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Is De'Andre Johnson a victim of misandry?

One of the favorite tactics that liberal feminists like to use to play the victim card to make women appear to be victim of brutal men.  175 more words


Legal vs Illegal

What’s the debate about?

This is literally the difference between right and wrong.

One way is right, correct and fair and the other way is not.  412 more words


I'm a Liberal Calvinist

    Every superhero has a good origin story, I am more of an anti-hero but I too have an origin story as a liberal Calvinist. This spectacular view of the world was forged in the fires of a meltdown. 480 more words

Liberal, secular and gay: Poland’s unlikeliest – and most interesting – rising political star

By Daniel Tilles

Robert Biedron does not fit the typical profile of a successful politician in Poland. He is secular, liberal and gay in a country that is among the most… 2,247 more words

Eugene Robinson: The non-Clinton alternative for Democrats

Washington Post — Is Bernie Sanders the political reincarnation of Eugene McCarthy? I doubt it, but let’s hope he makes the Democratic presidential race interesting. 84 more words


How to insult a "progressive"


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Attempts to suggest that very different things are all equal will never prevail in the long run

I'm Offended

I’m sure, based on the title alone, many of you are reading this with some preconceived notion of the topic at hand. Given all the recent controversy, you might be aching to hear my take on some of the most recent headlines. 1,108 more words