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There is no god but democracy and the Founding Fathers are its prophets.

Last week in Our Best Days Are Behind Us, Patrice Lewis (whom I generally admire) wrote:

Individual liberty corrected many of our nation’s wrongs over the subsequent century. 579 more words

The Rundown, 02/07/2016

Here’s where moderate conservatism stands today:

Rod Dreher has scrutinized Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Wall Street. Bernie Sanders, he writes, is right to demand that Clinton release the transcripts of her addresses to major firms like Goldman Sachs. 453 more words


The Primaries: Do or Die

The Candidates have their staffs in each state working the voter rolls and census lists, making sure that everyone, anyone that can get to the polls to pull a lever, check a box or punch a chad WILL be there. 75 more words


Marriage Alliance gets the #RainbowNoose

In a move that has ironically validated the claims of Australia’s main pro-marriage lobby group, FaceBook has temporarily “blocked” Marriage Alliance from using its platform. The 24 hour block was placed on the marriage group’s account due to its posting a meme that figuratively dramatizes the choking effect of political correctness on freedom of speech in the employment environment. 661 more words

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