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Liberal Submission: Protect Islam, Defame Christianity

Editors note:  Take a moment to “Google” the phrase sexy burka, and you will find that this is a very real story.  It is not Islamaphobia but rather a prime example of the hypocrisy exhibited by liberals/progressives who Protect Islam while discriminating against Christians.  518 more words

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Liberal Smut Peddler Offers $1 Million Bounty for Dirt on Trump

Democrats and liberals are really scraping the bottom of the barrel in efforts to pound a stake through Donald Trump’s heart with three weeks to go until the election. 354 more words

Trashing Trump: ‘Fair and Balanced’ 2.0

The media has gone into full alibi mode to fend off Donald Trump’s allegations of blatant pro-Hillary bias over the weekend.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly kicked it off Friday by reiterating her own self vital… 324 more words

Liberal Hypocrisy

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Joy Behar calls Bill Clinton's alleged rape victims 'tramps'

 The media is in full spin mode after last night’s debate. First a Washington Post writer found it suspicious that Donald Trump used female pronouns… 229 more words



And we have ANOTHER member for Balladeer’s Blog’s real-life League of Extraordinary Women: Nazi (“Nah-zee”) Paikidze-Barnes, the United States’ Women’s Chess Champion. Paikidze-Barnes has already stated she will NOT participate in February’s World Championship matches because they are being held in Tehran and – per Muslim law – the female participants will be required to wear hijabs no matter what country they are from. 393 more words


Excerpts from Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches leaked

 Today Wikileaks released thousands of pages of hacked John Podesta emails which allegedly include excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street–speeches she was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for delivering by the way. 498 more words