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Smells Like Teen Spirit / Hippies / Researching What I Missed In Lecture 1...

As I mentioned in my first ‘smells like teen spirit’ constellation blog post, I was away for personal matters at home but did some research on identity based on the worksheet from Moodle for that week. 502 more words

Constellation Year 1

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Lecture 2 Notes / Goth Culture...

Unfortunately, the lecturer was off sick from University today so we were told to catch up with notes on Moodle. This lecture covers ‘goth culture’ which I am very excited to explore. 1,991 more words

Constellation Year 1

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Lecture 1 Notes...

‘Smells like teen spirit’ is a constellation topic I am so excited to explore and I am very happy I was given this as my second constellation option. 643 more words

Constellation Year 1

Kentucky utilities try again to get approval for Smart Meter roll-out; Attorney General calls proposal "premature"

Last March, Beshear successfully fought to get smart meters cleaved from a plan to increases rates as too expensive. “After careful review of the filings in this case, …

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Making Notes Before Starting My Essay - 'How Does Sustainability Affect Your Practise?'

Today was a Tuesday meaning it was independent study day, I thought it was the perfect time to start my constellation essay. I decided to read over my previous blog post on what I had discussed with Huw as a starting point. 96 more words

Constellation Year 1

Constellation - 10 Minute Tutorial with Huw about my Essay Plan...

Last Monday, I had a ten minute tutorial with Huw about my plans for the essay or any questions I had. We no longer have lectures for sustainability as after our tutorial, we will be left to write the essay and learning journal. 325 more words

Constellation Year 1