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So you want to be a Beer Writer? - Yeast 101

Uh oh. Your homebrewing buddy just said something about “brett” and is asking your opinion about buying a stir plate. This conversation is getting dangerously yeasty. 1,391 more words


The Session #104 - Blog to Write

(For the 104th Session, Alan McLeod asks us to justify why we should keep writing about beer.)

I’ve missed The Session. Both figuratively and literally. 1,232 more words


Nom de Bier - Samuel Smith Yorkshire Stingo by William Shakespeare

This is entry #1 in the series “Nom de Bier” – good beer reviewed by famous authors (as emulated by me). I do not claim to speak for these authors, nor am I an expert scholar in their particular style, so please feel free to correct/admonish as you see fit. 441 more words


Nom de Bier - Beer Reviews as Told by Your Favorite Authors

One of my favorite exercises during grad school was to write essays that emulated the style of a specific author. My advisor (and all around amazing person and writer), … 759 more words


Maritri - Angel In Disguise (Libation Vocal By Ian Friday) (Global Soul Music)

A quick listen to the original version of this song on a smooth Soul/Jazz tip suffices to understand the path that has been accomplished to give it such a different flavor, although keepin’ its original delicacy alive. 38 more words

Soulful House

Dunbar's Brewery - How Many Beers Can You Fit Into Your Brain?

Quick: do you know the full name of the person who delivers your mail? How about that dude at Dunkin Donuts who makes your greasy sausage and croissant heart-stoppers? 1,593 more words