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Ep 353 - Countdown #2 - A look back from the future

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This penultimate show is a replay from five years ago, on the occasion of the 100th show. In it I took a ‘look back from show 600’. 65 more words


The 7 Stages of Trump Haters

I’ve been feeling some empathy for all the Trump haters out there. After all, it must seem surreal for a Clinton lover to bash a President for sexual misconduct. 560 more words

Zombie World Order

Episode 352 - Countdown #3 - Watch out for the Regressives

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Yes folks, this is the first of the last three shows of Patriot Come Lately. Tonight a bunch of different topics, including some warnings about how the Regressives are planning to get their power back… 56 more words


Ep 350 - Countdown #5 - Obama's Legacy?

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Yes folks, after tonight’s episode, just another four shows to go. Tonight I will look at the despicable things that Obama and the Dems are up to, as they try to make things as difficult as possible for Donald Trump when he takes office. 76 more words


Fake News Meme

The entire Iraq war, millions dead and trillions in debt, was motivated by fake news put out by the corporate media. 9-11 was a false flag designed to propel us into fruitless Mideast wars. 945 more words

Zombie World Order