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Expanded Accounting Equation

Here are several versions of the accounting equation:

Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders’ Equity

Assets = Liabilities + Common Stock + Retained Earnings

Assets = Liabilities + Common Stock + Revenues – Expenses – Dividends



In this land of the free

where choices are limitless,

I gaze out from my cell and smile.

Out there, freedom frolics,

lets the wind take it where it may – 121 more words

[Books] Wiser - how group decisions can let us down

I’m sure you can picture the scene. A group sits down to make a critically important decision. Much discussion follows. One person after another lays out their views, lots of points are made. 1,244 more words


What Is a Liability?

We’ve covered what an asset is (here), now it’s time to cover liabilities, the other side of the spectrum.

Liabilities, quite simply, are the opposite of assets. 189 more words

week 16: assets & liabilities

Just because someone says they want the best for you doesn’t mean that’s a service that they can provide.


Many state pension systems have huge funding gaps, liabilities, Pew report claims

A public employee pension crisis for state governments has deepened to a record level even after nearly nine years of economic recovery for the nation, according to a Pew study released Thursday. 12 more words