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The Beer Apocalypse: The World After Big Beer - Displaced People

(This is the first post in a series of theoretical end-of-world scenarios probably resulting from my reading too much dystopian science fiction. The series will cover how the people, places, markets, and beer of the United States would change if Anheuser Busch and SABMiller just up and vanished. 1,153 more words


A Beer Review with No Adjectives - Victory Summer Love

Reviews of beer contain adjectives. Lots of adjectives. An abundance. An overflow. Supernumerary manifest.

A challenge arose on Twitter. I accepted. I present to you a review of a beer using no adjectives. 358 more words


DJ Tikyo feat. Andrea Love - Love Will Bring Us Back (Libation Vocal Mix) (Solid Ground Recordings)

From the vaults of UK label Solid Ground Recordings which has managed to become synonymous with a quality signature along with time, this remix by the likes of… 85 more words


Spiking Beer: As Intended, As Brewed?

If the gadgets popping up in the beer world are representative of some growing trend, drinkers harbor a strange desire to “change” the beer they’re drinking. 1,000 more words


Sexism in Beer - Seriously, Stop Being Stupid

(Warning, somewhat #longread)

Yep, another post on sexism in beer. Why? Because as a friend just said, “with a topic like this, the quantity of supportive voices matter.” (Maybe a slight paraphrase) 1,366 more words


December, 1919 – Chapter 10

Welcome to chapter ten of “December, 1919″, a serialized novel written by Oliver Gray. New chapters will be published every week, unless the author is hit by a car. 1,144 more words


G is for Grog

Arrrhhhh, Matey, arrrrrrrh! Grog is a traditional drink of nautical folk. The standard recipe today, if and when it’s served, according to Pusser’s British Navy Rum website, is 2 parts water, 1 part rum, lime juice to taste and dark cane sugar to taste. 455 more words

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