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Paying a visit to the very lame town of Yangshuo, China

After leaving the Li River that day (Check out my post Cruising down the Li River in Guilin, China) we hopped into a three wheeled motorbike and headed to a place called Yangdi, a small village on the Li River where we could catch a ride to the town of Yangshuo, one of China’s most renowned towns for backpackers and travelers alike. 483 more words

24 hours in Yangshuo

I try to condense my posts down to the Chinese province level as I don’t want to bore you with details of every place I see but Yangshuo needs some attention. 689 more words


Cruising down the Li River in Guilin, China

I have been posting about Guilin for the last few weeks, and the main reason we came to Guilin in the first place was to take a boat ride down the famous Lijiang River. 429 more words


A small group of Chinese locals stared as two foreigners departed on a raft on a river in Guilin. The wonder was, perhaps, the possibility of two female Asians traveling without fear and without care, but brimming with curiosity and fascination. 79 more words


In Awe of Nature: the Magic of the Li River

I cannot recall ever poring over the landscapes surrounding the Li River, not having placed China high on my list of must-see countries before I keel over…  In all honesty, when I ended up in China last February, I was most certainly heading for Vietnam, but as I said at the beginning of my blog: I have no agenda, no set itinerary.  1,017 more words

Adult Gap Year

China Part 2 - Stepping up our game

​We had finished our tour of the big cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. Now we were ready to leave the concrete skyscrapers behind us and move onto the real deal. 1,578 more words