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Keep Using Our Words

Words are powerful. The words we choose are windows into our biases in ways we ourselves often miss. One of the most famous examples of this was the aftermath of the affair Bill Clinton had with Monica Lewinsky. 524 more words


The Liberal College Professor: Communist Crisis or Tired Trope?

The liberal college professor is an archetype as old as the modern era of academia. William F. Buckley railed against the “ne-plus-ultra relativism” and “idiot nihilism” of liberal professors in his 1951 work, … 270 more words

Higher Education

The Toll of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is the idea that people will seek out information, facts, and other evidence which supports an existing belief. Good examples of this in Christianity are in the Bible, and from there many Christians lead a life of confirming that which they already believe is true. 819 more words


Morning Coffee in China Links

First blue sky and sun we’ve seen in three days here in Dali. We got our first taste of the cold season here these last few days, and it tasted bitter! 279 more words

Election 2016

Reality Has a Well-Known Liberal Bias, Paul Krugman Edition

Why don’t facts say what we want them to say? Paul Krugman has been on this beat for a long time, notably writing in 2014 about… 348 more words


America's Flawed Televised Primary Debates: Three Nonpartisan Explanations

CNBC was the object of heated criticism of the way in which their GOP primary debate was moderated. During and after the debate, moderators were ridiculed for asking ‘gotcha’ questions and not focusing on the issues. 815 more words