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the so-called Republican Congress are a bunch of worthless garbage and wimps deathly afraid of any “government shutdown.”

At the White House dinner, Obama said that correspondents have the “Responsibility… to Question” and then along other things he said “Thanks for working side-by-side with me.” 158 more words

Don't just look for the usual suspects

Back in the 20th century, society was essentially dominated by conservative ideology. Up until at least the 1990’s, the narrative of Western culture seemed to be based on a right-wing understanding of the world, which had become dogma. 672 more words


When Religious Pluralism gets Silly

Interfaith Dialogue is a bizarre phenomenon; I never know exactly what the point is. Is it just to find one what various traditions agree on? If so what’s the point? 1,471 more words


Contacting SuperDelegates in Michigan!

Today has been tough. Been attempting to contact every Clinton superdelegate in the State of Michigan. All part of the Clinton machine, and no worries about the voters. 141 more words



This morning I attended a “liberal” Episcopal church where the liturgy that was prayed was codified 500 years ago, although this liturgy (it is based on the Liturgy of St. 265 more words