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The Real Agenda Behind A Gender Neutral Language

Recently, some politicians have been making a big push to remove gender-specific words from our common usage. They call it “gender bias”, and hide it behind the mask of gender equality. 245 more words

N.B. premier's involvement in pro-pipeline rally questioned

A convoy of hundreds of pro-pipeline supporters has reached Parliament Hill to protest the Liberal government’s energy and environmental policies.

Premier Blaine Higgs joined his Conservative counterparts Saturday on a panel speaking out against Bill C-69. 387 more words


Advocates, families of children with autism angered by income level to qualify for maximum funding

TORONTO – Advocates and families of children with autism angered by a revamped government program that reduces funding for therapy say new information about who can qualify for that money sets a “ridiculous bar.” 696 more words


Must listen!Michael Cohen is ready to reveal 'chilling' personal experiences with Trump: Lanny Davis

Lanny Davis, the attorney representing former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen, tells ABC News that his client is ready to reveal what he describes as “chilling” details about his personal experiences with President Donald Trump. 58 more words


Your Corporate Shill is Showing (A response to Bill Maher)

It’s so weird to me to see how my opinion of what was once one of my favorite comedians shift so sharply in recent years.  It’s genuinely awe-inspiring.  1,001 more words