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BIEL gets Sweden NHS Coverage Now

This blog is about what interests me. What interest me falls into a general pattern.

Lets read the tea leaves for Bioelectronics. I’m doing this for the non-obsessives. 503 more words

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FDA Innovative Challenge For BIEL?

Link here:

My  thought is why BIEL should have to wait until November for FDA General Clearance so the FDA can take credit for “developing” them. 598 more words

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Sharyl Attkisson Defines "Astroturfing"

I learned a new word yesterday, or at least realized my previous definition was subpar: “astroturfing”. Sharyl Attkisson gave a talk about it.

Ms. Attkisson is the reason I usually say 99% of all media are corrupt liars. 263 more words


Okay, so my post about BIEL on Twitter sort of got upstaged here. This got picked up by Yahoo pretty quick. I will do the math for you–7x 160,000=1,120,000 units a years just got sold. 443 more words

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Bioelectronics Needs To Get On Twitter More

First off, congratulations to the IHUB BIEL board, which is approaching 1000 followers. I admire many of the people who post there, although I am not a member myself. 511 more words

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Even More BIEL

Not a great day. Weak sales translated into an opportunity for people to short the stock to the tune of a 25% drop.

Not pleasant, but wasn’t this whole run up fueled by a  short squeeze on traders who were caught by surprise when the NHS announced subsidized payments on the ActiPatch? 257 more words

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Winding up May 15th, 2018.  Bioelectronics will most likely release a statement about the May 29th FDA meeting by June 1st, 2018.  While BIEL cannot comment on the General Clearance meeting which took place on May 9th (or so) while in process, it might well provide some hints included in the May 29th release on the separate FDA application for wound healing. 66 more words

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