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A breath of fresh air.

And the sooner Muslims stop their unholy alliance with the Left the better. They are no friends of Islam.

Piers Morgan: "The Left Have Become Unbearable".

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Week 34 Questions for Know Thyself 2019: Democracy

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This week’s journal topic: Democracy… 1,055 more words

365 Journal Questions

Hail to the King and the Mahatma

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday. I left the house yesterday, that will make things easier. For the first time I did what I consider my default Sunday plan, going to… 965 more words


Liberal Elite Is Not a Hyphenated Term

There is much discussion lately about how some Democratic
candidates may be “too liberal” to win. That
term needs disambiguation.

First, “too liberal” may be about policy: if a candidate will raise voters’ taxes and spend money in ways they do not believe benefit them, they may be judged “too liberal.” Second, candidates may express liberal social values that voters believe are out of step with their own. 1,079 more words