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Episode 267 What is the true objective of Jade Helm?

As the start date of July 15th draws closer, more and more questions surface about this massive military exercise. While initially dismissing the reports as conspiracy theories, enough questions have arisen to warrant reviewing the currently known facts. 39 more words


Bioelectronic Italian Study results--NCT01877278

I read this data from an Italian website as being positive.

Looks like compared to the placebo, the p value was extremely low, while the placebo and control were no different by T test. 402 more words

Libertarian Politics

Episode 265 - How Regressives Used Police Force to Intimidate Their Opponents

This week’s episode will finally return in detail to a topic mentioned a couple of shows ago, egregious political brutality in Wisconsin. How the left misuses the law to intimidate their opponents. 16 more words


Episode 264 - Hillary Wants to Subvert the Constitution and Comments on Baltimore

This week I discuss the reactions in Baltimore to apparent police brutality and explain why there is much more to the story. And I also bring to light an unbelievable statement by Hildebeest Clinton, in which she indicates her wish to subvert the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment. 28 more words


Episode 262 Proof of Why We Cannot Trust the Lame Stream Media

This week I will discuss some blatant lies put forward by the LSM, as well as discussing the danger of ISIS operating in Mexico very near to the US border. 46 more words


"None Of The Above" for President

To prevent myself from joining in any Internet discourse on the inevitable 2016 USA Presidential elections, I am going to review this election now. Hopefully I will not have to revisit the topic. 1,069 more words

Zombie World Order

Episode 260 - Indiana RFRA, Ted Cruz and more

Tonight a number of topics mainly focused on the Regressive hypocrisy around the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act and their treatment of Ted Cruz. Of course I will also discuss a number of other topics. 14 more words