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The vote search continues

Jill Stein’s myrmidons were

seen scouring the Wisconsin

voter rolls looking for that

“ONE” more vote for Hillary.


Liberalism As Enlightened Fascism: How the Moderate Left is Highly Susceptible to Fascist Beliefs

Liberalism as an ideology is very similar to fascism in their core beliefs, which is absolutely terrifying because perfectly well-meaning people may easily fall into fascist beliefs without realizing it. 1,130 more words


Western Civilization's Neurotic Mother.

A neurotic overprotective mother unwilling to allow her children room to grow, restricts their freedoms. When her children continue to rebel, as they will, her restrictions become increasingly tyrannical. 534 more words


The problem with "pop politics" articles

Well I’ve done it already. I’m already going to write about Trump. No surprise there, he’s unavoidable.

Recently, I came across an article on the site “Everyday Feminism” that provoked a lot of questions for me. 1,225 more words