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Peterson vs. Newman

Below are several useful commentaries on the Jordan Peterson-Cathy Newman interview. Ironically, since it’s probably the last thing she wanted, Cathy Newman’s hostile line of questioning against Peterson has only helped make him more popular. 59 more words


Solidarity with the People of Tunisia

A statement written by friends and endorsed by people in Tunisia.

Editor’s note:

Below is a letter written by freedom of information activists which aims to broaden our network of resistance against class oppression and State violence.

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Trolly’s Hot Topic - Trudeau’s Abortion Ideological Purity Test

What a day and age we live in Canada. While Donald Trump has accurately figured we’ve achieved most social justice issues we can by the law, let’s fix the economy and make the US the most powerful economy in the world again, PM JT has decided, we have to do more and more to help wiminiz and people of diversity. 954 more words


Notes on Conservatism, Liberalism and Some Other Political Orientations

by Daniel A. Kaufman


It is to be counted as a blessing that two of our most fundamental political terms, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’, wear their meanings on their sleeves, if only because, as George Orwell has observed, confusion in language is typically accompanied by a corresponding disarray in thought. 2,252 more words


On Spencer v. Sargon, Collectivism and the Limits of Liberalism and Libertarianism

Sargon of Akkad’s recent live stream appearance with Richard Spencer was a watershed moment not just for the so-called YouTube Skeptic Community, but for classical liberalism and libertarianism alike. 783 more words


Frank Meyer's fusionism

I guess I really need to read Patrick Deneen’s Why Liberalism Failed. I know the general thesis from a recent article he wrote and from reviews and comments of others, but now I’m noticing that much of what I read could be viewed as haunted by the ghost of Deneen. 486 more words

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