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How Limiting Attack Ads Will Limit Legitimate Online Debate

(Above: Liberal Party debate demand letter to Consortium)

Attack ads suck!  I will be the first to admit that.  I despise the discourse around politics these days, as many Canadians do.  806 more words

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RON FOURNIER: Why Bill and Hillary Clinton May Want to Throttle Me

National Journal — Relationships between journalists and politicians are healthy when they’re complicated.

This is a column about Bill and Hillary Clinton and the demise of complicated political relationships. 165 more words


How the Tea Party helped advance gay marriage nationwide

The story is a complex and inadvertent one. The tea party which is thought of by mainstream America as a reactionary right-wing movement has very little in common with the overall left-leaning gay rights movement. 1,562 more words


Pot Politics: Canadians Don't Care

“Hey pass me the joint man… I gotta sit through another round of Justin Trudeau; his lips move, but I can’t hear what he’s sayin’.  Oh dude, I’m buzzed”. 765 more words

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French Gate - End of the Liberal Democrats?

If you thought Labour had a disastrous general election campaign, spare a thought for the Liberal Democrats, who had their seats reduced from 56 to just 8. 484 more words


The Disillusioned Public Sector Unions

Unions.  Once upon a time, unions had an incredibly important role in shaping worker rights and ensuring that its members were treated fairly and equitably by their respective employers. 475 more words

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Ronald Reagan: The Master Communicator (Academic Sample. Three out of 15 pages)

The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as an agitated Ronald Reagan exclaimed, “I am paying for this microphone!” in response to a debate monitor who threatened to cut off his mike at a debate appearance in New Hampshire. 1,395 more words