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Video Links to Archaeology and Archaeologists in Action in Games

As part of my world tour of Sweden in March 2015, I presented a 45-minute lecture at the University of Umeå, “You Call this Archaeology?” In the lecture, I explored how archaeologists and archaeology are received/perceived by video game developers and players. 152 more words


Designing an Alien Race: The Asari

The Asari

Asari are a mono gendered species resembling human females with blue skin. They are credited as superior intellects, possessors of natural telekinetic (or “biotic”) abilities and the first living race to discover interstellar travel. 334 more words


The Bet, Chapter 2: The Judge and the Stakes

Adlai was seated in her chair, just as she always was. In front of her was the table with the record of every sentient being’s deeds. 2,490 more words


The Bet, Chapter 1: Sibling Gods

(This is a story I’ve started writing and posting on another site, you can find that here, and I thought that maybe I should post it here too, since I’m still writing and this is a blog thing and I don’t have any major things happening in my life right now to make a post about. 2,032 more words


Episode 58

Long Goodbyes

Shepard has once last chance to speak with her crew before beginning the assault to reach the Citadel and defeat the Reapers once and for all! 12 more words


Top five Mass Effect squadmates

I love Mass Effect. Like any Bioware game the relationship between the main character and your squad-mates is a massive part of your story. Here I will tell you my FemShep’s top five companions. 410 more words


Episode 56

Carpe Jugulum

Serenity Shepard goes for the throat as she attempts the end Cerberus once and for all and reclaim the information on the Catalyst to complete the Crucible. 29 more words