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Cigarette taxation in Australia

Taxation on cigarettes in Australia has reached absurd levels, as they are woefully disproportionate to the impact smoking has on the health of both smokers and passive smokers. 13 more words

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The state being where it shouldn't be

Although I’m a staunch conservative, I believe there to be plenty of room for us on the right, to seek common ground with Libertarianism.

Although there is variation on approaches to certain issues, conservatives and libertarians often share similar world views and we should emphasize our similarities, not our differences. 353 more words

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Australia's top libertarian on gun laws

As I am aware that visitors to this blog often have difficulties accessing links to articles, the following will be a copy and paste of an excellent piece written by Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm, in staunch defence of gun rights. 714 more words

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