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Rest in Peace, Alan Colmes

Slate publishes a no-class obituary for their fellow liberal Alan Colmes, a Fox News presenter and Sean Hannity’s long-time debate partner who died on February 23rd. 254 more words

NRA CEO LaPierre talks at CPAC

There is not a lot I can add to Wayne LaPierre’s speech. He is spot on with his comments about the outrageous activities of liberals who hate this country. 42 more words

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SOROS' PICK: Tom Perez Picked To Lead Corrupt DNC

A report in the Washington Free Beacon newspaper chronicles a partnership Perez has with one of the top money-men behind the pro-abortion movement in the United States, George Soros. 125 more words

Transgender "Bathroom Panic" = Bullshit

So Trump returned our tax funded public bathrooms back to normal.  How dare that bastard!

Obamas dictator like decision to make public bathrooms a “free for all” was an infringement on states rights to begin with. 241 more words


When GOP Senator Opens Town Hall with Prayer, Watch What Liberal Protesters Do IMMEDIATELY…

Liberal protesters have been invading Republican town halls. They’re seeking to make it appear that constituents are not supportive of the GOP, repeal of Obamacare and other change.

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JD PENDRY We are hear a lot these days from people who live inside of bubbles wholly shielded from the everyday challenges of the forgotten men and women who are the overwhelming majority of Americans.

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Happy 'Tell a Fairy Tale' Day

Make your “Tell a Fairy Tale” Day a meaningful and good one. Give to the Snowflakes.

After all, when you can get a shiny new college degree in lesbian dance theory, and make all the mean old rich people pay for it -why would you ever be worried about anything else?

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