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Happy Tax Day?

Its April 17th.

To celebrate here is my favorite song about paying taxes (Also the only song that I know of).

  1. If you get audited – play this song…
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US Politics

BIEL-Coming Through on Deliverables.

Northern Ireland;s healthcare just approved the ActiPatch for reimbursement

Scotland also.  

Thanks to srinsocal, one of the names I always click on. This shows Andrew Whelans “Letter From the President” (excerpted below) is quickly coming to fruition. 203 more words

Libertarian Politics


I don’t really have the heart to read about Syria.   America has real problems, intrinsic problems, and these internal problems are forcing us to take actions which are basically indefensible. 829 more words

Libertarian Politics

ActiPatch-The Real Drug Free Zone


This Dewmboom post is too good not to share. We are starting to get the right marketers for this thing.

Check out the BIEL Chart below as well.

Zombie World Order

BIEL Update

This update letter was posted on Bioelectronic Corporation’s website yesterday by Andrew Whelan.

It’s good to go on record with this, because they are getting to the point where intellectual property theft will become a real issue. 1,658 more words

Write About Your Passion

If you love to write as I do, make sure you write about your passion, whatever it may be. For my Facebook posts, Twitter feed, and even implications here, I like to write about Libertarian Politics. 623 more words


In Defense of The Second Amendment

Pasted below is the Bill of Rights and some other links for easy reference.

Another school shooting has provoked the usual knee jerk response to violate the Second Article of the Bill of Rights, which is: 1,960 more words

Zombie World Order