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Sticking to the four-year plan

Lynandro SimmonsGeneral Assignment Reporter

Staying within the structure of a four-year plan in college is difficult but possible, said Jonathan Wharton, a political science professor and academic advisor. 544 more words


A 'Confluence' of art to open at Bing-Davis Memorial Gallery

Upper Iowa University (UIU) welcomes guest artist Kenneth Hall to its Fayette Campus on Thursday, Feb. 16. Hall will host an Artist Talk at 3:30 p.m., followed by a reception until 5 p.m. 415 more words

Session Two: Richard Bulliet on the History of the World

Here, in the second lecture of his course, The History of the World, Richard Bulliet discusses the origins of agriculture to the first river (Valley Civilizations, 8000-1500 B.C.E. Part I).

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True Intelligence

When we think about smart people, we tend to think about science, math, and technology.  Like the characters in The Big Bang Theory.  We think about Einstein, Newton, Hawkins–all scientists.   238 more words


Optimism About the Power of the Book

By John Warren, Head of School

Optimism About the Power of the Book

Immediately after learning of our impending grandparenthood, our conversations with daughter-in-law and son, Caitlin and Ethan, turned to books—their recollections of favorite childhood books that had been read to them and that they had read to themselves, and our recollections of favorite books that we had read to Ethan and to our daughter, Amanda. 2,016 more words


khí tác sơn hà

1. “Khí tác sơn hà”, mình đã lẩm nhẩm đọc như vậy khi nhìn thấy bức hoành phi này và hình như đây là bức hoành phi đầu tiên viết chữ Hán mà mình đọc trọn vẹn được nội dung của nó. 549 more words

Văn Hóa

The Martyrs Call the World

They like to take all this money from sin, build big universities to study in,
Sing “Amazing Grace” all the way to the Swiss Banks.

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