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​Selfisasi agama

Sekarang muncul gerakan selfisasi agama dengan tema “urus saja diri kita sendiri”. Maksudnya, jangan urusi surga neraka orang lain, jangan urusi baik buruknya orang lain, jangan urusi sholat tidaknya orang lain, atau lainnya. 123 more words


Why I Stopped Using the Term "Libertarian"

Many who peripherally follow my blogs, my social media, etc., have started asking me in the past few months: “Hey, why don’t you use the word  954 more words


Ms. Marvel Volume 2 Issue 13

I love me some Ms. Marvel. The work G. Willow Wilson and crew have done with this character is nothing short of groundbreaking, along the lines that Stan Lee and company incubated with the creation of Spider-Man in the 1960’s. 425 more words


GOP healthcare bill

Just being nasty, but here is a comment I submitted, which will inevitably be blocked by this sucker.

Starting after this sentence, my responses are in parenthesis.   516 more words

The "Bloodbath" Commences At Liberal Mainstream Media Publications

Source: All News Pipelineby Susan Duclos

What do the NYT, Huffington Post, ESPN, Guardian, NBC, Vocativ, Time, and NBC have in common? Two things actually: 1) They are liberal publications, and; 2) They are all laying off workers, offering buy-outs or “restructuring” or moving assets from print copy to digital, or whatever “excuse” they are offering for the “bloodbath” being seen across the board. 694 more words

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

Hati-hati, jangan buru-buru.

Rasa-rasanya, bukan sekali dua kali saya menganjurkan untuk tidak terburu-buru dan menjaga kehati-hatian dalam menjatuhkan tuduhan, label, atau putusan pada masalah-masalah yang kebenaran di dalamnya adalah samar. 579 more words


What Does Home Mean To You ?

Vac’- formally known as ‘vacation’ to most counterparts of society (non-Rhodents). This has got to be my favourite part of the semester; although this period of time may pull different strings of different people. 332 more words