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Conservatives are false friends of free speech

True friends of free speech support the first amendment even when they’re deeply offended.

I’ve been an ardent supporter of free speech since high school when I first became interested in politics. 697 more words

Terrorism -- blame the liberals


Islamic terrorists plotting poison gas attacks on trains, subways and planes across Europe

The unconscionably liberal European Union, and open-border chumps of state like Merkel and Macron are to blame for this new, (as Macron put it) way of life. 89 more words


Canada's Liberals look to economy to guide them past ethics scandal

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has been badly shaken by a conflict-of-interest controversy about his finance minister, but the Liberal government’s upcoming fiscal update offers an opportunity to reset the public focus on Canada’s strong economy, political observers say.

Trump- The most Despised Man in the Country (By the Left, that is!)

Never in our history has a President of the United States of America been scrutinized and demonized as President  Trump has! Why, Good question to ask. 327 more words

When race is all you see, race is all you get

Using the ‘Prism of Equity’ we can see
the Dane County Board is race cra-zee!

The Derail the Jail crowd is not the only ones who can rhyme their doggerel. 676 more words


We've Met The Enemy, And It Is You.

In the 1960s, Richard Viguerie pioneered direct mail fundraising techniques for conservative candidates and groups. Originally the message in these requests for funds were talking about anti-communism. 1,030 more words