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Thank you, Bernie.

Today (as far as I can tell) made it official. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee. And, while my reluctant support goes to her, she is hardly a fraction of what this country needs. 245 more words


I'm with HER (supreme court nominees)

Friends, I just couldn’t sit here and do nothing. I was feeling the BERN, for sure! I typically keep politics outside of my professional page but this election is TOO IMPORTANT! 99 more words


Liberal Bias in Academia?

This is something you’ve likely heard before – academia is bursting at the brim with leftist intellectuals actively attempting to indoctrinate students.  Perhaps the version you heard isn’t so aggressive.   1,070 more words

ESPN Completely Screwed up MJ's Quotes

Literally 3 hours ago I put out the special announcement saying that, because of the announcement, I wasn’t going to be publishing an article today. And then ESPN went full liberal…again. 589 more words


Light at the End of the Trump

July 25, 2016

Here’s what to expect from the Democrat’s convention.

But first, in the interest of full disclosure, I am obliged to tell anyone who is not acquainted with my situation, I am a Democrat.  1,676 more words

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