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Malaysia's Liberalisation of Legal Services: One Year On

Part A.  Introduction

The liberalisation of the legal market in Peninsular Malaysia to allow for the entry of foreign lawyers has been the subject of discussion stretching… 1,013 more words

Lee Shih

Consuming Resistance: The Political Economy of the Media and Women

Bhamini Lakshminarayan | M2015MC013
Dr. Sunitha Chitrapu
Response #8

11th September, 2015

Consuming Resistance: The Political Economy of the Media and Women

In 1991, India’s Balance of Payments crisis ushered in the era of the IMF/World Bank-mandated conditionalities of economic reform that were focussed on macroeconomic stabilisation, liberalisation, privatisation, and deregulation. 1,427 more words

Media Studies

About Aylan and your 10EUR T-shirt. What this refugee crisis is really telling us

Aylan Kurdi, a 3 years old Syrian refugee boy, who was found dead on Wednesday, September 2, laying on the beach near Bodrum, in Turkey and whose picture has gone viral shocking millions of people around the world, managed in an impressively extraordinary and stark way to tell and remind the developed world what it normally prefers not to see: people – a lot of innocent men, women, children, who dream and hope for happy, fulfilling lives, just like me and you – die every day as a result of war, conflict, insecurity, drought, famine, extreme poverty. 1,815 more words


The impact on Indian economy due to liberalisation and globalisation

India is an open economy and susceptible to the changes in economic policies of its major trading partners.  The increase in interest rates by United States Federal Reserve may result in outflow of foreign currency. 360 more words

What makes a "modern" economy?

In one sense, politicians’ calls for reforms to bring about “an economy for the 21st century” seem like worn slogans. After all, the laws of economics don’t change depending on what century we find ourselves in; the laws of supply and demand remain the same, whether it’s 1815 or 2015. 290 more words

Economic Theory

Public Sector Undertakings in India ~ Forms, Issues, Changing role & Challenges

This is for those public administration students who are looking for one stop information on public sector undertakings in india. I tried to organise relevant content from 6-7 sources. 1,970 more words

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