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I forgive the trudging low-information followers who consistently vote for Democrats as they always have because their parents did and because they refuse to know any better. 391 more words


LNG 101: Where the LNG industry currently is at in British Columbia

In his office, Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman compares building the Liquefied Natural Gas industry in British Columbia to the path Vancouver took getting the Winter Olympics. 1,324 more words


Federal portion of 'tampon tax' to be removed as of July 1

WATCH: NDP house leader Peter Julian announced that the GST portion of the tax on feminine hygiene products will be removed as of July 1. 470 more words


Liberals v.s. Israel

Don’t believe the American or even the Western news media, and politicians when they say Israel’s sworn enemies Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestine, want peace. The world wide news media has been trying for years to cast Israel as the aggressor and the tyrant in the Middle East. 194 more words


Steve Chapman: Raising minimum wage, destroying jobs

Chicago Tribune — In the 1970s, when oil prices jumped, most liberals embraced a simple solution: price controls. It should be illegal, they thought, to sell oil or gasoline for more than a certain amount. 73 more words


Social Darwinists & Conservative Capitalists are Fucking Idiots, here is why...

Yes, there will always be a few pieces of shit at the bottom of society but if we are all at the bottom despite doing everything we were supposed to, something smells rotten in the state of Denmark. 47 more words


Gallant government introduces pension lottery system

Fredericton — Despite growing objections, the Gallant government has started the new year with a revamped strategy for New Brunswick’s looming pension funding deficit. Finance Minister┬áRoger Melanson announced the changes on Monday to address the $1-billion deficit. 396 more words