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May That Death Be Mine

In les misérables’ realm, nor I’ll be the one
To not bear the truth, behind the lies
Is life just a longing, or a lasting liaison? 105 more words


Photo/Video: Unlikely couple Liaison between a Sika deer and a Japanese snow monkey

Scientists recorded a male snow monkey attempting to mount a female sika deer.

According to the Guardian, researchers discussed the encounter they witnessed on Japan’s Yakushima Island in a paper published in the journal Primates while footage of the interspecies affair was posted to YouTube earlier this week. 61 more words

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Once we were close and then you were gone

Along with precious moments of our liaison

You are a song in my heart filled and overflowing… 39 more words


Liaisons & Enchaînement


In a liaison, an otherwise silent ending consonant is pushed to the next word, where it’s pronounced as part of the first syllable. 184 more words

Thinking About Science And Food

I am the type of person that prefers to have explanations. I am able to be creative when I can reason. Relating science and religion is irrelevant to someone that uses technology successfully. 142 more words


Getting engaging at #NHSHE2016

The #NHSHE2016 conference was more than just a poster competition and a chance to catch up with good colleagues.

There was the usual full programme of talks. 378 more words