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BTC@BKN: Bitcoin Interventions at Fulton Mall

Introduction: Brooklyn’s Most Profitable Failure

In “My Brooklyn”, the 2013 documentary by Kelly Anderson, Fulton Mall is described as a sort of last vestige of the black community that was so prominent in Brooklyn from the late 1970s until the early 2000s. 2,270 more words


Is Steven Johnson a Libertarian, or am I a Peer Progressive?

As a self-proclaimed libertarian and a Millennial raised in the age of information, there have always been certain aspects of Libertarianism that I found most compelling. 1,504 more words


Why Libertarians should love Pave.com (and invest in me!)

Since it was founded in 2009, Kickstarter.com has been incredibly successful in making “crowdfunding” a popular and effective way for independent thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs to raise funds online. 780 more words


Are Skyscrapers the Ideal Libertarian Architecture?

In my last post On Architecture, Technology, and Liberty I set out to understand the connection between political ideology and architecture. While the intention of this blog is to formulate a theory of how architecture can respond to the growing demand for individual liberty and decentralized power, I ended up doing a better job of describing what a libertarian architecture… 801 more words


Third Post: On Architecture, Technology, and Liberty

In this final post in a three-part series On Architecture, Technology and Liberty, I aim to finish laying the groundwork for my own theory of how a libertarian ideology relates to architecture. 1,297 more words


Second Post: On Architecture, Technology and Liberty

This post, the second in a three-part series in which I aim to lay the groundwork for the theoretical argument of this blog, will address the growing relevance of libertarian ideology in the advancement of technology. 890 more words