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Anatomy of an Indie Crisis

Netflix is my best friend. In fact, since Netflix has come into my life I’ve completely lost the will to maintain real friendships.

Long ago (way back when Netflix first started to get popular and I jumped on the Netflix bandwagon), I not only had access to the digital collection, but I could get DVD’s sent to my doorstep for one low monthly price. 789 more words

The Liberal Arts Are Dead — The Synapse — Medium

The Liberal Arts Are Dead — The Synapse — Medium.

Are they?

Great explanation of the difficulties facing colleges in the wake of massive shifts to the “delivery model” for education. 62 more words

Higher Ed

i like the abc's of death, regardless of what the posers and eggheads says

i just watched a couple horror flicks, the abc’s of death, both 1 & 2.

i liked both of them. each one consists of 26 segments made by different people from around the world. 360 more words

The Liberal Arts as Conversation: traditionalism, careerism, and activism

This from Jack Kerwick in Academic Questions

Undoubtedly, more confusion abounds at present over the nature of a liberal arts education than at any other time. 1,958 more words

Michael Oakeshott

Liberal Arts Degree? Finding Your Path After Graduation

I am one of those liberal-arts type. I went into university studying something absolutely abstract and impractical, that by the time I was in senior year I was completely lost on what career path I should take. 673 more words

A Word to Post Bacs with a Liberal Arts Background Pursuing Med School

I can’t lie, it was a bit of a shock to my system to go – in one week – from lugging a backpack and sleeping in a van with my long-term boyfriend at an isolated beach in Queensland, Australia to breaking up with said boyfriend, lugging chemistry and pre-calculus textbooks to class with teenagers, and sleeping at my parents’ house in North Carolina. 858 more words

Legal profession: Sickness unto death? Or, a return to enduring value? 10 Challenges Facing the Profession.

Brooks Pierce’s exceptional Director of Recruiting and Professional Development, Gail Cutter, has one mighty dyspeptic view of the challenges currently facing the legal profession. Yet, she is a true believer in the enduring value of a legal education and the nobility of the profession. 1,566 more words