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The Chance to Write this Post - Why Free Speech is Necessary

An inability to speak your mind is always stifling, it leads to pent up emotions. It’s in a simple sense being silenced, having your opinion die in the public eye because of its nature. 794 more words


How Preventing Students from Taking Advil in Schools is Belittling Girls' Educations

I have many high school memories of sneaking Advil or ibuprofen from one girl to another at school because of period cramps, clandestinely because we could get in trouble if we were caught with Advil or ibuprofen or any pain killing medicine of the like. 463 more words


US Jews are mostly Democrats, but not necessarily ‘liberal’

JTA – A new study, touted as the first-ever state-by-state, county-by-county Jewish population estimate, shows how the Jewish vote could play a crucial role in key battleground states. 728 more words

Daily News

Let's Respond to Christians (of BuzzFeed) Defending Themselves

I’ve done a lot of responses to BuzzFeed Yellow videos.  The bulk of which are questions that one ethnic group has for stereotypical white people.  Because I guess stereotypes are fine, so long as it’s against a class of people that they don’t like.  1,106 more words


What Pro-Choice Really Means

I know that a woman’s right to an abortion is a sticky subject, and, excuse the gross generalizations here, but people’s views on the matter are often largely indicative of whether they consider themselves to be left-leaning Democrats, or right-leaning Republicans with strong religious ties. 419 more words


Speaking to your Conservative friends: FAQs.

In this day and age, the split between “liberal” and “conservative” viewpoints is getting bigger and bigger. Many Liberals worry about starting conversations with Conservative friends, as there is a chance for some serious arguments. 955 more words

The Codswallop

Left Brain, Right Brain, Red Brain, Blue Brain

With the first presidential debate of 2016 quickly approaching, it’s a good time to consider whether your brain has already cast its vote. There is no shortage of articles that imply your political leanings are reflected in your brain’s structure and function (e.g. 2,191 more words