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Greetings, & Free Books & Bioelectronics Updates

Hello readers, best wishes on my star day, as they say in Dinotopia. Linked below are some books which should be free on February 18th. Enjoy, and as always, nothing wrong with reviewing the books on Amazon. 759 more words

Zombie World Order

Neil Gorsuch is the Best Libertarian Could Have Hoped For

Some thoughts on President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch

1. Scalia Would Have Hated Trump

This occurred to me as I watched the announcement. Donald Trump is probably the last person  1,186 more words


Ep 353 - Countdown #2 - A look back from the future

Download the MP3 here

This penultimate show is a replay from five years ago, on the occasion of the 100th show. In it I took a ‘look back from show 600’. 65 more words


The 7 Stages of Trump Haters

I’ve been feeling some empathy for all the Trump haters out there. After all, it must seem surreal for a Clinton lover to bash a President for sexual misconduct. 560 more words

Zombie World Order

Episode 352 - Countdown #3 - Watch out for the Regressives

Download the MP3 file here

Yes folks, this is the first of the last three shows of Patriot Come Lately. Tonight a bunch of different topics, including some warnings about how the Regressives are planning to get their power back… 56 more words