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Power or the proper exercise of power? #villagate

The Liberals are more likely to be in power after May than Conservative or Labour

The irony of Milliband’s and Cameron’s obsessions with two party politics is that this country is now 1-10 on to have no overall majority in the next political term. 1,327 more words


Ontario Budget, 2015

The talking heads at Queen’s Park along the government side of the legislature just rolled out their economic plans and, swear to God it is much funnier than any stand-up comedy routine that I have come across for years. 851 more words

Let's Get the Bullshit Out of Religion

This site was intended to be a place for religious commentary. I’ve neglected this, it seems. There were just so many political things that needed to be discussed. 1,533 more words

Roger Jamieson responds to proposed electoral map district changes

A recent article in The Packet published Thursday, April 23 includes commentary and reaction from Roger Jamieson regarding the recently proposed electoral map district changes for the Bellevue area and Burin Peninsula. 12 more words


Time for the moderate "sleeping dragon" to awaken

If you consider yourself a moderate from a political standpoint, this hasn’t been an easy run. Moderates have been getting shouted down, bullied and abused by the extremes on both sides of the political fence. 388 more words

Role-Reversal is a Bitch, So Stop Being One

THIS JUST IN: Recently the state of Wyoming (Motto: “Our entire population can fit in your average public restroom. We KNOW this.”) proposed legislation of the controversial “Worldview Freedom Restoration Law”, a replacement for the “Religious Freedom Restoration Law”, that would protect atheists from having to violate their worldview with such things as having to bake a cake for a Christian wedding. 440 more words

Why This Liberal Can Live With Drones (David R. Schleicher)

Al Qaeda and its offshoots are a fact of modern life, as is the reality that they want you to die.

Consider these five options to respond: 487 more words