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Why did Obama get a pass on drones?

For the last eight years, U.S. citizens have been silent as President Obama has killed innocent children, civilians, and American citizens with drones. I hope Democrats get excited about peace again when it’s Trump controlling the drone program. 211 more words

Huff Po Religion Misses Important Reason Why Conservative Asian American Churches are Prolife and Pro-Family

Liberal Huffington Post Religion Section has a piece yesterday titled “It’s Lonely Being A Liberal Asian-American Christian.” Personally I found the whole piece reeking of everything that I can’t stand with my generation: A hyper obsession with being different in one’s identity, a super sensitivity of finding things that are wrong with others, and a way of going about always having others have the responsibility instead of self masked in intellectual sounding guises.   585 more words


Rita Panahi: Meryl Streep inside toxic Hollywood cloud | Herald Sun

Rita Panahi, Herald Sun

January 10, 2017 7:54am

HOLLYWOOD’S moral compass has always been askew. That tends to happen when you mix enormous incomes, unchecked adulation and rampant drug abuse with a smug world view born of privilege. 946 more words

Leftist Bullying


Here’s another American Liberal – Kim McKinney Cohen – explaining how the Left’s forever-increasing corruption  drove her away like it did me. I like to run these items as a break from me noting the reasons why I grew to dislike both American Liberals and American Conservatives. 253 more words


Trudeau Liberals returning to "entitlement" roots in just over a year?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Ministers have been having questionable fundraising activities and the media basically yawns.

Not only that, Mary Dawson, the Parliamentary Ethics Commissioner,  544 more words

Liberal Government

Why an electoral revolt is a really bad idea

How are we all supposed to get along at this point?

In a few days, the electoral college will cast its vote for President, and everyone is freaking out that they might follow the rules. 962 more words


Global warming alarmist calls for Donald Trump to kill himself

  The left is sure acting with style and grace following the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton at the hands of Donald Trump, aren’t they? The latest shining example of this comes from global warming alarmist and biologist John Wiens, who recently suggested the billionaire businessman should kill himself. 162 more words