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Qualifications for Office

A man walks into the Election office, says to the receptionist: “I would like to put my name forward for the forthcoming elections to be an Independent candidate. 68 more words


Brief | 45 seconds on Social Justice

I just spent too long… reading a rather poorly written argument describing millennial social justice culture as being authoritarian and “bullying” reaching the halfway point I was over it, but had to finish. 84 more words


Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

Being that they want to uphold biblical principles, I wonder if those businesses in Indiana will withhold service to couples on their second marriage as well.



China’s wealth gap is leading to its own blue-state, red-state divide

China’s unevenly distributed wealth ( http://qz.com/204180/china-is-hiding-how-bad-income-inequality-is-in-the-country/ )  is beginning to create ideological divides.

According to researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chinese from richer and more developed provinces ( … 414 more words