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I Still Don't Wanna Do Blog

Yesterday, I was very darn tired. I got like 3 hours of sleep and then had a busy day, I tubed a little at school but mostly didn’t. 920 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah

Reality and You!

So we’ve been watching this shit for years, decades in some instance, and yet, our fine betters are still trying to pretend we’re not seeing what we’re seeing. 2,223 more words

Notes On The Revolution

We going To The Ryat!!

Boy am i exited!!! The Collidge it has got us a Buss so we Can “alll go” to the Auntyfa Ryat in the citty!! Somboddy thay sayed it was Gorge Sauros he payed “For” the Buss he is a grate man! 225 more words


The hypersensitive and backward-thinking Democrats of America’s “educational”  (LMAO) system are the most narrow-minded and easily offended fools imaginable.

You could probably have found 1600s Puritans more open-minded than 21st Century Democrats, who have hopelessly politicized education and exercise an unhealthy virtual monopoly on every level of the process.  381 more words


U.S. Near Bottom in Public Trust of Newsmedia

by Eric Zuesse

According to the most extensive study ever done of the public’s usages of, and trust in, the news media in their country — a study that (in late January early February) scientifically sampled thousands of people in each one of 36 different industrialized countries — the United States scored #28, which was in the bottom 22% of all 36 nations, regarding the public’s trust of the news media.  968 more words


Activism: Used and Abused

It all started with Robert E. Lee. Most surprisingly, however, we are not talking about Robert E. Lee’s corpse, his grave, nor his actions, but rather a statue of him that was recently  791 more words


Where I Bin?

Fucking Tard Dog.

His 14th birthday is coming up and he’s been acting very old, he doesn’t even try to chase cats or get up to bark at passers by anymore. 1,058 more words

Funniest End Of Civilization Evah