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Boycotting The Left?

It seems that every time something happens that the leftist snowflakes don’t like, they organize a boycott of something, someone, or some place. I remember a few years back, here in Arizona, when the state legislature decided not to recognize Martin Luther King Jr. 559 more words


"Culture:" A Definition

Culture is the practice of full temporality, an institution that connects the present to the past and the future. As the Greeks understood, the mother of culture–of the Nine Muses–was Mnemosyne, whose name means “memory.” Culture educates us about our generational debts and obligations.

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American Methodists set to undermine traditional marriage stance

In February, a global conference of Methodists voted to keep its traditional marriage stance. This included disallowing the ordination of openly gay clergy and not officiating same-sex weddings. 681 more words


House Committee Passes Three Amnesty Bills | NumbersUSA

The democrats are the party of the Cloward-Piven strategy to bring America down. They, and the spineless RINOs who refuse to resist the anti-American leftist agenda, are driving us inexorably to a revolution and civil war. 96 more words

Opressive Government