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Liberals React to President Trump Inauguration 😂 - YouTube

Mark Dice

Liberals are crying, protesting, and going completely insane over the inauguration of President Trump. Have a look at some of their sad and hilarious reactions to President Trump now officially being the President of the United States


Violence flares in Washington during Trump inauguration - One America News Network

Remember that time when Republicans and Conservatives rioted after Obama was inaugurated? Don’t feel bad, neither does anyone else. No, it’s only liberals, thugs, Communists, and other trash who take to the streets and destroy private property. 83 more words

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Progressive vs. Conservative: The Thought Process

Democrat vs. Republican
Liberal vs. Conservative
Progress vs. Liberty

The ongoing battle between 2 sides that have consistently grown increasingly polarized over the last 8 years under former President Barack Obama rages on, and is likely to continue to get worse under Donald Trump’s watch. 1,014 more words

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White House Website Immediately Updated With Message For Police

This is another of the many reasons that I voted for President Trump. It’s high time that our law enforcement members are treated with the respect that they deserve. 168 more words

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Indiana Jonesing

An Indiana YMCA is being targeted by special snowflakes because they discontinued broadcasting CNN on the gym’s televisions.

A YMCA in Valparaiso decided to ban CNN from TVs in its workout area after President-elect Donald Trump characterized the network as “fake news.”

129 more words

War on drugs

Human rights: ‘only for good guys’

Help end addiction  war on drugs,  corruption and child abuse   crackdown on illegal drugs . The Philippines’s  President Rodrigo Duterte came to power on his promise to crack down on crime. 784 more words

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