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I’m an atheist but I love exploring the mythology beind the world’s various belief systems. American Liberalism has regressed into a faith-based belief system that’s every bit as irrational as any other religion, but since American Liberals – or “Liberal Fundamentalists” – are such pompous, hypocritical and close-minded fools it’s A LOT of fun to describe their myths as sarcastically as possible. 415 more words


Breitbart Sponsored Boycott Pisses in Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes

The national temper tantrum over the election of Donald Trump as president is raging on and getting nastier by the day. Leftist allies of Hillary Clinton are using a two-prong assault, one being the neo-McCarthyist… 842 more words

War On Trump

Whose Body? Whose Choice?

So, it all started with this meme.  We know about memes.  Memes are meant to convey a single point in a concise way, and usually try to be clever about it.  652 more words


Clintonstein Stymied: Wisconsin Judge Rejects Statewide Hand Recount Bid

In another blow to the Hillary Clinton-Jill Stein effort to force an audit of votes in three Rust Belt states unexpectedly won by Donald Trump, a Wisconsin judge has… 438 more words

Democratic Senator regrets changing filibuster rules now that Donald Trump is President-elect

  Several years ago Harry Reid invoked the so-called “nuclear option” (no, that is not quite right because it was only called the “nuclear option” by Democrats when Republicans threatened to do it. 311 more words


Report: Whinin’ Stein Failed to Make Pennsylvania Recount Deadline, Will File Lawsuit

Hillary Clinton surrogate Jill Stein’s bid to help snatch the presidency away from Donald Trump ran into more trouble on Monday after reportedly missing the deadline for recount in Pennsylvania. 547 more words

Abominable Newsman Chris Matthews Slobbers All Over Castro's Corpse

The liberal media are showering deceased Cuban despot Fidel Castro with accolades but some have taken their reverence for the dead Commie to another level. One of those who are now glossing over Castro’s monstrous reign of terror is MSNBC blowhard Chris Matthews who is badly in need of a drool bucket. 372 more words

LIberal Hypocrisy