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ME3 Screenie of the Day - Athame

In ancient times the Asari goddess of Athame was one of prophecy and fate. She was also the matriarch of the Asari pantheon. With Janiri and Lucen as her guides, she taught the Asari mathematics and medicine. 195 more words

Screenie A Day

Uncharted Effect: Video Games and the Portrayal of Archaeology

When thinking about archaeology, much of the public sphere envisions the whip-wielding Professor Indiana Jones, who travels to exotic lands on the hunt for treasures and ancient relics to preserve in his university’s museum. 3,515 more words


The Song of the Shepard: Canto 5 ~ Virmire

~ Stanza 1 · Through Alien Eyes ~
How strange to feel a memory in your mind that’s not your own.
How strange remembering thoughts not yours, and speaking in alien tones. 7,543 more words

Mass Effect

10 Mass Effect Cosplayers You Have (Probably) Never Heard Of

The start of a new year means the release of all kinds of new awesome games for players to enjoy. For fans of Bioware’s Mass Effect… 359 more words

Screenie a Day - Mass Effect

The Screenie a day is back with another glimpse of the first Mass Effect game:

It’s a bit fuzzy if you look closely but it’s still one of my favorite shots. 86 more words


The Song of the Shepard: Canto 4 ~ The Towers of Feros

© Bioware  –  Introduction
~ Stanza 1 · In the Shades of the Past ~

As the days pass the stars slide past.
Scarcely one grasps how extremely fast… 8,567 more words

Mass Effect

Video Game Tattoo Chronicles – Part 6 – Moving Up

I can’t believe that there’s been 6 parts to this blog series this year. Thinking back on it, I got a lot of ink this year. 529 more words

Video Game Tattoo Chronicles