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El CAFS y sus beneficios para la salud del bombero 

Amigo Bombero: La tecnología CAFS le Brinda seguridad inmediata y beneficios a la salud a largo plazo.
Como bombero usted probablemente ha escuchado que la relación entre el cáncer y la exposición de los bomberos a gases tóxicos es un problema que está tomando mayor relevancia en USA y posiblemente en su país. 467 more words



by Ralph Ramkarran

Once upon a time, during the colonial era, Guyana had a local government system that functioned. It emerged from the establishment of village democracy in estates purchased by freed slaves. 831 more words


I don't know who's running in my neighbourhood (but at least my polling station isn't a tree?)

Local government elections are happening this Friday! This is a historic day because we haven’t had LGE in decades. And because the councils take care of our neighbourhoods (or are supposed to). 319 more words


New Device: Motorola 360

Hey guys, today I made a decision. It was a pretty hard one, but I think you will like it. I recently made the decision to return my LG Stylo to make a purchase that I desperately wanted and needed. 104 more words

New Device

New Device: LG G4 Stylus

I recently picked up this phone from my local walmart, and I have had my eye on this phone for a while. So, naturally, I was really excited to un-box this. 39 more words


Kösem Sultan Gölge Hatun Sasha Perera Instagram Fotoğrafları

Kösem Sultan dizisinde Gölge Hatun karakterini canlandıran gizemli oyuncunun İngiliz şarkıcı Sasha Perera olduğu ortaya çıktı. Sasha Perera kimdir? başlıklı haberimizi daha önce yayınlamıştık. Sasha Perera fotoğrafları paylaştığımız galerimiz sizlerle… 6 more words

Voiceover - LG&E's new "Legends of Energy Efficiency" Campaign

The talented folks at Louisville agency Scoppechio, led by producer Thom Little, have created a shiny new campaign for LG&E. Here’s one from the series. Nice work guys! 28 more words

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