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Depaul University President on White Men

You have probably heard of the events regarding Milo Yiannopoulos’s trip to America where he gave a speech at Depaul University.  Social justice warriors tried to shut it down, but Milo in turn embarrassed the university for it’s poor handling of the protesters and it’s support of the radical left.   247 more words

The Left is Not Motivated by Love but Hate

Again, the Left is About Hate.  I just read about the US President asking the world to morally evolve whilst on his trip to Japan.   379 more words

Oprah Winfrey Kills Black People

White people are homeless, too, but only Black lives matter. Oprah has become one of the richest people in the world through advertising and costs of advertising filters down to the product. 313 more words

Misanthropic News

Black Daily Beast reporter calls out racist Bernie Sanders supporters

 Donald Trump, as well as every single Republican office holder and those who support them, has been called a racist by the left in an attempt to intimidate the opposition into silence. 953 more words


Liberal Hypocrisy: While Liberal "Entertainers" Try to Dictate What is "Morally Right" in NC, Muslims Prepare to Build an Islamic Museum on Ground Zero In NYC

Today’s Modern American Liberals, from President Barack Hussein Obama to the all-too-common Internet Troll, are continuing to fiddle around with “Gender Identity Rights”, while our nation, like Ancient Rome, burns. 1,511 more words



Once again Camille Paglia shines in an examination of various subjects near and dear to my heart – censorship by the Political Correctness Police, the way the American Left crawls for Islam and how pretentious Liberal asses have destroyed the concept of intellectual inquiry and the free exchange of ideas in the academic world. 112 more words