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 –Pastor Ward Clinton

Voter I. D.

On the other hand maybe it is because Democrats know they could not win in an honest election.

–Pastor Ward Clinton


These college crybaby “protesters” are nothing but a bunch of “Brown Shirt” fascists bent on suppressing free speech, free thought, and the truth.  Absolutely no one has a right to not be offended or not have their feelings hurt.   60 more words

Here We Are

Here we are.

The last of Thanksgiving leftovers are reminding us of the wonderful meal we had with family and friends.

Hopefully, you have spent some time considering all the things that you should be thankful for, as we have. 594 more words


Gun Control and the Progressive Concept of Human Nature

By Michael Bargo, Jr.

There are some very interesting implications of the way progressive Democrats handle the shooting incidents and the way they handle other aspects of human behavior.  139 more words


18-20 year olds Then and Now

 That is what “participation trophy” mentality begets.

–Pastor Ward Clinton