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Red Herring

In So Sweet, So Dead, A serial-killer is after unfaithful wives and the only clues that the police have are the standard giallo staples of raincoat, fedora hat and stockinged face (no spoilers). 348 more words

Film Criticism

Pain Is All What I Am

Not those, which kept me, in rapture
But the ones that, left me crestfallen
The sweetest miseries, I incur
Are mine truly, in life’s liaison! 92 more words


Make Love To Me

Why yearns my heart, for the sublime sin
To dispossess, soul’s insolence
For that cherished chicanery, called “skin”
Ain’t lust, lone truth, love, persistent pretense! 94 more words


I Linger In My Splintered Soul

Yet one more mile; eternal chase…
How many more, till the toil is done
If hope ain’t lie, nor pain, malaise
Estranged why I, to life’s liaison! 87 more words


Jane In Space - In Which None Of The Crew Are Readers, Much



Miss Polly Connor

Chapter 23 – In Which None Of The Crew Are Readers, Much

There hadn’t, he was forced to admit, been a strongly cultural element to their liaison, these past six months.  190 more words

Jane Austen

My Father’s Lore

Why estranged be, a maker’s creed
To love’s liaison, and rites of ruth
If man is, dispassion, decreed
Then cradles how, he mother’s truth!

Who bears the millstone, of prudence… 80 more words



Sparkle in your eye
As you walk by
I smell your scent
And feel your intent
Honey on my tongue
Genetics in my gun
Loaded and locked… 34 more words