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Friendship among Faculty

Creating and sustaining a culture at a school, should be grounded in a purpose. Facts, test schools and information seem to be the drive of our secondary schools for the moment, perhaps after a few more decades it will be another focus. 799 more words

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REM 4 – Òtelèmúyé (Spy) |By Wasiu Owolabi

Agbéyìnkùlé-gbóhùn ní b’ara è nínú jé (One that spies, saddens himself).

This is quite true. Agbéyìnkùlé-Gbóhùn (one who listens from behind) is non other than a spy who thinks he is spying on others to know what they are saying about him, whereas he is spying on himself. 87 more words


Trynna contrive the magic of artistic power through Othello: My presentation on Shakespeare's classic (including occasional commentary and reactions from my class)

This is a follow up to my recent post about playing the race card in my Shakespeare class. I played that race card to secure a slot presenting Othello against a mediocre white boy and my post sparked some interest in reading and hearing about my presentation.  4,960 more words

Black Student

06.Hippie Habits

Kate and Lauren discuss the hippie habits they picked up during their liberal arts education: menstrual cups, recycling and repurposing, natural cleaning products, natural grooming products, kombucha, almond milk, and the question of shaving their legs. 19 more words


Public Confidence in Universities is Falling

The Washington Times reports that soaring tuition costs, degrees of dubious value and nonstop student activism have combined to bring public confidence in the ivory tower tumbling down. 204 more words

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What is Conservatism?

Conservatism in the sense in which I use the term refers to an attitude or disposition that rejects ideology (all-encompassing systems of normative theory and institutionalized practices that drive policy towards idealized or utopian ends) and radicalism or extremism (the quality of holding fanatical, severe, or drastic views). 134 more words

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The Liberal Arts: Dawson’s Prerequisite for the Reconstruction of Christendom

The Liberal arts are defined from the Latin, as the “freeing arts.”  Dr. Brad Birzer states in the essay below, “The liberal arts must also embrace and engage, at a fundamental level, the faculty of imagination. 1,477 more words