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#1) Does Reading Matter?


The importance of reading has always been axiomatic for educators. Most parents, too, seem to value reading as a healthy pastime for their kids. The shared influence of these very important people likely explains why the young are now… 1,808 more words

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Rock 'n' Roll vs. the Abstractionists

A little background to this story. I’m a student of Literature and Cultural Studies at FLAME University, a liberal arts college in Pune. Back when I started studying this as my major about a year ago, I was really excited by what I was studying, but I’ve become a little disillusioned with the big words and hyperbolic abstraction of my course material recently. 1,589 more words

Short Story

World insight: Banging the drum for liberal arts in East Asia

Countries like Singapore are turning to broad-based education just as the US turns away from it, says Trisha Craig

Published by Times Higher Education, February 19, 2016… 89 more words

One Day More: A Brief Reflection on the Past Year

I’m sorry that I’m crying, it’s just that I’m so happy to be here right now.

Tomorrow is orientation at Wellesley College. I think it’s important to pause once in a while to look back, as cliche as the premise of this post is. 317 more words


World insight: designing experiential learning at Yale-NUS College

To effectively embed experiential learning, the whole university needs to buy into the idea, says Trisha Craig

Published by Times Higher Education, July 24, 2016… 128 more words

Out of State? Yes, that's right!

Why I chose school out of state?

Coming from the heart of the south, Georgia, I am exposed to many life lessons about life. There is everything you can imagine here in Georgia. 677 more words

Quadrivium Three: Music

Music is delivered to us via our sense of hearing, which when young hears a wider range than when we are older. Our mind processes the complex mathematical formulas of sound waves and in that processing, can affect our mood, thoughts, feelings, and memories. 441 more words

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