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Check Out The NY Times' Double Standard on Offensive Religious Images

The New York Times won’t publish images that offend Muslims. Christians on the other hand, are a different story.

Back in January, when the French publication Charlie Hebdo was attacked by Islamic terrorists, the paper of record wouldn’t publish the offending images which were blamed. 222 more words


How and Why We MUST Fight This 'New" Civil War!

In a previous post I mentioned that the first ‘shots’ – by the radical Left, have already been fired at not only proud American Southerners, but proud Americans as a whole. 1,236 more words

Obama's Shameless Gay Marriage Hypocrisy

Below, you can watch Obama on gay marriage then and now.

In 2008, when he was first seeking the presidency, he pretended to be a conservative Christian on the issue. 94 more words


Do The People Freaking Out Over The South Know Rhode Island's History of Slavery?

The Confederate Flag is the symbol of Democrats who wanted slavery to continue and because they know they can’t win an argument for greater gun control, we’re being… 236 more words