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No person, no problem

We had a lovely meeting in Kingston at the Druids’s Head Pub yesterday, and it’s amazing how a spontaneous teaching can apparently arise through interactions with others. 451 more words


I am a Magical Being of the Universe

Repeat after me:

Before the beginning of time

the seed of cosmic stardust

was sown into the primordial Aether

there to create all the incandescent gold of me… 226 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

The Location

This is a matter of very real importance but differs according to the need of finding a situation whereon to found a preparatory or an advanced school. 781 more words


Personnel of the Advanced School

October 16th, 1920

…Today we will take up the personnel of the advanced school, and the rules of admission to both the preparatory and advanced. This latter part will be largely technical. 1,134 more words


Struggling to Not Struggle

We struggle to find the way to stop struggling. It’s like the word trying – inherent in the word trying is a subtle level of resistance. 407 more words

illiterate: the story of Harriet Tubman’s hymnal

A version of this article by Lauren Christensen appears in print on December 24, 2017, on Page 23 of the Sunday Book Review

illiterate: the story of Harriet Tubman’s hymnal…

291 more words

Cutting ties, forgetting what- if's. Is that really a thing?

Dear World,

Being present is something I find myself struggling with quite often. One of my friends here told me the other day that she has never met someone with so many future plans for themselves before. 2,577 more words