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One more time

I’ve mentioned this before, but a recent post by Old NFO suggests the thing I thought would fade away, the tendency of some to see a Trump presidency as the harbinger of everything from government endorsed (or at least ignored) KKK terrorism to cattle cars and internment camps for various groups of people, has not come to an end. 912 more words

Dormi dezbrăcat? Poate că nu știai cate beneficii iti poate aduce acest lucru!

Dormitul este una dintre cele mai importante activităţi pe care le facem în viaţă. Obţinerea orelor necesare de somn aduce un număr extrem de mare de beneficii pentru sănătate. 409 more words


Unburied Treasures: an illustrated anthology of speculative fiction

“What do you think of when you hear the word ‘treasure’? Do you picture gold and jewels spilling out of an iron-bound chest? See a glimpse of rare antiques hidden away in an attic? 281 more words


Wear to Work Liber-ally

In between travel, work and social life, there are times when you just want to head to a restaurant or a pub to relax and worry about not wearing the right clothes. 413 more words

Bangalore Blogger


Fii liber! Mai stii macar ce inseamna asta? Mai tii minte ultima data cand ai fost cu adevarat liber? Fara sa fi simtit obligatii, constrangeri si mai ales judecata altora? 175 more words


Does the "next generation" LMS actually exist yet?

A workshop on the opening day of the LIBER 2016 on Next Generation Library Systems in Europe was an opportunity to catch up with developments in selecting and implementing systems for consortia or providing national bibliographic services in Finland, France, Germany, Norway and Sweden.   486 more words

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