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In Defense of The Second Amendment

Pasted below is the Bill of Rights and some other links for easy reference.

Another school shooting has provoked the usual knee jerk response to violate the Second Article of the Bill of Rights, which is: 1,960 more words

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Must Watch ActiPatch/PainGear Ad from Thailand

Posting this for the BIEL sharholders who read this blog.

Let me recap–this might get removed so I will also put a link here. 70 more words

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Stock Markets and Football

Greetings, Friends.

Typically, the DOW is supposed to rise after the NFC wins, but maybe the improbable win of the Eagles, more surprising than President Trump’s victory, was too unexpected for Fate to factor in. 356 more words

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What's Your Excuse?

There are two things I preach with passion. One is libertarian politics from a purely individualistic standpoint without government and corporate intrusion. The other is intertwined with libertarianism in motivating people to rely on themselves rather than a government or corporate entity. 596 more words

An Open Plea to Nicholas Sarwark and the Libertarian Party

Dear Mr. Sarwark and the Libertarian Party:

Let’s face it, the 2016 election could have gone better for the Libertarian Party (LP). While the Party had, at one point, hoped to receive a double-digit share of the Presidential vote only to revise it down to getting 5%, the final tally of 3.28% of the popular vote was rather disappointing. 834 more words


School vouchers don't improve educational outcomes. Elitist parents may be the culprits

Twenty years ago, when American libertarians looked out over a nation dotted with failing schools, we had hope. We saw what we expected to see: government institutions that were failing in all the ways that governments go wrong. 1,019 more words

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Fratricides, NWO Style.

Greetings, fellow Earth Creatures.

Much has transpired since the ZWO Blog has attempted to comment on current events, particularly those linked to the attempted creation of the New World Order. 776 more words

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