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"I always find myself agreeing with the one who spoke last...”: Performing Animal Farm in the UK General Election, 2015

All parties are equal, but some are more equal than others.

It’s official: the United Kingdom has a Conservative majority Government.

You would have to be living under a rock to miss the frenzy of speculation which led up to that fateful Thursday, exactly two weeks ago now, when the country took to the ballot boxes in the day and then stuck to their telly screens all night to see who had won. 590 more words


Chancellor George Osborne Set To Turbo-Charge Government Spending Cuts!

Chancellor George Osborne Set To Turbo-Charge Government Spending Cuts!

Set free of the shackles and restraints placed on him by their Liberal Democrat partners in the last coalition government, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is acting like a caged Canary that suddenly finds the door left wide-open after 5 years of captivity! 358 more words

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First Major Exhibitor Pulls Out of LibDem Conference

Guido understands that party conference exhibitor TechCentral is not planning on going to the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth this year, instead they are planning to go for the first time to the SNP’s annual conference as well as the Labour and Tory conferences. 121 more words

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What do UK political parties say about illegal wildlife trade?

As many of you who live in the UK might be aware, the election just finished weeks ago, very chaotic day indeed.(Appoligies : this supposed to be live on the day before the election, but due to my schedule, it has to be a post-election blog) 323 more words


Food Bank. 

I offer my deposit with grievance,

flat palmed and open

I pay my mortgage with

tinned veg and harvest fruit.

My shoulder holds up twenty-seven… 71 more words

The new authoritarianism

At the weekend, the mood seemed first and foremost shock, mixed with dismay: a collective disbelief that a party supported by little over one third of the electorate should, on Friday morning, be preparing for five years of unrestrained government. 652 more words

Vinda-who: Farron / Mulholland / Lembit's Late Night Poppadom Plot

LibDem MP Greg Mulholland is doing little to dampen speculation he is running for leader of his party. He’s twanking any mention of his ambitions and being coy with the press: 87 more words

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