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Company Liabilities

Have you ever noticed how companies charge you for a product or service and want to use information you provide them in any manner they see fit, but at the same time want to limit their liabilities?  47 more words

Assets Vs. Liabilities

If you’re a reader of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” you’re already familiar with the principles we’re about to go over. If you haven’t read the book yet, go read it now! 310 more words


MARY O’GRADY: Puerto Rico’s Debt-Relief Gambit

Wall Street Journal — The island’s political class wants to stiff its creditors. Congress shouldn’t go along.

As Puerto Rico sinks under the weight of $73 billion in government and agency debt—not to mention billions more in unfunded pension and health-care liabilities—its political class is looking for an escape hatch. 52 more words


Whitepaper: Separating Business and Pleasure is Best Practice

Every day, people access their personal email accounts while they’re working, and for most of them, it’s likely not that problematic. For admissions professionals, this could cause a huge problem. 1,180 more words


Liabilities often perceived as assets

Every body has money on the brain there is no denying that, so why do people buy things that most times they don’t need and have maintenance costs that are sapping the funds out of their bank accounts?. 332 more words

Fine Finances

Barefaced dawn

Born with impending liabilities
with obsequious faith…compelling belief
Struggling figuring out the obscurities
I pine for a glimpse…a scintilla of relief

I wonder as they define… 63 more words


The One about Assets and Liabilities

Earlier in the year, I engaged in a class regarding practical steps to improve my finances. As with most financial classes, a variety of topics, including saving, budgeting, and legacy planning were covered. 676 more words