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What I Took Away from the First 2016 Presidential Debate

I listened to the whole debate last night… while I cleaned my kitchen and worked on my computer and wrote a response for my blog and… 1,035 more words


Drowning Your Own Child in the Name of Political Correctness

The New York Times recently published a piece by a parent who recently accepted/encouraged her son to become a trangendered girl. The article was titled “ 1,249 more words



One of the biggest complaints of the black community, (and the left and the media) is that white people aren’t listening to their complaints when it comes to police interaction with their community; specifically the very visible (due to technology) shooting of young black men. 1,184 more words


The Nut is Not the Problem

Remember this idiot? Rachel Dolezal was the white girl who “identified” as black. She lied about it in order to run an NAACP chapter somewhere (Spokane, Washington). 474 more words


A Great Evil in This Nation

Tonight, a political rally for Donald Trump was shut down in Chicago. Trumps crime, daring to speak at the University of Chicago.

Protesters in mass occupied the venue, and shut it down. 445 more words


Jumping Into the "Middle" of the Gun Control Debate

OK, I need some more political discussion, so I’m going to kickstart this conversation again.

>> every gun in the nation” is a far-left fantasy/far-right boogie-man that not even Bernie Sanders supports: 354 more words