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Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

“My fellow underage Frenchy’s pilgrim runs up to me and says, ‘Who are you?’

            I stand up then and say, ‘Um, I’m Will Grayson.’

            ‘W-I-L-L G-R-A-Y-S-O-N?’ he says, spelling impossibly fast. 545 more words


Notes: John Ike Sewell, "Becoming Rather than Being: Queer's Double-Edged Discourse as Deconstructive Practice"

Sewell, John I. (2014). “Becoming rather than being”: Queer’s double-edged discourse as deconstructive practice. Journal of Communication Inquiry, 38(4), 291-307.


Sewell articulates how queer’s resistance to stability stays the terms rhetoricity. 196 more words


Review: Beast by Brie Spangler.

Beast by Brie Spangler.
Published: October 11th 2016.
305 pages.
Rating: 1.5/5
Goodreads | Amazon 472 more words


Brutally Honest

I don’t know where or what my testimony is right now. I have so many conflicting feelings. I’m not sure what my beliefs are. It used to be so easy. 288 more words


Be Kind to the Gay Kids, Please

I wrote this piece as my alter ego Maggie Wells a couple of weeks ago for my local paper job. It’s called Ten percent.   It’s inspired by real life events that have been unfolding. 220 more words

Plumas County

Magical - Real Time - Part Sixteen

That morning, when the sun hadn’t even bothered to rise yet, and the glow of the portal was the only light around, Kendra threw a pebble to the skylight that Arian slept under, and was welcomed with a shaggy mess of hair on the other side. 43 more words


Ain't I a woman, asks Laverne Cox

A while ago, I attended a talk by Laverne Cox, whom I can only describe as fabulous. She is an African American trans woman, an actress, producer and LGBTQ activist. 440 more words

Bits And Pieces, Complaints (mediocre Writing In The Short Form)