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My Gender Creative Son’s First Pride

C.J., age 8, on his first Pride parade: “I liked the vibe. I liked all the colors. But, most of all, I liked all of the people. 26 more words


Shoutout to all the LGBTQ Community members in the entertainment world.

As most of you should know by now, I am gay. Well technically bisexual, but I prefer the term gay or ‘in the community’. I’ve only been out five years, and only the last 18 months or so started to get really comfortable with being who I really am. 355 more words

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Ramona Blue

by Julie Murphy
YA Contemporary
4 of 5 stars

There was a lot of concern with the initial description of this book but to allay any fears of this being a “lesbian-turned-straight” book, it is most definitely not! 566 more words


The beginner’s guide to being a lesbian

This pride month, let’s celebrate by delving deeper into the most over-sexualized relationship status on the planet – lesbianism.

By Emily Watson

When we hear the term sexuality, we are blatantly aware of the key word (poorly) disguised within – “sex”. 2,145 more words


Gay Pride Month

As I was exiting the subway station this morning, I noticed a TD Bank advertisement that read something along the lines of “celebrate pride month, celebrate pride year.” Once I left the station, the first thing I noticed was American Eagle’s window display for Pride. 333 more words


let's talk about boys and kissing

Yeah!  Let’s!  Admittedly, these chicks may be talking about the adorable joey.  What a cutie!  But I like to think they’re obediently conforming to the dominant paradigm and submitting to externally imposed peer-group  demands, just the same. 207 more words

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