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Not Quite a Progressive

I could be wrong, but I get the feeling that most folk are either apolitical or (apparently) they have views that fit neatly into either the conservative or progressive camps. 362 more words

An Open Letter to Laurie Penny

By David Paxton (@canyouflybobby)

Ms Penny,

Apologies for the rather trite format. I am no fan of open letters but I have long been blocked by you on Twitter and this is the remaining method of contacting you openly. 2,364 more words

Charlie Hebdo

Modern Indulgences

by Andrew Simmons                                                                           Saturday,  February 28, 2015

When reading about Reformation Europe, there is also that recourse to the practice of paid indulgences within the Church. 795 more words


The Decay of the Left and the Need to Reaffirm Liberalism

Robbie Travers – Executive Director

Tom Owolade – Global Affairs

As evident from an increasing number of young people, much of left wing politics has become a tainted pursuit, bereft of the intellectual credibility and value it once held. 2,854 more words


Being Liberal is the new Cool

If you’re not a liberal that means that you’re a big rich bible thumping bully who doesn’t care about anyone, especially the poor and undereducated. You’re all about giving the rich tax breaks and hiking up the taxes on the poor souls who barely bring home enough money to put food on the table. 1,084 more words


All these politicians, man

All these politicians man.

I had this conversation with a friend about politics. He said that a young person should be liberal, only in her later years should someone turn towards conservatism. 1,114 more words