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I almost forgot because I’ve been so busy! For May I spent two weeks in Korea and Thailand, and fell in love with asian lingerie all over again. 1,027 more words

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MRI findings more prognostic than laboratory values in myocarditis

Contributor: Steven Stroud

A cardiac MRI (CMR) is worth a thousand labs. Or, that appears to be the case in myocarditis. Dr. Heidecker et al… 284 more words


Smells Like Teen Spirit / Week 8 / Case study on Postmodern Style: Harajuku Street style

“qualities of fragmentation, quotation, parody and pastiche…postmodern use of citation, the amalgamation of different references in the creation of a postmodern ethic and aesthetic… 411 more words

Constellation Year 1

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' / Pre-Essay Research...

Here is a Pinterest board I made with potential images I will use for my essay. I will have a tutorial with my constellation lecturer tomorrow and discuss what three I could use. 39 more words

Constellation Year 1

'Children Of The Revolution' / 21st Century Post-subcultural Style / Week 7...

The 21st century has no longer a clearly defined subcultural look, its a mixture of looks borrowed from more than one subculture

Contemporary fashion is regarded by many as an electric and self-referential system – this means that you are borrowing from more that one subculture, continuously designing looks that don’t fit and you are fully aware that you’ve created that look for yourself.

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Constellation Year 1

Smells Like Teen Spirit / Week 6 / Subcultural Reconfigurations of the Suit...

Re-signification of objects and dress…

…to inflect ‘given’ meanings by combining things borrowed from one system of meanings into a different code, generated by the subculture itself and through subcultural use… 1,757 more words

Constellation Year 1

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Lecture 4 & 5 - Punks...

Column’s analysis from Dick Hebdige – Style in revolt:revolting style…

  1. Existing photo of the Queen – monarchy (symbol of Britishness), power, establishment, tradition, recognisable – …
  2. 652 more words
Constellation Year 1