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Ep 319. King Barry Acts As If He Knows Trump Will Beat the Hilliar


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As Hilliar just wins, but actually loses in Kentucky, we see that the regime of King Barry is putting pedal to the metal to rush through as much of their fundamental transformation of America. 96 more words



Charts BIEL CHARTS Q1 2016

Some different charts of BIEL’s numbers

opinion is the CoG is creeping up, but Dec 2014-June 2015 appears to have been a breakout and the positive trend continues… 318 more words

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List of Trump Haters

Just trying to make these people easily searchable These lists tend to get scrubbed, so I am doing this for my own personal reference

This is a Liars List, or if not Liars, list f Morons Probably a mixture, to be charitable… 202 more words

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5/8/16 through 5/12/16

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“For four hundred years, Lorelei, a beautiful vampiress, has stalked the descendants of the slave masters and traders who raped her mother and burned her father alive. 172 more words

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Re: Please address 510(k) file number K152432:My open letter to the new FDA Commissioner:

My open letter to the new FDA Commissioner:

Dear Robert M. Califf, MD,

Congratulations on your new role as FDA Commissioner. I wish you every success in your endeavor to safeguard the populace against dangerous and ineffective drugs. 514 more words

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ef·fi·ca·cious-typically of something inanimate or abstract) successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective.

I read this on IHUB I read it, but don’t participate I’m bored, so will address this very obnoxious twit

You’re aware that this little letter writing campaign was tried previously, and failed. 277 more words

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