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Liberal Bias in Academia?

This is something you’ve likely heard before – academia is bursting at the brim with leftist intellectuals actively attempting to indoctrinate students.  Perhaps the version you heard isn’t so aggressive.   1,070 more words

Twitter's death warrant

I’ve already covered the ban placed on Milo Yiannopoulos on Twitter in a previous post, but I think I should talk about the decline of Twitter, and the ramifications that I think will come with Twitter’s half-brained decision. 909 more words


Ted Cruz, critic of commercial media?

“There is a broader dynamic at work, which is network executives have made a decision to get behind Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes at Fox News have turned Fox News into the Donald Trump network.”

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Why John Oliver is a liar

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you may remember that I already wrote a post about John Oliver last week, wherein I attempted to make the argument that John Oliver shouldn’t be trusted as a reliable authority on politics, given his status as a comedian, which requires him to poke fun at the issues. 1,767 more words


Oh Those Stubborn Conservatives

  I sometimes publish to a website called Writer Beat. I should say I published one article. I noticed before I did that there was one person that was spouting right wing garbage and never giving an ounce of proof as to what he is saying. 751 more words


Mexicans, Si! Racism, No?


Liberal bias again reaches ignorant levels when media call Mexicans a “race” of people. They are a nation, not a race. 300 more words

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A Confession of Liberal Intolerance

I pulled in a complete NY article here because I know sometimes you can’t see the full article on their site.

WE progressives believe in diversity, and we want women, blacks, Latinos, gays and Muslims at the table — er, so long as they aren’t conservatives. 1,135 more words