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Fundamentals in the defense against SJW's

Social Justice Warriors leave a wake of misery. They like it said that “they mean well”, but they don’t. Vox Day has three core truths to… 13 more words

Planned Parenthood is the American Hamas

Hey, if Hillary can call us terrorists, turnabout is fair play.

Some – and by some, I mean the delusional left and Islamist apologists – feel the need to point out that Hamas isn’t just a Jew-killing terrorists organization, but they do good work. 69 more words

Liberal Fascism


So Trump said a bunch of stuff about illegals but this is why I am writing.

Jorge Ramos accused Donald Trump of spreading “hate” by referring to illegal immigrants as “illegals” and the children of illegal immigrants as “anchor babies.”

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Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Ideo-fascism: The Fourth Reich

The War Against Diversity Of Thought

The term fascism originated from the ancient Roman Empire where the fascis (bundle) was used as a symbol to represent the many diverse subordinates (the rods) bound to the authority of the state (the axe at the center of the bundle). 4,154 more words


What does sex have to do with Socialism?

I could give two wet farts about Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner.  But I’m amused at how disgusted the other folks in this video are at the suggestion that… 235 more words

Liberal Fascism

Hillary Surprised To Learn That Small Businesses Are Struggling

And laughs at the idea of being a champion of small businesses.

Democrats are all about crony capitalism with big businesses – fascism (in the economic model sense), basically. 23 more words