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Liberalise it! - TUM

Why shouldn’t people be able to do what they want, provided they’re not hurting anybody else? – Sen. Chuck Schumer

American Senator Chuck Schumer reportedly plans to introduce legislation to…

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American Government

'Democratic enthusiasm for the 2018 election is off the charts'

Hi, Colorado! Can you, like, fly into Florida and can the asses every statewide Democrat in my home state?

Democrats have secured a candidate on the ballot in every 2018 Colorado congressional, statehouse and major statewide race.

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Sophia Burns on ambulance-chasing and revolutionary strategy

I generally think that the radical left in the US does very little in the way of strategic thinking, so its always nice to read pieces like… 668 more words

Sam Harris v. Ezra Klein, Vox and the SJW Hive Mind

Nothing captures the self-implosion of liberalism quite like the phenomenon of the SJW and the ever proliferating mind contagion known as intersectional social justice. The revolution eventually eats its own, and even its most venerated voices get sent to the gulag if they trangress the boundaries of Party approved thought. 2,309 more words

Social Justice

2 black guys arrested at Starbucks; Starbucks panics and capitulates to SJWS


The story is that two black guys sat down at Starbucks and refused to order anything. The manager told them to either buy something or leave, and they said they were waiting for someone and refused to buy anything. 391 more words