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4 Days And A Wakeup

Thanks to neal for reminding me about this excellent song, let’s listen to some 70s Stones.

That’s the stuff that doesn’t get played on Classic Rock Stations!!!!!! 1,264 more words

Liberal Fascism

How Do You Measure Failure?

Important, Five Minutes Later, Hilarious Update Below!!!!!

It’s Time To Face Facts: Obama’s Presidency Was A Failure!

The closing arguments for the Obama years are arriving, and they aren’t helping the outgoing president.

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Obama's Fault

Have We Been Unclear?

Ace links Newseak cuz I ain’t gonna.

Have we been unclear?

INSTINCTIVELY OR BY CANNY PLAN, Trump converted the conservatives’ parochial and rate-limiting culture war on abortion and gay marriage into a much more visceral campaign against the political pieties of sophisticated America,

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Obama's Fault


It’s just freaking stupid out there.

Obama is going fucking crazy in his last days and we see only sporadic coverage of it. How do I know Obama is busy writing memos and regulations at a frenzied pace? 238 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Do You Smell Something Burning?

Boy am I burned out. Watching all the lying by our fine media betters as they screech about Fake News!!!!! is frustrating. Hearing today on Russia “hacking” Dem emails showing their corruption is a spectacle too far. 1,056 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah