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Nancy 'Pope-losi' Calls Marco Rubio a Bad Catholic

WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) – As white smoke finally escaped into the blue skies from the chimney in the Capitol building this weekend, liberals everywhere cheered the election of their new religious leader, Nancy Pope-losi ( D-Delusional).  366 more words


Bernie Sanders’ Escape from Fantasy Island

At last, women, a presidential candidate who understands your true wants and most secret desires.

Caution: Democrat-commie presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s comments, some of which are quoted below, are repulsive and will offend women and most of the rest of civilized society. 487 more words


How about war, Professor Wall?

There is a lot of truth, insight and wisdom in this Cambridge Companion to Liberalism. But how on earth is it possible that there is no substantial mentioning, let alone analysis, of the political philosophy of liberalism and international relations? 14 more words


Affirmative inaction

By Tom Quiner

How do you stop big crime? By stopping small crime first.

This was the model implemented by Rudi Giuliani when he became Mayor of New York City. 675 more words


Voter Apathy

They say you shouldn’t bother with politics because the game is rigged. Well, you are not going to win by not playing, that just lets the people who are playing decide what happens. 17 more words


Fox News’ Reporter Outlandishly Asks Baltimore Mayor a Question

Proof to anyone who bothers to look, that racism and the war on women and… well, being rude to any of several Democrat designated victims groups, is alive and well in 2015 America. 206 more words