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Tonight Is Earth Hour & You Should Celebrate By Turning On All Of Your Lights

Tonight is the annual Earth Hour where people and companies all around the world will turn off their lights for the evening in order to raise awareness about conserving energy and climate change. 370 more words


You are John Galt

Ayn Rand’s failure to achieve objectivity doomed her philosophy, and infests both Republicans and Libertarians with lunacy

For readers whose lives have been blessed by a complete absence of awareness of Ayn Rand’s writings – for Lack of God’s sake, don’t read them! 3,825 more words


Obamacare Repeal or Obamacare 2.0?

Guest Post by Ron Paul

Those of you who have read Dr. Paul’s columns on healthcare will see the same message that Libertarians have been preaching since day one – get government out of healthcare! 627 more words

Big Name Speakers at the Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention

If you having nothing to do this weekend and are in the vicinity of Denver, CO then you can’t miss the line up of key Libertarian speakers at the state’s convention. 741 more words


Without Government Who Would Pay for My Stuff?

Yeah, yeah. Taxation is theft and all that – and you’ve doubtless heard the canned response of “But without taxes and government spending, what would we do about ________ ?” Well, we saw a pretty great little chart floating around on the internet recently that does a nice job of answering this question in a simple and effective way. 116 more words

Emerging Ideologies: The Libertarian

In America, there are two major political parties, Democrats and Republicans. Within those parties are dozens of smaller distinctions of ideologies that have unique ideas and have different goals and focus on different areas. 760 more words


LPF vs FEC: FEC will not appeal ruling against it (!) [IVN]

The case proceeds. Depending on how deep the changes will be, it has potential to radically alter US national politics.


FEC won’t appeal – FEC will find a way to comply with the Judge’s rulings. 69 more words