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I’ve noticed just lately that there seems to be new disease afflicting the political classes in this country. It manifests itself as delusional beliefs mixed with a sense of overwhelming self importance and egomania. 404 more words


Richmond shows it can be done!

The May-Brexit government has a very slim majority. The Richmond byelection has shown it to be vulnerable. It is time to act! Here is a proposal 551 more words


Zak's sacked

Well, that was a monumental waste of time and tax payers’ money wasn’t it? I refer, of course, to yesterday’s Richmond Park bye-election…

Zac Goldsmith, not content with being beaten by Citizen Khan for mayor of London decided to take a stand over the expansion of Heathrow by resigning the Conservative whip and calling a bye-election where he stood as an independent. 222 more words


Wise Words From Trump Supporters?

Some thoughts here that chitter-chattering, Remoaners, Remaniacs, the soft left and particularly the illiberal, anti-democratic LibDems would do well to consider.

How did this happen you ask? 200 more words


#Trump, just another symptom?

Everybody is talking about Trumpism, racism, sexism, walls, everything. Division it’s a buzz word.

Lets reunite the country. It’s a re-run of #Brexit. We are so divided. 504 more words

National Greens

Why I'm voting to leave the EU

I was in my school common room yesterday, and all of sudden, talk turned to the EU – not the first time this week. After proclaiming my support for a Brexit, nearly everyone in the room turned to me, many confused, seeing how damn left-wing I usually sound in my political rants. 598 more words