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California Free Speech Killing Bill: On Hold for Now

Freedom and dignity are not natural to the inhabitants of a fallen world burdened with Original Sin. The California State Senate keeps trying to prove it. 320 more words


Iff yiu wanta Eet,, Yiu Mind got to Be Rihght!!

Man thay has done a Grate thing in Cannader and gess wHat, we doing itt hear at Collidge!! too.

See thay got this Sumer Jobbs thing in Cannader for stodents, only Now yiu cant Get “one” Unlest yiu sine “this hear Staytmint that it says Yiu suport the Rihght to A Bortion! 145 more words

Just For Fun

Spikes Tactical Banned From YouTube!

YouTube Bans Spikes Tactical without Warning

Well, it’s official.

Free Speech is now under attack in force..Especially if you are Pro-Second Amendment and have Social Media Accounts with scary black rifles! 81 more words

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