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The Market and Social Justice

Think of the music and film industries. Would you call them socially liberal or socially conservative? If you believe what many Americans say about Hollywood and rock/pop stars, it’s that they usually lean socially liberal. 424 more words


Reclaiming Liberalism

The American use of the word “liberal” is very strange. In the rest of the world, a “liberal” is a centrist who typically promotes both free markets and free economies. 165 more words


If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them?

Yesterday and today, a man named John Zmirak and I had a dialogue on Twitter. He is a writer at The Stream, has authored several books, and regularly makes appearances on the… 540 more words


Kymlicka’s Contemporary Political Philosophy 3

Chapter 6 – Communitarianism:

In Chapter 6, Kymlicka takes aim at liberal equality’s rival of the 1980’s: communitarianism. Linking their opposition of Sittlichkeit and Moralität… 1,007 more words


"You're no Liberal!": when is it Right to Play the Label Game?

“You’re a closet right-winger!”

“This is fundamentally illiberal!”

“[X] is now a conservative position!”

You’ve all heard it. It’s everywhere — the semantics, the bickering over terms and self-identities, the casting of your opponent out of your camp. 2,600 more words


Doing the Jobs We Won't Do

I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between host and parasite and asked the question many years ago, “Does the parasite attach itself to the host or does the host attach itself to the parasite?” I don’t like victim mentality. 130 more words

How Democrats can be better to win elections

That’s not a good question to ask and worse to answer.  But there are 9 ways by which the Left can become right.

Democrats are demoralized and incensed at losing elections.  834 more words

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