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The Media Spiral & How It Got Us Here

Picture an elementary-level drawing of a tornado. Anyone with a pen could accurately begin with wide loops or squiggles at the top, decreasing in size until it reaches a slim base. 1,758 more words

Culture & Social

Why I Won't Sit Down and Shut Up.

I overheard recently a group of girls talking about how “over politics” they were. I was dumbfounded. I thought to myself, really? Now?! 

I can’t imagine being able, much less being willing to put my head in the sand and pretend that the life I’m living is not related whatsoever to the rest of the country and what is happening in our political system. 475 more words

Perspective on Lefties erasing American History

Not that I’d put up a fight in defense of the Confederacy, but we all know that the Left will never be satiated with their lust for the blood of America’s destruction. 32 more words


I'm not shocked, outraged, or surprised.

With the current events of our time, is it really surprising what is unfolding? The left and the right going at it is not surprising in the least to me. 331 more words

Respect thine enemy (they hate that)

As an introvert (read: deep thinker and over-analyzer) and a moderate (politically), I’m so tired of watching people on the left and the right fight with each other. 246 more words


The South

“I make it a tattered and worn relic of the past that should be in a museum and yet we see it flying around as if the war is still going on … alive and present.” 906 more words