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Ben Carson calls for an investigation into CAIR's tax-exempt status

  After Ben Carson stated he would not advocate for a Muslim becoming President the media intentionally misrepresented what he said by claiming he does not think a Muslim should be allowed to run for President. 582 more words


'How did you post this tweet, Einstein?' Bernie Sanders gets reality checked after warning to corporations

How would a President Bernie Sanders deal with corporations who don’t do all their manufacturing in the U.S.? We’re not sure, but it would probably involve stern sounding warnings like this: 365 more words

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Hypocrisy From the Racial Grievance Industry

I came across this Time article about a white man, named Michael Derrick Hudson who submitted poetry under the pen name Yi-Fen Chou after being rejected many times after submitting it under his own name.   338 more words

University Women's Center on Policing Masculinity

Universities are creating “healthy masculinity” events to teach men that everything they know about masculinity is false and if you disagree then you are “policing masculinity”.   477 more words

Then vs now: Hillary Clinton on limiting debates

 It would seem as though the Democratic party is trying to protect Hillary Clinton by limiting the number of debates during the Democratic primary season heading into the Iowa caucuses. 160 more words