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Why I'm voting to leave the EU

I was in my school common room yesterday, and all of sudden, talk turned to the EU – not the first time this week. After proclaiming my support for a Brexit, nearly everyone in the room turned to me, many confused, seeing how damn left-wing I usually sound in my political rants. 598 more words


24th June. A day of disappointment. There will be a lot of disappointment.

24th June. A day of disappointment.  There will be a lot of  disappointment.

The EU debate will be over and the result will be in. 632 more words


Silence of the Lamb

Something very unusual is happening in politics. All political parties are undergoing a transformation as a result of the European debate – and this has even penetrated to North Norfolk. 355 more words


Tick Tock: the bell tolls for thee

It seems we cannot move beyond a clutch of days before yet more bad news blights the once proud ‘party of the workers’. But as the Scottish elections ‘SP16’ enters its final 48 hours, it’s time to make some predictions. 510 more words


2nd Vote Russian Roulette

On social media there is a constant carping and clamoring going on, about where folks should place their vote on the regional list.
There is a constant mantra from SNP supporters for SNP 1&2 …Both votes SNP… 934 more words

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