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The Antagony of Anheuser-Busch

Every story needs an antagonist.

Harry’s horcruxing wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting without Voldemort’s noseless threat, and Frodo’s plucky resilience wouldn’t have been as impressive without the Great Eye stalking his every step. 789 more words


The Real Threat to IPA Market Share: Consumer Health

(Warning, this post contains some dietary SCIENCE! I’ll also note that I’m not a doctor or a scientist, so any doctors or scientists who read this can feel free to correct me and I’ll update accordingly) 1,296 more words


Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference 2015 - Moving Beyond the Beer Review

In a few weeks, amidst the serene beer landscape that is Asheville, North Carolina, I’ll be presenting on a panel at the Beer Bloggers and Writers Conference. 1,246 more words



The smallest thing can make me so happy sometimes – like seeing the tiny orange blossoms of my Clivia peeping through the leaves, the deep red of my peonies and the rose in all of its pink glory. 200 more words

10 Terms to Boost Your Beer Vocabulary that Aren't Made Up Bullshit

I hate that I have to write this, but someone on the internet is wrong, and wrong about something I’m passionate about. There’s little in life that irks my inner pedant as much as the lassiez faire spreading of misinformation. 1,191 more words