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America: Land of the Mindless

America: Land of the mindless    by Mustang

I recently read an article by David Abel in the Boston Globe that spoke in sympathetic terms about Mr. 840 more words

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Colin Kaepernick, raised by White couple, paid $20 Mil by White NFL Owner

Looks like Colin didn’t grow up in the hood. Another angry inter-racial man, raised by White people. Reminds me of what we just had in the White House. 167 more words

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Police Report Indicates Wasserman Schultz IT Aide Planted Computer For Investigators To Find

Before I get to the good stuff, just an update on myself and Irma. I am hunkering down East of Tampa. There was no good destination for escape. 536 more words

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Trump does a super re-tweet and sums up her new book

While Hillary wandered the woods trying to figure out what happened, the Donald gives her the answer in one great re-tweet. Wishing everyone a great holiday. 125 more words

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Meet fashion maven Lynn Yaeger who criticized Melania Trump's high heels...

Vogue magazine writer Lynn Yaeger piled on the media criticism of Melania Trump on Tuesday for “wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels” while she headed out to survey the disaster in Texas. 168 more words

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CNN gets scorched when asking flood victim how they feel!

 Here we go. “How do you feel” question doesn’t go so well for this flood victim. Here is the blurb:

Houston flood victim scorches CNN reporter for her coverage in raw exchange. 34 more words

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