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School vouchers don't improve educational outcomes. Elitist parents may be the culprits

Twenty years ago, when American libertarians looked out over a nation dotted with failing schools, we had hope. We saw what we expected to see: government institutions that were failing in all the ways that governments go wrong. 1,019 more words

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Fratricides, NWO Style.

Greetings, fellow Earth Creatures.

Much has transpired since the ZWO Blog has attempted to comment on current events, particularly those linked to the attempted creation of the New World Order. 776 more words

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NFL Kneeling Problem? Solved!

Fine people for disrespecting the National Anthem, donate the proceeds to Disabled Veterans. Next.

Solving problems is easy, except when nobody wants the problem solved. I’m pretty objective about this issue. 285 more words

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What Happened, Hillary?

Recently, the failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton released a book entitled WHAT HAPPENED, about her 2016 Presidential run. The book has caused some buzz, and it caused me to speculate as to exactly why she did lose.   1,072 more words

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Warriors, Come Out to Play-AAAA!

For some reason, I’m thinking about The Warriors, that classic old movie which borrowed the plot of Xerxes’s seminal history, The Anabasis, to depict what could happen when a one large street gang tried to consolidate all NYC gangs into one army. 944 more words

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