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Li-Chun or Spring Solstice usually arrives at February 4 in the western calendar.   It signals the beginning of a new solar year based on the relative location of the earth to the sun.    430 more words

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Today is Li Chun 立春, the first of the 24 solar terms of the Chinese calendar. Li Chun literally means the start of spring and it is usually on 4th or 5th of February. 256 more words

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Li Chun立春 2015

Updated: 11pm 04/02/2015

Li Chun立春 is the actual start of a year in traditional astrology. The 1st day of the Solar calendar is Li Chun 立春, the “beginning of Spring”, which is on 4th of the Gregorian calendar 阳历. 184 more words

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New Year Print - Arrival of Spring

W300xH240mm, China

Today, 4th Feburary 2015 marks the beginning of spring, “Li Chun” is the first term of the 24 solar terms in the lunar calendar.   159 more words


Some Tips for Li Chun 立春

04/02/2015 marks the start of the Wooden Ram, also known as Spring (Li Chun) 立春. According to the metaphysical calculations, this is also the actual New Year when the changes in the annual Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (天干地支) took place. 291 more words