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Exclusive: Governor Bill Weld Endorses Libertarian Kevin McCormick for Arizona Governor

The Classy Libertarian was the first to receive the press release from Libertarian Kevin McCormick’s gubernatorial campaign in Arizona:

Former Republican Governor of the State of Massachusetts Bill Weld endorses Kevin McCormick for Governor of Arizona. 238 more words


Lesson 40 Assignment - Explain the basics of the Austrian theory of the business cycle. What is the difference, in terms of consequences, between lower interest rates that result from the saving choices of individuals, and lower interest rates that are achieved artificially, by a government-established central bank

The Austrian theory of the business cycle claims that the communication between the consumer and the producer is done through interest rates. If interest rates are not artificially tampered with, it will mean that they can clearly read the demands of the consumer and meet their needs accordingly. 144 more words


Lesson 30 Assignment - Evaluate this statement: "All workers have benefited from the existence of labor unions."

When we think of Unions, we think of something positive that will benefit the working conditions, increase wages and set standards that will prove positive for working peoples. 343 more words


Larry Sharpe holds GOP candidate’s feet to fire over gun rights, pick for Lieutenant Governor

NEW YORK, New York, May 24, 2018 – New York Gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe (L), has challenged GOP candidate Marc Molinaro regarding his pick for Lieutenant Governor, Julie Killian, and her positions on gun control. 460 more words


Left or Right - The Utopian Nightmare

In contemporary political discourse, the terms left and right are thrown around so often that they’ve nearly degraded to the point of being insubstantial memes.  “Right-Wing Extremists” has been a term swung like a baseball bat by the media and by academics since the New Left rose to prominence in the sixties, and it was an amusing enough rhetorical cudgel given the fact that almost none of the terrorist acts committed by Americans during those chaotic decades were even remotely ‘right-wing’ no matter how you defined it.  2,273 more words


Donald Trump Gives into the Globalists

Under Trump, the Deep State is Alive and Well

Donald Trump duped his supporters. Heck, Donald Trump has thirty-one years of dirty history in colluding with not Russia, as liberals claimed, but the Deep State. 1,227 more words


Free Speech and the Left

As you know, John Carpay and the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom (JCCF) are in the forefront of fighting back against Progressivist attacks on basic human rights, including attacks on free speech. 322 more words