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If you want to be smarter, learn to say “I don’t know”

There is an old legend in which Socrates, the great Greek philosopher, is recognized by Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, as the wisest man alive. It’s notable for Socrates’ response. 1,039 more words

To The White Liberals, I Don't Have A 'Best Ally' Gold Star For You

To The White Liberals:

Today as I walked into my friendly neighborhood Starbucks the barista got extremely excited when she saw me. She proceeded to tell me that she loved my patterned jumpsuit. 540 more words

Responding to Catslittersite again

Below is her writing.  My points will be in Bold/Italics.  I recommend going to their blog to see the original called trumpity bumpity…or some such nonsense. 1,954 more words

Trump is a strategist.

Here is a link to the post that I replied to.  The below Bold/Italics is my response.

You wanted a politician? Again? Thing is, some people want things the same way he wants things. 785 more words

The face of healthcare in America

Take a look at this face. Take a good, hard, long look. This is the face of the man who knows what is best for you and I. 316 more words

Donald Trump

Seattle's $13/hour Minimum Wage is Failing Big Time

Wow! Who could have predicted that artificially raising the minimum wage to $13 would be harmful to businesses, minorities, and low-income workers? Kacie Burnett reported on… 64 more words


James O'Keefe & Project Veritas Expose CNN As Fake News

The dedicated Patriots at Project Veritas never cease to amaze me with their undercover journalistic work. James O’Keefe recently presented the world with video evidence, coming directly from CNN producer’s mouths, that the Trump-Russia narrative was “bull shit.” O’Keefe’s operatives got CNN producers to admit that not only did they know the Trump-Russia story was bogus, but purposely kept running with the narrative specifically for ratings. 351 more words