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Things about Capitalism

Capitalism has a nationality.

Despite the increasing ‘transnationalization’ of capital, most transnational companies in fact remain national companies with international operations, rather than genuinely nation-less companies. 304 more words



Neoliberalism is the commitment of governments and policy-markers to the principle of ‘free markets’ and involves the advocacy of trade liberalisation, financial market deregulation, and the elimination of barriers to foreign investment, the reduction of state involvement in the economy and the protection and encouragement of private property rights. 119 more words


What ails India (Part I): Failed socialism and mismanaged welfare economics

One set of views, held generally by the right wing political parties in India and the think tanks backing them, squarely blames for our nation’s many ills (especially its lack of economic progress) the choice, at the outset of our independence, of a socialist paradigm and persisting with that folly for forty years or more. 1,351 more words


The Italian dairy sector from quotas to deregulation

The Italians used to be very pro-EU, simply because they felt than any “foreign” Institution would be better than their own. Today their love for Brussels has faded almost completely. 269 more words


Finnish higher education - Tackling “untapped opportunities”

Finland is ready to invest a large amount of resources in its higher education and research system to be able to take advantage of the “untapped opportunities” that globalization can offer (Ministry of Education, 2009, p.5). 718 more words


Neoliberal identities: students as customers

Neo-liberalism is about both money and minds. Stephen J. Ball (2012, p.3)
Higher education (HE) is immersed into society and as such, shaped and reshaped over time due to changes that occur in that society. 953 more words


Whether Hunting or Drugs, We Should Reform Laws with Flaws

On a glorious Autumn Saturday I ventured out into the  countryside on my push-bike.

After an hour of peaceful pedaling in the low-lit, leafy lanes, I started gaining on a well turned-out gentleman trotting merrily on a skimming-stone grey mount.  847 more words

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