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Economic Balance

When it comes to being a conservative or a liberal, let’s talk about money. I think, whether we are talking about a family or the nation, or any level of social grouping in between, it is good to be liberal when spending for essentials (food, clothing, shelter, etc)and conservative when spending for non-essential (luxury) items. 11 more words

Oh Goya

At a roundtable with Hispanic leaders, Trump signed an executive order (no idea what if it will mean anything, as many times they don’t) for Hispanic Prosperity Initiative to assign an advisory commission to improve education and business opportunities for Hispanic Americans. 680 more words


kaiji- sem idealismo

kaiji e um dos meus anime\manga favoritos. e mais um dos exemplos de como toboyeke fukomoto e um mestre do maga, e, consegiu criar uma linguagem propria. 1,595 more words

Chapter 1

Hey. I’m working on an essay. I’ll post parts of it on this blog. This is the first part.


It has long been said that if no one wronged anyone else, government would not be needed. 1,101 more words


The White House has notified Congress that it formally plans to withdrawal the United States from the World Health Organization.

The withdrawal will take effect July 6, 2021. 79 more words


The new Black and White Thinking

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about politics lately and one thing in particular keeps nagging at me. So while I try to stay out of politics in this sacred space, every so often I get pulled in. 639 more words