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Full story at Newsmax. Posted here on 2/22/20. See "bernie sanders, nevada, vermont, liberal, democrats."

Democracy (as Oppression by Simple Majority)

Of this I am certain, that in a democracy the majority of the citizens is capable of exercising the most cruel oppression upon the minority…and that 

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Social Contract

Minutes Before She MURDERED My Self-Doubt, I Lost My Virginity To Two Women At Once.

Jessica, the girl next door, leaned against her apartment door; smoke floated from a white stick she held between her lips; her gaze drew my eyes to her apple shaped lips minutes before I died; buried, tangled in a… 395 more words



If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain. (from…

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Liberalism was built on antisemitism...

Meanwhile Conservatism was built on xenophobia… “Fears Of God 101” ⁂

Psalm 90:6

In the morning it springs up new; by evening it fades and withers. 89 more words


Ranking the Dems

I have been reluctant to pick a favorite so far. I wanted to give myself a chance to really listen to each of the candidates, which is hard when the field starts out as crowded as this one did. 1,316 more words