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Apparently Animals Don't Have Feelings, And That's Great!

Isn’t it great the Tories have voted to decide animals don’t have feelings? No, really.

It seems the world is becoming slowly dominated by people in positions of political power making ridiculous decisions. 287 more words

Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit; What's the Difference?

The media seem to be fixating on the question of a hard Brexit or soft Brexit. But how real is this apparent conflict?

The Conservative and Labour Parties accounted for around 83% of the popular vote at the last election and the polls suggest that public opinion remains at similar levels today. 610 more words


Blog #009 - The Iron Throne

Hey Tim,

I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while. The problem is, I’m not a huge fan of expressing opinion on the internet. 872 more words


The Election – One Month On

The Election – One Month On

We have now had our new political regime in Great Britain for a month. I would call it a government, but that is a term left over from the days when our political parties relied on votes for their majorities. 839 more words

Why We Must Hold Firm On Public Sector Pay Cap!

Perhaps the more accurate headline should read; Fat-Cat business vs. Bloated public sector?

Depending on which side of the political divide you come from, you will get a different answer! 2,107 more words

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Synopsis of Tim Farron's resignation as Lib Dem Leader

Tim Farron has resigned as the leader of the Liberal Democrats, because people kept asking him about gay sex. They asked him about the social benefits of rimming, the medical merits of anal penetration and the economic downturn of anal lube. 48 more words


Electorate displaying signs of ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

Despite years of abuse, most voters look set to ask Theresa May for five more years of bondage and tax avoidance – making the Tory manifesto feel more like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.  167 more words

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