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Lib Dem Fever

A rollcall of ex Lib Dem MPs are showing that they will survive their election defeats and move on up to regaining their party’s r-e-s-p-e-c-t by headlining this years Lib Dem Conference Saturday night disco inferno. 51 more words

Guido Fawkes

How do you solve a problem like a leader?

Woke up to the news this morning that Anthony had waded in upon the leadership debate but this time without backing a candidate as he did with the Miliband brothers, instead just pushing the message “anyone but Corbyn…” 234 more words


Good Liberals Know When to Eat Their Words

A few days ago I published my first blog post about recently elected liberal democrat leader, Tim Farron. The piece was essentially an attack on his stance with regard to LGBT+ rights, an issue that has been much discussed since he first announced his leadership campaign. 1,300 more words


Tim Farron: A Lukewarm Liberal

I am one of the many thousands of Britons who joined the Liberal Democrats after their crushing defeat last May. My decision to join was born of my very intimate relationship with liberalism, and an optimism that a party so emphatically ousted from the establishment would provide an excellent platform for young liberals like myself to build a strong, coherent voice for our generation. 656 more words


Mhairi Black: SNP MP's maiden speech in full - YouTube

Mhairi Black: “The only 20-year-old The Chancellor is willing to help with housing”.

“Who is the sun shining on?”

“The minister said foodbanks play an important part in the welfare state. 121 more words


"I always find myself agreeing with the one who spoke last...”: Performing Animal Farm in the UK General Election, 2015

All parties are equal, but some are more equal than others.

It’s official: the United Kingdom has a Conservative majority Government.

You would have to be living under a rock to miss the frenzy of speculation which led up to that fateful Thursday, exactly two weeks ago now, when the country took to the ballot boxes in the day and then stuck to their telly screens all night to see who had won. 590 more words


Chancellor George Osborne Set To Turbo-Charge Government Spending Cuts!

Chancellor George Osborne Set To Turbo-Charge Government Spending Cuts!

Set free of the shackles and restraints placed on him by their Liberal Democrat partners in the last coalition government, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is acting like a caged Canary that suddenly finds the door left wide-open after 5 years of captivity! 358 more words

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