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Breitbart: “Kyle Chapman, known as “Based Stickman” on Facebook, was arrested in Berkeley, CA Monday after fighting with a group who confronted him for carrying an American flag around town. 104 more words


On Eve Of POW Day, Jake Tapper Disgraces 5 POW Stories

In an effort to make sure everyone knows how much he hates Donald Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper spent his Saturday morning exploiting the very POWs he so ardently claims to revere. 543 more words

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CNN Hacks Attack Trump Over Syria Strikes

After spending days demanding that President Trump take action on Syria, the fake news hacks at CNN today found every reason they could to fault him for doing so. 487 more words

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CNN Anchor Enraged By Challenge On Syria Gas Story

On Wednesday’s “At This Hour With Kate Bolduan,” the CNN host was unable to conceal her contempt for GOP Congressman Thomas Massie.

Discussing the recent allegations of chemical warfare in Syria, Bolduan began by insisting that President Trump’s only plan is to blame President Obama: “Is the solution to this problem blaming the President before him?” 332 more words

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Media Bias? - that's news to me

Is there a liberal media bias? Of course there is a liberal media bias. You are thinking, “Wait, have those nut job talk show hosts been right all along?”. 753 more words


This Is CNN: Experienced Host Browbeats Trump Voters

Today on CNN’s “New Day,” host Alisyn Camerota let her mask of impartiality slip during a hostile interview with Trump voters.

Camerota pressed the President’s early backers about their continued support for him. 224 more words

Media Bias Update

The New York Times, through a different journalist, apparently changed its mind since yesterday.  The withdrawal of the healthcare bill is now just a “setback” and not a “failure” as suggested yesterday.   276 more words

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