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Debunking The GOP Smears Of Robert Sarvis

This article was printed in 2014 on the Rober Sarvis For Senate web site and is being re-printed here to remind everyone that he is in fact a “real libertarian.”  Fee free to share this far and wide… 2,967 more words


Libertopia #8: A libertarian future!

AWESOME! It’s time for your dose of libertarian fun with Libertopia #8! In this cartoon, Lewis and Paul contemplate what a libertarian future might look like.  130 more words

“Snowden” Trailer Released

“For those familiar with Snowden’s story, there’s obviously some Hollywood dramatization of his life and his decision to blow the whistle on the government spying on civilians, but it is an exciting opportunity to bring the reality of who Snowden is and what Snowden revealed to the American public.” 7 more words

Avens O'brien

Libertarian Presidential Team McAfee / Weiss Releases Inspiring Promo

“John McAfee‘s bid for the Libertarian nomination continues to heat up, as the campaign has gained a dynamic new campaign manager with Tiffany Madison, 51 more words


A Privacy Paradigm

The left-wing/liberal/progressive position on individual privacy runs something like this: “If you’re not doing anything wrong what difference does it make if we track you?”.  The flaw in this position is the assumption that Big Brother has a fundamental right to know everything you do.  146 more words

What Ted Cruz Choosing Carly Fiorina Says About His ‘Love of Liberty’

Just one day after a series of primaries determined that the only way for Ted Cruz to be chosen as the Republican nominee would be in the event of a brokered convention, he announced his pick for Vice President. 522 more words