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Cash Seizure Ruled Unconstitutional in Nevada

Nevada’s Circuit Court ruled that a prolonged 30-minute police pull-over by a citizen and the proceeding second pull-over to seize the driver’s cash violated the 4th amendment and that the money had to be returned to the driver. 256 more words



Today Mango covers rumors of WW3 in the Middle East, developments in the #PedoGate investigation, and a general status report of the Global Monetary Reset and the birth of a New Paradise on Planet Earth… Cheers!

Breaking: President & Vice-President of Cuban Libertarian Party Arrested

After moving to their new Libertarian Library in Camaguey, the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s President, Caridad Remirez Utria, and Vice-President, Heriberto Pons Ruis, have been arrested and are being detain by state police. 77 more words


Basic Security For The Patriot, Volume 1 - Electronics

Information Is Power And Information Security Is Paramount

From: The Revolutionary Conservative
In the modern age of political activism, there is no more important concern than securing of electronic information. 1,562 more words


Bernie Sanders: Another Perspective

I probably don’t have to tell you who Bernie Sanders is, he’s the most popular active politician in the United States. Bernie became a hero to many by standing up to greedy ‘capitalists’ and promising big hope and change(TM) to all of his followers. 3,143 more words


Supreme Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Free Speech in Rock Band Trademark

In an 8-0 verdict, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a 71-year-old law banning offensive trademarks is unconstitutional. This is win for the First Amendment and free speech by allowing controversial and potentially offensive speech within the country. 163 more words


Libertarian State Senator Needs Help Raising $5000 for Reelection

Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke, who switched to the Libertarian Party from the Republican party last June, is attempting to raise $5000 for her reelection campaign by July 4. 50 more words