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Hot Springs in China

Winter is an awesome time of the year despite the cold weather and the air quality, there are still so many things to do (probably even more than during the other seasons)! 1,206 more words

Taiwan warns Chinese military drills pose ‘enormous threat’

AFP | Published — Tuesday 26 December 2017

Chinese military drills pose an “enormous threat” to Taiwan’s security, Taipei warned on Tuesday. (File photo: Reuters) 419 more words

World's largest amphibious aircraft takes off in China


© AFP/File | The AG600’s flight capabilities put all of China’s island building projects in the South China Sea well within range

BEIJING (AFP) – China’s home-grown AG600, the world’s largest amphibious aircraft in production, took to the skies on Sunday for its maiden flight.The plane codenamed “Kunlong” according to state news agency Xinhua, took off from the southern city of Zhuhai and landed after roughly an hour long flight. 372 more words

​Future Chinese aircraft carriers to feature J-20, J-31 stealth fighters

China’s future straight-deck aircraft carriers with the electromagnetic launcher system wants to carry fifth-generation jet fighters like J-20 and J-31, Chinese experts said it was Chinese first home-grown aircraft carrier is close to completing a mooring test. 250 more words


Panjin Red Beach : Tips to Visit

Though the word ‘natural’ comes from the word ‘nature’, but actually nature is the most unnatural thing under the sun. It is too eccentric to break our stereotyped idea about the color of grass! 1,100 more words