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Friday roundup

After the slaughter of 49 gays in Orlando, Malcolm Turnbull seems happy to share Iftar meal with a homophobic Islamic cleric. He regretted it later (too late…) 102 more words

Australian Politics

Australia's top libertarian on gun laws

As I am aware that visitors to this blog often have difficulties accessing links to articles, the following will be a copy and paste of an excellent piece written by Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm, in staunch defence of gun rights. 714 more words

Libertarian Issues

Drinking alcohol should be the choice of people

Increasingly, we are seeing medical experts criticize the role of alcohol in our lives. Of course, alcohol is far from perfect, but proposals to raise the legal drinking age, lower the legal limit on drink- driving, as well as the existing draconian lock out laws in Sydney, are examples of hypothetical and actual government intervention in places where it doesn’t belong. 38 more words

Libertarian Issues

Voluntary euthanasia 

This article, may or may not disenfranchise some of my readers. It is true that in many cases, I speak from a conservative viewpoint, and I consider myself to be right of centre on most issues. 602 more words

Libertarian Issues