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The 4th of July Sucks: 2020 Edition

Everyone who has a slightly racist uncle/parent/grandparent on Facebook is probably familiar with this image format and caption: some patriotic image with words like, “If you don’t like than you can get the hell out!” Respecting the flag, respecting our ‘customs,’ respecting our language (lol), and so on. 1,273 more words

Society Sucks

The Fault in my Family

In the current political scenario, my parents are pretty non-empathetic. They are typical upper caste, privileged, right wing Hindus, with unappetizing views about any community outside of their “highly qualified vegetarian privilege abusing ” bubble. 589 more words


A Different Perspective.

All my life I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to live my life, I’ve been confused and skeptical in every decision I take, not because I am afraid to be judged or being criticized but because I once had to deal with an awful consequence of going after what my heart desired. 358 more words

Be Kind

It's Not About Masks (For Some)

You should lose some weight.

When you read that phrase you probably think “That’s mean, but yeah, I could lose a few pounds.” 244 more words

Notes on Riley: Please Stop Helping Us

Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed

Jason L. Riley


  1. Douglas: “What should we do with the Negro? I have but one answer from the beginning.
  2. 5,647 more words

Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World

With recent events sparking a global movement for racial justice, I have noticed a counterproductive trend in activism lately. Amongst liberals, there seems to be a race to voice the most progressive thinking while simultaneously condemning those who don’t share the same exact viewpoint. 947 more words

Asian American