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Unions defiant in face of threats to French rail network

Rail unions left a meeting with the French rail minister saying that they are not at all re-assured about the Spinetta Report into the future of the rail sector – especially the threat to the ‘statut’ of core rail workers, which has exceptional advantages, notably very generous pension entitlements. 84 more words


Commission on future of French rail network issues final report

The Spinetta Commission, set up to look at the future of the French rail sector, has handed its final report to the Prime Minister.  This is a major landmark in the sector, which has generally been judged to be well overdue for reform due to kicking the can down the road.  201 more words


Flixbus complains of unfair competition in French coach market

The battle for the recently-liberalised long-distance coach market has consolidated into 3 operators – SNCF’s Ouibus, Transdev’s Isilignes and the German operator Flixbus.  Flixbus has been the most successful but still complains that it faces unfair support of its main  French rival.  58 more words


French rail user group evaluates options for TGV competition

Thursday 15th February is expected to be the day that the Spinetta Commission on the future structure of the rail sector in France issues its final report. 92 more words


French car-share app fights rail and coach competition

Blablacar, the French car-sharing app has had astounding success, and has become a  major competitor to rail. However, the liberalisation of the long-distance coach market and low-cost initiatives by SNCF have been a set-back , taking back 1.4 million of its customers in 2017.  34 more words


SNCF Fret to converted to a subsidiary

From this year, the French rail regulator requires that SNCF accounts separately its freight activity to provide transparency on any cross-subsidy, given than SNCF competes with commercial freight operators.  47 more words


Sustaining growth in an unfriendly world

Put it down to the heavy snow in Davos or to a rare case of blunt honesty by an international agency. Whilst sharing the good news of the revival of the world economy in 2017 and its expected continued growth till 2019 at 3.9 percent, Christine Laggard – the IMF Managing Director, cautioned that 20 percent of the developing world was not part of that revival, tempering the WEF celebrations with sobriety. 1,026 more words