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The Treadmill and the Highway: Liberal, Progressive and the Relativity of Movement.

All motion is relative.

And our experience of it is personal and related to how we perceive the fixed points against which it is measured. 1,263 more words


Liberal Hypocrisy on Foreign Government Intervention

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Russia of trying to influence the US election by leaking thousands of Democratic National Committee emails to embarrass the Democrats.  320 more words


The Parody of Politics

As autumn draws in, there’s a generalised darkened mood over in these parts. I am, as some on Twitter would describe me a “liberal lefty”, although I prefer to think of myself as a humanist. 677 more words

Random Thoughts

I grew up a classic liberal. I tended to think of myself as a liberal. I voted for Democrats, not exclusively but frequently. Things have changed, though. 1,162 more words

News Pick Today

Tony Abbott’s motion for reform to the NSW Liberal party has just failed today. His motion allows Liberal party members to choose candidates in the preselection processes. 72 more words

Am I in trouble?

So, I can’t shake this feel like I’m going to get in trouble for this. For being pregnant. Yes, I’m married (not like that matters, but I’m saying it anyway) and I’m 30 (old enough to make well thought out decisions) and I’m an extraordinarily responsible person. 1,240 more words


Garden City and Liberal to hold prayer and safety meetings over terror plot

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Liberal police and Seward County Community College will host a meeting Sunday, Oct. 23 at the Liberal Chamber of Commerce on Rock Island Road.   110 more words