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Is Immigration Really That Bad? Liberal Politics With Alex

Hi  Readers,

I’m happy to present Alex (from Happy Alex)’s half of this week’s theme on immigration. Since we are liberal, we see a different side of the issue of immigration. 578 more words

Police Say Fatal Street Shooting Was in Self Defense

By Jenn Jacques
Bearing Arms
April 16, 2016

When two men followed and taunted a Muncie, IN man Thursday night, tensions came to a head near the intersection of Kirby Avenue and Elbright Street, leaving one man dead and another man hospitalized. 253 more words


A Liberal Forecast

It cannot be said that the Liberal Democrats are particularly popular in British Politics at the moment. After the decimation of their House of Commons ranks in the 2015 General Election, it was quite clear that their newly resigned leader Nick Clegg had done more damage with his spectacular University Fees gaff than anyone had realised.   412 more words


U2's Bono likes this song of mine...

Well okay not really. Bonos’s never heard it. But I really think he’d like my song, “The Diamond,” and here’s why.

A friend just sent me this link to… 1,371 more words

Huffington Post Blog Calls On Christians and Jews to Unite Against Muslims

A blog post appearing on the nominally progressive Huffington Post on April 12 called on the world’s followers of the Christian and Jewish faiths to unite against what the piece claims is a common enemy: Islam. 1,520 more words


My thoughts on privilege, #BernieOrBust, and withholding the vote

I’ve been seeing the above article floating around social media lately and I felt the need to speak on it as well as the broader conversation about #BernieOrBust and withholding the vote. 968 more words

Maybe we've been wrong about church decline

Maybe we’ve got the whole decline of church thing wrong.  Maybe we’re missing some essential elements.  Maybe some of the reason for decline in the organizational church in the US is something so much in front of our face and so ingrained in us that we don’t want to recognize it – it’s too painful and we know we would be guilty.  1,418 more words