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Ep 332 Why Do We Even Bother To Vote? @PatriotCL

In this weeks show the main topic is the subject of Black Box Voting. Basically talking about the electronic voting machines (EVM) that some many states and counties use, but that are so easy to hack or even just to manipulate. 191 more words


Ep 331 There is still hope.....

Many topics tonight, more examples of Regressives’ duplicity and hypocrisy, a brief review of the Donald Trump speech, even some humor. Join me for 50+ minutes of fun and information… 96 more words


Ep. 330 Lies and innuendoes grinding Trump down

This week I focus in the very negative role that the media is playing is the political process. I expose some example of despicable reporting where the reporter, sorry, where the opinionator obviously distrorts the truth to fit their own agenda. 47 more words


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Review

I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies last night and was pleasantly impressed and surprised. I have long admired the title of the book, as anyone who has ever made a sincere effort to think up a clever zombie book/movie title would, but never read it. 144 more words

Zombie World Order

Ep 329 -The campaign heats up


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How the Regressives are doing their best to vilify Donald trump, and perhaps succeeding more that we would like. Can he bounce back. 119 more words


Ep 328 A conservative alternative to the DNC BS


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I tried to fill this hour with topics far removed from the DemocRAT National Convention, but have to admit I was not 100% successful. 13 more words