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Ep 340 A Call to Action for the Final Three Weeks @PatriotCL

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Have you noticed that when the Regressives start talking about something that the other side does, they often can be found to be doing the same, but worse themselves. 192 more words


Ep 339 Not 3 against 1, 33,333 against 1

Tonight some comments about last Sunday’s debate, but much more about the evil and disgusting turn taken in the campaign by the Regressives. And how the duplicious media is shielding their chosen one from all the revelations that would normally spell the end of her candidacy. 51 more words


Judges of Character & Talent

I read in the corporate media, for what it’s worth, that Trump is disgruntled Pence beat Hillary’s boy, Tim Kaine in the vice presidential debate. If true, Trump shouldn’t be. 244 more words

Zombie World Order

2 More Debates? Bother

Forty Two Days.

Forty Two more <Bleepin’> Days.

That’s how much longer this campaign has left.

Suddenly SMOD is looking like a viable choice come November 8th. 1,121 more words


Ep. 336 The Constitution Day Special

This show is dedicated that august document, The Constitution of the United States. Born out of necessity, due to the failure of the Articles of Confederation, it was signed just over 11 years after the Declaration of Independence and ratified about two years later. 112 more words


Hillary in Free Fall On 9-11

The aging process is an awful thing, and it is a rather grim inevitability that at some point the reins must be turned over. We all deal with it. 381 more words

Zombie World Order

Ep 335 The Annual 9/11 Remembrance

Tonight is a moving interview with someone who was with the New York Fire Department that fateful day 15 years ago. During this horrendous attack he lost many friends. 117 more words