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Are You Conservative, Postmodern, Liberal, Marxist, or Something Else? A Crude "Philosophico-Political" Schema

Whatever else it might be seen as, the philosophical thinking that has fallen under the broad heading of “postmodern” might be described as particularist. Rejected are broad and sweeping claims to any general truth or narrative, to be replaced by local and particular truths and narratives. 1,310 more words

The United States And Russia Aren't Allies. But Trump And Putin Are

What observers could not see, or refused to see, was that this was not a meeting between adversaries. It was a meeting between allies, with convergent interests and common goals. 39 more words

Foreign Policy

Freedom means putting the right kind of people in prison

To say that Bob has the freedom to do X is to say that Bob has the authority to do X.

To say that Bob has the… 81 more words

Political Theory

Muck by the Handful

Do you feel more refined with a gold-tinged president?  That classy way we spend most of the day pursuing sewer fights makes life exquisite.  The question of how to take on Donald Trump is going to last his entire presidency, so at least stop getting freaked out by every tweet.   748 more words

A BREXIT Nugget: Party Time, Really?

Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable denies plotting new anti-Brexit centrist party after missing an important vote on BREXIT in the House of Commons. Not sure what sort of “Party” he’s been up to but it is clear the precarious situation Liberal parties are facing in this country particularly at a time when their voices are needed more than ever and with a golden opportunity to put forth a vision that unites the country. 215 more words


Sociopathic Authority - Rule of Law


“I’m going to enforce it the way it’s written. Others can have the debate about whether they like it or not.”

That is, I’m not charging or holding a manifest murderer because I’m a committed liberal and won’t accept responsibility for my authority.

What EXACTLY Does Left Hate About Trump?

So, the lady referred to as “Pocahontas” was on the campaign trail over the weekend. Oh, she was railing and caterwalling over how it was that America “ 632 more words