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Review: Mass Effect: Homeworlds

Mass Effect: Homeworlds by Mac Walters

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After the last few forays into the Mass Effect comic series, I’d started to wonder if they weren’t for me. 270 more words


Mass Effect - Recap and Review.

Ahead of Mass Effect 4 next year, I’ve decided to review the three previous games- mostly because I’m bored of waiting to see whether Andromeda will be the almost inevitable let down it promises to be. 6,109 more words


[Story] Liara's Journal

I am not sure what I expected. I knew I couldn’t just show up and everything would be fine. I knew there would be questions, and I’ve thought a long time about what the answers are. 601 more words


[Story] Homecoming

Waiting was the most difficult part. It gave Liara the chance to imagine everything that could go wrong, in varying scenarios. She didn’t know what had become of their father, nor did she particularly care, though she did worry that he might be receiving similar news and going to meet them as well. 544 more words


[Story] Thorns - The Meeting

[[ I am writing this in the car place, hope it’s not too disjointed! ]]

Professor Dawnshard pulled back the flap of the research tent, startling Liara. 736 more words


[Story] The Excavation

Liara Sungazer took care as she wrapped the linens around her head and shoulders, if done properly, it would keep most of the sand out. There would always be some, it was an inevitability here, and a constant battle to keep it out of the tents. 1,052 more words


Video Links to Archaeology and Archaeologists in Action in Games

As part of my world tour of Sweden in March 2015, I presented a 45-minute lecture at the University of Umeå, “You Call this Archaeology?” In the lecture, I explored how archaeologists and archaeology are received/perceived by video game developers and players. 152 more words