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Song Renqiong works on a commune in Shenyang in 1960



China Reveals Launch Date of New Aircraft Carriers

Chinese media has revealed when the country is expecting to reinforce its fleet of aircraft carriers with two more domestically built vessels: the second aircraft carrier is scheduled to be launched later this year while the third one is expected in about 2021. 798 more words


60,000 Tons of Hype, or A Realistic Assessment of the New Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning

Over the last few months, there’s been quite a bit of hubbub about the doings of the brand new Chinese aircraft Liaoning. She finished her refit for service late last year, and has spent these last few months working up with exercises in the… 2,052 more words


The Chinese Wall @ Dandong

Ever fancied to discover and enjoy the Great Wall of China without sharing the experience with thousands of tourists competing for the best views? It is possible in Dandong, Liaoning, where the easternmost part of The Wall has been restored on a length of around 1 mile (1,3 km). 98 more words


Red-handed: China province admits faking economic data

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

BEIJING: A Chinese official has admitted his province falsified its economic data for years, state media said Wednesday, vindicating long-held suspicions that China has been cooking the books. 589 more words

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The Chinese government finally admitted that its economic data was made up

For many who have long believed that China’s economic growth figures seemed too goodand tidy—to be true, they now have official confirmation of that skepticism. 429 more words

Type 001 aircraft carrier Liaoning

China purchased the unfinished ex-Soviet Navy aircraft carrier Varyag from Ukraine in 1998 and finally received the vessel in 2002. After some extensive refurbishments at the Dalian Shipyard in northern China, the vessel was commissioned into the PLA Navy in September 2012 as… 1,334 more words