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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education

We live in a sneering world where if one isn’t majoring in business or actively becoming a lawyer — one’s future is worthless and their worldview is infantile. 539 more words

David Boles University

Lib Arts Going Global @Yale

To defend the liberal arts perhaps they need to be globalized? Take a look at this Yale conference coming up 6-7 June that includes Andrew Delbanco… 301 more words


Mining for Gold in this Class

This class was more like an upbeat, fun, slightly intimidating excavation site than an overwhelming professionalization workshop. Most students walked into class carrying a heavy load of criticism, which their society, upon declaring a humanities major, had placed upon them. 730 more words


Confidence Via the Intimidating "Professionalism Workshop"

The Course

It started with three empty hours on my schedule, a need for an elective, and a fear of graduation coming up. I dove into course lists to find something to fill the extra space (my required class had fallen through; we’ve all been there) and stumbled upon Liberal Arts at Work: A Professionalism Workshop. 757 more words


Preparing for Failure

Looking out at the vast job market, wearing only my resume and cover letter for protection, I cannot help but wonder about what will happen if I fail. 635 more words


An Open Letter to Universities: Professionalism and Post-Grad Woes

Dear Universities,

I want to tell you a little story about a class I took this semester called Liberal Arts at Work: A Professionalism Workshop. I, like other college juniors, recently came to the realization that my final college days are starting to creep up on me, and trailing at their heels is the crippling anxiety that I will soon have no choice but to become a Real Adult. 926 more words


"Now I HAVE to Get My Résumé Together"

When I heard about a professionalism workshop class, my immediate reaction was, “now I have to get my résumé together…” I think I speak for a lot of students when I say that it’s hard to get yourself to sit and write out a résumé without a clear goal in mind. 730 more words