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New rainforest national park in Liberia

This video, recorded in Ghana in 2014, is called Yellow-headed Picathartes (=White-necked Picathartes).

From BirdLife:

Threatened African rainforest teeming with unique life declared a National Park…

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Two sides to education in Liberia

“For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

– Shakespeare, Hamlet

Stare at the red dot and unless you are obstinately single minded your perspective will change. 533 more words


eC2:Early Learning Partnership (ELP) Systems Research

The project below is divided into 4 tenders, the descriptions and requirements are the same but the country of execution is different.

Deadline: 27-Oct-2016 at 11:59:59 PM (Eastern Time – Washington D.C.) 110 more words


Coming Out of Autopilot

Do you know that feeling when you switch gears on a bike to make it harder to pedal, and you can go way faster? I feel like I have been on that easy gear for the last two months, leisurely pedaling away and making slow progress, but not learning or growing the way I do when faced with the unanticipated moments of challenge I face every day that I spend “away.” 437 more words


SWEETZ Talk Music , PJEG & Entrepreneural Drive

Singer Sweetz talk Music , Entrepreneurial Drive and PJEG .

“ I’m not signed to a major label, but I do operate out of my own label which is Pretty Jues Entertainment Group. 848 more words

On the Origins of ECOWAS

People often wonder what the history of the Economic Community of West African States  (ECOWAS) is? Who was the first to start it? I is it a legacy of colonialism? 65 more words

Corey Engelen