nobody, not even women, cares about women who love other women. I don’t even have to look too hard to find the apathy. 1,132 more words

Alternate Narratives

Last Words from Montmartre by Qiu Miaojin

“One can talk endlessly about the sorrows of life, but only art can express it precisely…” (p. 74)

Last Words from Montmartre is a book that really does not do well with being reviewed and rated. 477 more words


It's Just A Phase

“I am attracted towards girls. This might seem a little weird to a lot of people because it is coming from a high school girl. But I am pretty sure it is not the usual sexual attraction everyone associates such feelings with. 786 more words