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South Carolina Libertarians Might Turn Me Republican...

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This is exactly why I named this page “Conservative” From a Liberal State. Because I don’t believe in party loyalty. 933 more words

Liberalism Defined | Free Markets

Behold one of the reasons I hate when people equate liberalism with socialism. 1,169 more words


William Barber II is tired of Puny Talk

William Barber II addressed the recent Festival of Homiletics. While it is sometimes difficult to determine if Barber is talking about the gospel or social justice (I suspect he does not separate them), I am in full agreement with his statement that conversations about democrat vs republican and liberal vs conservative are “too puny.” He claims to have a “left and a right hand.” 23 more words

Why Trigger Warnings are Important

Trigger: verb,  to cause an intense and usually negative emotional reaction in (someone) (Miriam Webster)

“A trigger is a reminder of a past trauma. 503 more words

Mental Health

Thomas Sowell's 3 - question test

It is difficult to think of the trade-offs involved with any given decision
when you have an idea in mind that you like. It is much easier to think of the… 1,874 more words


The bitter aftertaste of the 'democracy sausage' (or 'Becoming an Aussie' Part 2)

Having blogged – to mild interest – about my 14-year ‘odyssey’ to becoming an Aussie, I thought a few words on the by-product of my newly established dual citizenship status – VOTING – should follow. 732 more words


Episode 14 Now Live!

Episode 14 is now live, so grab your favorite adult beverage and give it a listen on your favorite podcast app! Available on Apple Podcasts… 45 more words