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I want to drink you in,

pull you close,

so close to me,

let my tongue meet with yours,

and dance,

Oh!I love how you dance, 130 more words


Lift My Spirit...

lift my spirit to the sky
away from the earth’s collision
of intense mixed-up and confusion
an embattled field of wars
fighting for a righteous reason  80 more words

Environmental Scanning Part 5: Subject Librarians: time for a fresh look? Conference at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

The last in my series of blogposts about the various environmental scanning activities I undertook in June/July focuses on the #UHSubjectLib conference I spoke at alongside my colleague on the 20th July at the University of Hertfordshire. 1,334 more words

Communications 101: Command Flexibility in Star Wars: ARMADA

“Lieutenant!” “SIR!” “Instruct Engineering to divert power to re-engage our forward shields!” “But sir, I can’t – that command is two turns away!”

Every commander of a large ship such as a Star Destroyer or Assault Frigate has at some point found themselves in a situation like this: Your ship is in an uncomfortable position, and the command that you desperately need is buried deep in your stack. 2,942 more words

Star Wars

Hear 3 different aspects of French pronunciation with this video showing a speaker from Québec (#974)

Here’s an excellent video where Pénélope McQuade speaks slowly. She talks about a teacher she once had and why she appreciates her. Apart from all the vocab, three interesting things to listen for: 996 more words

Français Québécois

Musical Treasure in San Francisco.

This was published today in Huffington Post. The photograph tells the story.

Ariela loved music. She took almost every class in music appreciation City College… 535 more words

IMTish events in the rain

Rather busy day doing some IMTish type stuff.

As a bonus, Disaster Response Trailers also served as a shelter from the rain.

As usual, I might have morphed into SOFR duties too. 9 more words