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Musical Treasure in San Francisco.

This was published today in Huffington Post. The photograph tells the story.

Ariela loved music. She took almost every class in music appreciation City College… 535 more words

IMTish events in the rain

Rather busy day doing some IMTish type stuff.

As a bonus, Disaster Response Trailers also served as a shelter from the rain.

As usual, I might have morphed into SOFR duties too. 9 more words

Delegation Liaison Officer & BUSAN

; I wonder if I ever told you that I was a Seoul “Chonsaram”. It means “country folk” from Seoul, which mockingly means someone from Seoul, who has barely ever been out of Seoul, and therefore has little understanding of other regions in Korea… 630 more words



my words sealed within a book of virgin parchment

breeze brings to me the scent of the budding magnolia trees

as the room fills with the memories of a romantic liaison… 10 more words

Magickal Arts

How might IL EST EN sound when pronounced informally? (#950)

Informally, il est sounds like yé. So il est jeune will sound like yé jeune when said spontaneously in a conversation.

But what about when the next word after… 118 more words

Français Québécois

Informal networks and how to use them

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.”

― Paulo Coelho

In every organisation there is formal organisation chart, which show how communication should take place in organisation, it also decides the flow of work. 276 more words