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Tuesday - SUCCESS Camp 2017

First day of camp complete, full of fits and starts that began with my sleep. I tossed and turned, trying my best to remember how tired I was just hours prior in the waking dream that is international travel. 714 more words

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BabyEye Taylor Feat Janiah

BabyEye Taylor Feat Janiah ‘ what’s Luv ‘ Remix

Who Shall Lead Liberia - Election (2)

So this is where we stand in the year 2017, as the country shall elect a new head of state. Sirleaf is stepping down according to the 1986 Constitution, and there is sincerely doubt who will win the election. 1,904 more words

Who Shall Lead Liberia? An Introduction (1)

Liberia: a Democracy or a Settler Colony?
October 10, 2017, is a historical date. For the first time since the Second Liberian Civil War ended in 2003, Liberians shall choose a new president. 3,266 more words

Monday - SUCCESS Camp 2017

We have arrived in Liberia! Late on Sunday to the Roberts International Airport. Literally late, due to being delayed thrice – once in Amsterdam while looking for a lost passenger and twice waiting for the runway lights at the airport in Liberia to turn back on. 655 more words

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Off to Model School We Go

Greetings! This past Saturday, Amy and I sat in an auditorium packed with students, parents, faculty, Peace Corps staff, and our fellow trainees to celebrate the achievement of over 700 students and the completion of Peace Corps’ model school. 2,332 more words


Model School & Site Announcement 

After a few weeks of lessons at the training center about teaching strategies and classroom management, we had our first chance to try them out in the classroom! 591 more words