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Is The Devil a Democrat? Satanic Temple Challenges Missouri Abortion Law

Well over a year ago, I wrote a piece comparing Hillary Clinton to a Satanic High Priestess, a piece for which I was mocked and verbally scourged, prompting me to pen a new tagline for my writings. 626 more words


THREE-PART EXCLUSIVE: Halifax grooming gang victim speaks out

The brave young woman at the centre of the Halifax grooming gang scandal has waived her right to lifelong anonymity to reveal for the first time the full scale of the nightmare she endured at the hands of her sick abusers. 1,136 more words


So much attention to absorb

President Trump owns more property than most of us can even imagine.  Yet this past Sunday night he was living rent free in the hearts and minds and sobs of the entertainment industry’s elite at the Emmys, one of their many annual pat-on-the-back fests.   59 more words


Thought of the day: Political Twitter really sucks!

It take you less than 5 minutes of being on political Twitter to realize that it sucks! You see more toxic divisive BS there than you do in a political video’s comment section on… 140 more words


We're Racist

Normally I like to stay out of political issues, but recently this situation has gotten so silly that I have to weigh in on it. 842 more words

Be Grateful

Has anyone ever said those two words to you?

“Be grateful.”

They are almost never said with any kind of compassion, kindness, or authentic desire for you to see the blessings around you. 3,119 more words