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Gods of the Month: Liber Pater and Libera

On March 17, the Liberalia is celebrated to encourage the fertility of the land. (Fertility, as a virtue (Uberitas, Fecunditas), is important to Romans since it is vital to life.) Represented by a large phallus, Liber Pater, an ancient Italic God, ensures the fecundity of plants. 113 more words


POEM: Snakes, clover, and beer

“I’ll take those snakes please,
if you’re finished with them,”
said Dionysus, “and
the little green plant with
the three-lobed leaf that
is everywhere abundant, 107 more words


FLASHBACK: For the Liberalia

Liber et Libera: A Dialogue

You are my brother.

You are my sister.

You are my husband.

You are my wife.

Your sister, your bride. 415 more words


Spring Budget & The Northern Powerhouse

The people of Britain are united on the project. With London becoming overpopulated and northern cities crying out for more investment, the case for the Northern Powerhouse has never been clearer. 383 more words


Gods of the Month: March

The month of March is named for Mars, the Roman God of War. Besides war, Mars also protected the land and crops. Spring brought both preparations for planting and for war. 350 more words