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Scrap the LifeTime Allowance - for hard working people!

The Conservatives say they want to reward hard working people. I’d like to thing they include me in that number.

They want to appoint Ros Altmann to help us educate ourselves in finances, I’d like to think I’ve been educating myself. 1,137 more words


Too Many Wild Cards in the Climate Game

Guest essay by Viv Forbes

Climate alarmists claim incessantly that all bad weather is caused by man’s use of hydro-carbon fuels – oil, gas and coal. 262 more words

Climate News

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NASA itself has been caught faking temperature data so it will fit the "template".

Conservatives should stop pretending there is such a thing as "freedom of speech."

By the end of my sophomore year at University of Michigan, I had become a dyed-in-the-wool left-wing liberal politically-correct Ann Arborite.  I lived in a student co-op and that summer a young man moved in who had a buzz cut, got up at 5:00 a.m. 1,695 more words

Liberals, get yo shit togetha!!! Jesus hated gays.

Liberals, it’s extremely important that you get your shit together. Jesus never said one word in support of gay love.

Jesus commanded that the “old law would not pass util heaven and earth had passed away.” 169 more words


Who was the victim of 'A Rape on Campus'?

I have an unconscious narrative about life. This story helps me make sense of what would otherwise be random experience. Everyone has these stories, because we need our lives to make sense, and we fit what we experience into our background story of ‘this is how life is’. 425 more words

Video: End Volunteer Douchery

If you take dozens of pictures of yourself, we know why you’re there.