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Since Saturday the 12th, it has been greatly discouraging to see many of my friends openly engaging in discussions with one another about issues regarding American politics and race relations – yet denying me a word on the subject. 1,459 more words

Libertarian in Utah Advances to General Election

Austin “Arlo” Doyle, a Libertarian candidate running for Sunset City Council in Utah, received enough votes to advance to the General Election. The Primary was held on August 15, 2017. 67 more words



From my friend Perry:

I’m thinking this morning of all the benefits that “Social Media” have brought us.

The first that comes to mind is the way that it operates like the propaganda department of the NSDAP, reducing all complicated issues to minimal-length slogans.

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Just Something I've Been Thinking About

This is an excerpt from an article I’m working on for publication. This should be enough to show where my thinking’s running on something fairly theoretical. 528 more words

Brook Trout

The individual who believes they are free, is the one who is most imprisoned.

The individual who believes they are free, is the one who is most imprisoned.

To exist, money is required. How you get money and why you want it, is not necessarily controlled by you. 1,142 more words

Civil Liberties

The Alt-Right Has No Place In Libertarianism

It has come to the point in the United States where I think libertarians need to accept something: the Alt-Right is not and will never be libertarians, and we need to stop pandering to them. 282 more words


Finding a sustainable political alliance and avoiding nationalism

Even before the tragic events of this weekend, I was planning to write a post talking about my disagreements with nationalism as a follow-up to my post last week. 1,218 more words