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You Are Already an Abolitionist

The Trump administration has proposed its first federal budget. As expected, it promises to cut back or remove funding for environmental protection, after-school programs and the arts, while dramatically upping spending on the military, law enforcement and national security. 1,886 more words

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Līberālismus contrā Lībertātem

Author: Andras Laszlo – own translation from Hungarian

Man’s relationship to freedom is determined by the relationship between the person and the subject. This means that the more it is the spirit that dominates a person’s being, in other words the subject in action, “subiectum in actu”, the higher and more complete the level of freedom is; if the subject is fully in himself, then freedom is absolute and infinite. 3,326 more words


How Dutch liberalism defeated Wilders's party

The Netherlands went to the polls and the votes have been counted. Not only the Dutchies, but also the world watched these elections with bated breath. 554 more words

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Helena P. Blavatsky defends her Criticisms of Theological Christianity

“One of such objects of our Society we are willing to publicly announce.

It is universally known that this most important object is to antagonize Christianity and especially Jesuitism.

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