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Understanding the GOP (written by a foreigner)

: This post is my attempt to proposal a good, understandable case for why people in the States vote Republican when it’s so inconceivable to us. 2,259 more words


Quote of the Day

A socialist is somebody who doesn’t have anything, and is ready to divide it up equally among everybody.

— George Bernard Shaw


Dostoevsky: Demonic Rationalism

In his work Dostoevsky and the Metaphysics of Crime, sociologist Dr. Vladislav Arkadyevich Bachinin analyzes the only seemingly contradictory correlation between Enlightenment rationalism and the rise of infernal forces in  2,169 more words


Without Christianity we will lose Equality and Tolerance - Article in the Scotsman - 4th September 2015

This is our latest Solas article in the Scotsman –  Scotsman Article on Equality

Time for a return to true liberal values, which tolerate views with which we strongly disagree, writes David Robertson… 939 more words


66 Liberal Shit-Tests

If you are familiar enough with Liberalism, I am sure you have heard a majority of these liberal shit-tests. Enjoy.

  1. “This is 2015. Get with the times.”
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Decline Of Western Civilization

The Liberal War On the Poor

Liberals need the poor so that they have someone to help; however, the poor as a whole are not much loved by liberals. Why? In order for the poor to continue being poor, the escape routes from poverty must be barricaded. 913 more words

National Proletarian Radio II

(aka our tax dollars at work!)


Shooters Quicker To Pull Trigger When Target Is Black, Study Finds

You racist gun nuts. What with your wanting to actually be able to see your target and stuff.  

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'everything That's Old Is New Again'