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10 Reasons to Love Vancouver

There are many reasons to love Vancouver and I suspect the longer one stays in Vancouver, the more there is to love but from an outsider who recently spent four days in a city that strikes me as a cross between Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Portland, Oregon, there are ten very strong reasons to love this west coast seaport in British Columbia: 1,058 more words

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Monocacy Battlefield - The Farms - Best Farm

The Best farm is the largest remaining property on the battlefield at Monocacy. The original property was 750 acres, today it retains 270-some. The property was owned by a white family who immigrated from Santo Domingo (now Haiti) at the beginning of the 19th century, fleeing political and social unrest after the slave rebellion on the island. 562 more words


it's a sign 3

Here are some typically Swiss signs.

Love a welcoming hen

Watch out for wandering cows.

or snails or children, whichever may be the case

and if you’re in┬áthe old town in Vevey, trains and bicycles are allowed… 93 more words