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Exploring Liberal Arts Colleges

What is a liberal arts college? In fact, what is “liberal arts”?

To help you understand the answers to these questions, the GAFL College Culture Team has been researching about liberal arts colleges, especially those in the United States. 699 more words


Back to the Liberal Arts Version of Math

My professor goes through a proof during lecture that requires the definition of a convex combination.

Situation A: BSM, Game Theory Classroom:

He sees our blank stares and says, “What? 316 more words

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Global Studies in London And Paris

“London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” G.K. Chesterton

In my last post, I talked about the different myths and facts related to study abroad and why everyone should take advantage of the opportunities available to them as a College of Liberal Arts student at Purdue University. 300 more words

Valerie Smith Becomes First Black President of Swarthmore College

Valerie Smith, former Princeton University dean and and scholar of African-American literature culture, has made history by becoming Swarthmore’s first black president, the 15th president in the college’s history. 275 more words


The Kids Proved Me Wrong

“There is no immaculate perception,” Jerry Kang explains in his Tedx Talk “Immaculate Perception” at TEDxSanDiego 2013, agreeing with German Philosopher and cultural critic Friedrich Nietzche who stressed this idea in his theory of knowledge. 415 more words

Implicit Association- Blog 4

Sapere aude

Let me open this post with a personal revelation: I’m not a religious person.
Do not get me wrong: I do not deny the existence of God. 1,202 more words


The Cambridge Platonists: An Important but Forgotten Group of Thinkers

by Sarrah J. Woods

Here’s an interesting historical tidbit from some studies I did a while back (specifically, from a paper I wrote for a graduate course I took a few years ago). 226 more words