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Lecture 6/8 - Formative Essay Structure Guide & Writing Skills

In our 6th of sustainable practice, we looked at the formative essay structure guide to help us write our essay.
We looked to the importance of referencing, to show you the reader what you have read and allow them to appreciate your contribution to the subject, establishing the credibility of authority of your ideas and arguments and to demonstrate that you spent time in locating, reading and analysing material and form your own views and opinions. 331 more words

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Lecture 5/8 - Sustainability Within Our Own Practise...

At the end of our last lecture, we were asked to get into groups based on our practise and each create 3 slides for a PowerPoint to present to the rest of the group in our 5th lecture. 444 more words

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Lecture 4/8 - The Origins of Sustainability

In our fourth lecture, we looked at the origins of sustainability. This included the Stockholm agreement in 1972, a United Nations conference on the human environment, and the’ Brundtland report’ in 1978, which involved meeting needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. 399 more words

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Sustainable Practise - Lecture 3/8...

In my third lecture for sustainable practise, we began by learning about people who were well-known for their concerns of the environmental implications of increasing industrialisation. 344 more words

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LGE 2/8 - Consumerism & Design...

Today we had our second study group lecture for sustainable practices in which we focused on consumerism and design.

We began by recapping on what we had learnt in our previous lesson about the Industrial Revolutions then we moved on to the streamlining of domestic products. 702 more words

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LGE is one of the leading global companies in the industry. It is composed of five divisions: air conditioning, business solutions, home appliances, home entertainment, and mobile communication. 235 more words

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I May Be 13, But I Deserved A Fair And Honest Report

Three articles written by two different news portals regarding the case of Lim Guan Eng’s seditious statement on November 23, 2016, highlighted my police report. 416 more words