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Who is Keir Starmer trying to impress with his New Leadership?

Rupert Murdoch is one of the most influential and powerful men in global politics. Many would go as far as to call him a Kingmaker… 352 more words


The Other Bubble

A common approach professional sports organizations have used during this world wide pandemic has been the bubble. The NBA bubble took all the athletes and placed them in a Disney World hotel in Orlando, Florida. 1,307 more words


chapter one: the prince and the exile

In an attempt to clear the fog from my glasses, I briefly pull my mask away from my nose. I emit a small sneeze–less than half a second–but the nasty looks fixed on the faces around me are enough to make me blush into a guilty sort of oblivion. 2,097 more words


Jesus and Politics

I’m always saddened when people begin to make claims that Jesus was for or against specific political ideologies.

I’m going to break down these claims one by one, using scripture from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. 948 more words


Signs, signs, everywhere signs... Why I Love Iowa City.

For readers of a certain age, the headline (from the song ‘Signs’ by The Five Man Electrical Band), will take you back to 1971. Those lyrics will also rent space in your head all day, I’m guessing. 912 more words

An Open Letter to Those Who Have Abandoned Classical Christian Teaching for a Liberal, Progressive Version of Christianity.

“In my seminary teaching I appeared to be relatively orthodox, if by that one means using an orthodoxy vocabulary. I could still speak of God, sin and salvation, but always only in mythologized, secularized and worldly wise terms. 1,056 more words

Contemporary Experiences

Defund The Police

     The City Public Safety Budget should allocate 50% of its funds to the Police Department and 50% to the Fire Department. The 911 Call Center should be equally funded by the police and fire departments. 438 more words