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Rebuttals of the Week! #17: Feminist bigotry and logical fallacies.

Kerry S: Cue all the men explaining why the gender pay gap isn’t a thing

Going to Getugly: Kerry, care to provide some kind of rational explanation for why men replying is a problem for you? 439 more words

Social Justice

Interview with Poor Politics.

Recently i sat down with Breanna Ruiz from Poor Politics and discussed why she started her blog. How much the younger generation is getting involved with politics as well as figuring out what causes people to become extremely cynical towards politics.

Interview with Breanna Ruiz

Current Events

Bill passed to end five-week long Ontario college strike

TORONTO – Ontario legislated college faculty back to work on Sunday, ending a five-week strike and paving the way for students to return to class on Tuesday. 407 more words


Politics and prepping.

In my younger days I would dream of having a little cabin in the woods. It was next to a creek with a garden and an orchard. 348 more words


Women at Work

Recent article in fake New York Times “How Politics and Bad Decisions Starved New York’s Subways ” talk about budget cuts and its affects on the public transit system. 359 more words

Wealth and Love

Wealth isn’t evil.  In and of itself.  It’s what it does to people.  I know well-to-do people who are loving, kind, and generous–monetarily and personally.  But then . 512 more words


Ontario NDP Digs Huge Hole With Millennial Vote Over College Strike

(Andrea Horwath Looks Tone Deaf on Biggest Voting Demographic)

The decision by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to order striking college workers back to work was a decision that was based purely on politics geared towards getting the millennial vote ahead of provincial election.  475 more words