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1 Game Away!

Chicago leads the best of 7 series 3-2. If they win tomorrow, we’re headed for a Cleveland vs Cubs World Series. I’ve figured it out. It’ll be a great series with 1-0 pitcher’s duels and 12-11 offensive explosions. 985 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Old Post Week

Above The Post Important, Oral Sex!!!!!!!!!!!!, Update!!!!!!

“And I do swallow.”

At least she’s accepted who her likely taker are.

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Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Democrats' Love Of Violence

I won’t use the “F” word, but in case you missed it, two recent news stories really highlight Democrat behavior:


I Totally Agree With You!!!!!!!!

Except you’re wrong.

Major Victory Over IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the court picked up where the D.C. Circuit left off, and ordered that the IRS cease delaying determinations on any outstanding tax-exempt applications of Tea Party groups and other grassroots organizations.

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Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Dems Call for Obama’s Politicized FBI to Launch Investigation of Trump Campaign

After a week of pissing and moaning that Donald Trump threatened to throw Hillary into jail if elected, Democrats are calling for an FBI investigation of the Republican nominee. 493 more words

War On Trump

Grievance Mongers Call for Museum to Tear Down Iconic Statue of ‘Racist’ Teddy Roosevelt

The purveyors of forced diversity malevolence found a new target this week when they descended on the Big Apple to demand that a museum tear down a statue of Theodore Roosevelt. 384 more words

Smoke Early And Often

I always wondered who it was choking at the beginning of that song, now I know. It was the Nationals. That song must have been recorded in October. 699 more words

Obama's Fault