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Letters to the editor: Project Fear is becoming a reality.

It was inappropriate for the Government to put the word “great” in front of the Repeal Bill [“Theresa May to axe EU law in first step towards Britain’s independence”, October 2]. 110 more words

My letter, to Chelsea & Fulham MP Greg Hands, on his duty to represent our overwhelmingly Remain constituents and his U-turn on Europe since the EU Referendum.

Dear Mr Hands,

Re: Representing your Chelsea and Fulham majority Remain constituents

I would have preferred to have spoken with you in person (you weren’t able to meet last year – I hope you’ll find the time this year). 266 more words

Beverley Nielsen (Lib Dems): “£1 Billion Fund, Education, And Talent Retention For A Brighter Birmingham.” [Exclusive Interview]

Beverley Nielsen knows a thing or two about entrepreneurship and innovation. This is the reason why she thinks the West Midlands are well positioned to foster their economic growth and… 778 more words


Reaction to the Supreme Court ruling.

This is the text of the email I have sent out to those who support and follow me on social media and newsletter. You can find me on… 431 more words

For the 48% who oppose Brexit, the fight goes on.

The French newspaper, Le Figaro, published a leading article today about the ‘Remainers’ who haven’t given up the fight for Britain to stay in the EU: 979 more words


I’ve noticed just lately that there seems to be new disease afflicting the political classes in this country. It manifests itself as delusional beliefs mixed with a sense of overwhelming self importance and egomania. 404 more words