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Election 2015: How Bad Are the Conservatives?

In this series CMR will examine the policy proposals set forth by the top three parties in Canada’s 2015 federal election.

PART I: The NDP… 2,640 more words


Is Uncle Sam Weaker Than The Russian Bear In Syria?

With Russia bombing the Islamic State more aggressively in a couple of weeks than the US and its allies done in the past  year, and reports of the imminent demise of the Islamic State have thrown commentators in traditional media and social media in a tizzy with remarks about how Russia is doing what America could not. 848 more words

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The truth about marijuana

Canadians should demand better by real drug enforcement and also demand drug addiction-prevention and treatment.

The Highlights includes concerns about pot shrinking the brains of teenagers, an, increases in drug-impaired drivers, severe personality changes, lack of productivity, birth defects, workplace absences, domestic violence and health problems… 577 more words

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Five reasons that the benefits that flow from guns far outweigh the risks inherent in guns

October 1, 2015 by Bookworm

URL of the original posting site: http://www.bookwormroom.com/2015/10/01/five-reasons-that-the-benefits-that-flow-from-guns-far-outweigh-the-risks-inherent-in-guns

With the shooting at Umpqua Community College having reanimated the Progressives’ demands that we withdraw guns from citizens’ hands and leave them solely in the hands of government operatives (a strange demand from the BLM-supporting crowd if you think about it), it’s time for me to rehash my five-point argument explaining why, the risks of guns notwithstanding, we are much safer with guns than without them.   6,263 more words


Conservatives dump candidate touting therapies to turn gay youth straight

OTTAWA – The Conservative party says a candidate who defended therapies that attempt to turn gays straight is no longer their official representative in a suburban Toronto riding, although it is too late to remove him from the ballot. 1,014 more words