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Episode 260 - Indiana RFRA, Ted Cruz and more

Tonight a number of topics mainly focused on the Regressive hypocrisy around the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act and their treatment of Ted Cruz. Of course I will also discuss a number of other topics. 14 more words


Episode 259 - How the GOP could win the WH

This week an idea how conservatives could present a broad front and win the WH, sparked by the announcement of the conservative senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. 44 more words


The Suspicious Assassination of a Muckraker

On January 23, 1911,  Fitzhugh Coyle Goldsborough shot David Graham Philips six times in Gramercy  Park, Manhattan, outside the Princeton Club. Then Goldsborough shot himself in the head. 574 more words

Zombie World Order

Modern Snake Oil Peddlers at FOX & CNN

Good books are hard to find. One of my favorites for several years is a book I bought at a furniture store. It was being used as a prop on a bookcase or an end table or something. 776 more words

Zombie World Order

Libertarian vacation nightmare: whose ideology was debunked?

Libertarian vacation nightmare: who was debunked?

Eliminate all taxes, privatize everything, load a country up with guns and oppose all public expenditures, you end up with Honduras. 1,648 more words



Like all anti-TV snobs who won’t have one in their home, when out I watch guilt-free TV at every opportunity. Last week, I encamped in a grocery store where they had a snack area with a TV showing the nightly news. 478 more words

Zombie World Order

EPISODE 250 - What if......

This week, to celebrate the 250th broadcast, I take a look into the future (as I have done on past milestone episodes). This time I look at how King Barry’s divisive policies might end up splitting America. 17 more words