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Quote of the Day

There can be no compromise on basic principles.

There can be no compromise on moral issues.

There can be no compromise on matters of knowledge, of truth, of rational conviction.

— Ayn Rand


Media Controls Our News in an Attempt to Shape Our Future


Saturday, October 23, 2016 Donald Trump spoke at Gettysburg.

During his speech Mr. Trump made a pledge to America. Below are links to the pledge as well as video of the speech. 436 more words

Our World Today

Bible Removed from VA Clinic After Veteran Complains "Our Government Is Secular" | Michael Ware - Freedom Outpost

I imagine it was a frantic scene. The Veteran Affairs staff was running around in a panic. In a fright over the possible presence of an illegal substance in their building. 92 more words

Free Speech

C. S. Lewis and Scripture

My brother recently asked me about C. S. Lewis and his views on Scripture, specifically that he’d heard that Lewis didn’t believe in the Old Testament. 675 more words


Why Abortion is Inconsistent with Liberalism

It’s only a few weeks away from the big vote in the US. Barring some sort of miracle, or a methodological fallacy in what the polls are telling us, Hilary Clinton is set to become the first female prez of America and her husband will become the first former president to once again become an official resident of the White House (that has nothing to do with this blog post, BTW, I just said I’d throw it in there!!). 1,335 more words


liberals in wonderland

It’s so odd the way the term “liberal” has decayed. It obviously has its etymological roots in the Latin “liber”, meaning “free”. From this we also get words such as liberty, libertarian, and libertine. 557 more words


All Linked Up

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Cynicism: Can you use it in a sentence?
It’s not violence when we do it. 184 more words