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The Communist Work Requirements & Welfare?

The Communist Economy is increasing in America. Those on government assistance now have requirements for Work. Yes now being forced into Community Service for Welfare. The “Conservatives” will celebrate but don’t even think about it! 92 more words
American Republic

Changin'-a Are They Times The

It puts things in perspective to consider that in living memory a popular American TV series frequently portrayed the US military establishment as silly or corrupt, and showed Army misfits as better people than their by-the-book comrades. 618 more words


Washingtonian Editor: People Shouldn’t Say ‘Start a Family’ Because It’s Offensive

Bill O’Sullivan, the senior editor of the Washingtonian magazine, wrote in an editorial Thursday that the “loathsome” phrase “start a family” should be scrubbed from the vocabulary because it’s offensive to single people and couples without children. 49 more words


RBC Convention Centre draws thousands to Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — It’s convention central in Winnipeg this weekend.

The new expansion to the RBC Convention Centre has helped bring in the large scale events that officials say would otherwise not have normally fit. 182 more words


theclassless act of undermining the probable next president

Well we should not be surprised,Obama is not known for being a classy guy.President Barack Obama said Thursday that world leaders are “rattled” by Donald Trump – and “for good reason.” it is almost un heard of that a president trashes his likely successor but then Mr. 35 more words