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Part 4 - net worth tracking (stop yawning)

As part of my five part series on family financial management, today’s post is about net worth tracking.

One of the biggest questions that I have turned my mind to over the past eighteen months or so is our family’s net worth – that is – our family balance sheet. 886 more words

Simple Finances

The three main financial statements - part 1: the balance sheet

Hey everyone! Last time we talked about some basics of financial accounting: what it contains, who is interested in its reports, which principles and conventions underline its practices and so on. 1,735 more words

Balance Sheet

Understanding Assets and Liabilities

  • Unfortunately many business owners think that by only increasing sales, profit can be increased. However there are other ways to increase profit apart from increasing sales.
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Liabilities is the body of Amor Eguinto Gatmaitan The Scientific Name Of Universe an obligation of all business industry organization, government organization, the amounts owed to lenders and suppliers, the word payable in the account title. 40 more words

Amor Eguinto Gatmaitan

The Four Stages of a Millennial Investor: How to Powerhouse Your Way to Stage 2

Remember the four stages of a millennial investor?

  1. The Liability Stage
  2. The Saver Stage
  3. The Go-Getter Stage
  4. The Entrepreneur Stage

If you need help figuring out what stage you are in, see… 1,066 more words

Wealth Building

4 Important Things You Might Be Ignoring About Your Finances

Have you ever made it to the end of the month and wondered, “Where did all my money go?”

Ignorance of your financial condition + easy credit = Disaster. 547 more words


Plastic Cards, Plastic Money, Real Debt

Ah, the conversation we’ve all been looking forward to: plastic debt. Before I launch into it, let me preface this by saying credit cards aren’t evil. 512 more words

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