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Episode 278 - Another mish-mash of topics

This week I will present a plethora of different topics, ranging from surprising GOP news to King Barry violating a law that he just signed, from Trump to Planned Parenthood to a biased, corrupt judge. 62 more words


Episode 276 - In Cheese Country (still on the road)

This week the mobile PCL studio is in Milwaukee, but not for the cheese. For news and views I talk about disturbing things happening in Europe, you know what happens there today, could happen here tomorrow Also there are more disappointing decisions by the regime, dragging us further into Euro-socialism, or even sending us down the path of becoming a third world banana republic. 16 more words



Rachel Dolezal is back in the news. You may remember her as the woman of  Czech, Swedish, German, and Native American heritage who told everyone she was African-American. 1,183 more words


Review of Cult Doomsday Movie Apocalyptic and other thoughts

Apocalyptic was a sick film, instant cult classic, and had some great acting in it. It was upsetting because this type of thing actually happens. What sick, twisted mix of human weakness and human sin went into the Jim Jones in Guyana tragedy? 637 more words

Zombie World Order

Episode 275 - On the road again.....

This week’s show comes from the PCL mobile studio, located somewhere in “flyover country”. To hear where and some thoughts about travelling America’s by-ways, as well as to hear other news and views, listen to this episode at the links below. 16 more words