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Hillary Clinton's State Department spent millions of taxpayer dollars to help companies outsource jobs

  Large corporations have come under heavy scrutiny in recent years for outsourcing American jobs. Most of the scrutiny has come from the Democrats which is why I find… 349 more words


Hillary Clinton is sheltered from her proposed estate tax increases

 Hillary Clinton has proposed raising the estate tax from 40% to 65% on the wealthiest Americans, here is more on the former Secretary of State’s proposal: 547 more words


Unity! (Except for Those Horrible Trump Followers)

There’s something weird about Hillary Clinton harping about “Stronger Together” and campaigning endlessly on “unity” yet spending most of her campaign energy not debating Trump but issuing ad hominem attacks on him and his supporters and practically demanding that they be banished from polite society. 49 more words


Entitled to My Entitlements? Hell ya!

The Liberals strike again.

While trying to move away from the perceived notions of “entitled to my entitlements”, the Liberal Party of Canada has demonstrated once again that they are indeed entitled to their entitlements — taxpayers be damned. 750 more words

Social Justice Movement Jumps the Shark as NAACP Prez Compares Kaepernick to Rosa Parks

Let it be documented that September 8, 2016 is the official day that the black militant social justice movement jumped the shark on it’s way to joining all other failed movements upon the scrapheap of history.   725 more words

The Irrelevance of Apostasy

“When a Muslim leaves Islam, we should congratulate him. Because we should celebrate people’s choices. The last thing we should do is tell him he is making a mistake or try to convince him to change his mind. 348 more words

Liberal Hypocrisy

Then vs now: Bill Clinton on 'make America great again'

 Earlier this weak Bill Clinton implied that Donald Trump’s “make America great again” slogan was racist when he said “if  you are a white southerner you know exactly what it means.” Of course Bill Clinton is a white southerner so we can only assume when he used the same slogan several times in the past that he understood he was making racist comments.  162 more words