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Where Does the Money Go? Paybacks vs. Expenses

You’ve helped your business survive the startup or difficult times and before you knew it, you’ve loaned thousands of dollars to your company and it’s finally paid off, literally. 412 more words

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The purpose of pensions- served by Transparency.

Yesterday’s Transparency Symposium, organised by Family Agethangelou , delivered a series of insights on the Purpose of Pensions. The DWP were in attendance, I guess the political message was simple, we want pensions to meet people’s expectations of later life. 636 more words


Accounting basics for tech people

Just like the tech business, accounting uses loads of acronyms and seemingly undecipherable names, but the basics are actually really simple. I’m not saying that accounting in and of itself is simple, but rather that the… 2,694 more words


My first post


As clearly stated this is my first post, so be gentle. The purpose of starting this blog was to find a creative outlet for myself. 156 more words


Accounting 101: Chapter 1 The Accounting Formula

This is the first installment of accounting 101 where I will attempt to break down accounting concepts taught in the classroom. This course is completely free and will give you all the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in accounting 101 (If you insist on paying please leave your email and credit card number in the comments below). 262 more words


FG Inaugurated Committee on Pension Liabilities

An inter-ministerial committee to review all pension liabilities of the Federal Government and come up with strategies to offset such liabilities has been inaugurated by the Minister of Finance, Mrs. 243 more words


Retrospect - Week 1

I think I’ve had this blog for a week! And even with the small change of talking about my finances and lifestyle, already makes me feel like I’m starting to claw my way out of the ground. 142 more words

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