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John Stossel Affirms Support for Gary Johnson to Bill O'Reilly

Last night John Stossel appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s program on Fox News to talk about his support for Gary Johnson in this year’s Presidential election. As the mainstream media and two-party system try to ride off Johnson’s candidacy, the support among Millions of Americans is still there. 127 more words



So I have never been much into politics, especially after the Gore travesty….

After getting nowhere with the bombardment of Hillary and Trump, I found this crazy test that pairs you with the candidate that would actually do the things YOU WANT!   81 more words

To My Libertarian Frienemies (TMLF part 1)

For expedience, the below is all —

Ron Paul was recently quoted as saying of the current elongated, drawn out financial crisis, that “we can’t blame capitalism because we haven’t had any.” I appreciate the spirit of what Ron said, and of course he was referring to free-market capitalism. 361 more words

Gary Johnson's Appearance on PBS' American Forum

The other day Governor Gary Johnson appeared on PBS’ American Forum for almost a 1-hour discussion on his candidacy for the Presidency. As the election draws near and the Presidential debates completed it is imperative for Johnson and the Libertarian’s to keep getting their name out there in order to draw in more support from voters across the country. 39 more words


Gary Johnson's Full Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Last night Governor Gary Johnson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show following the Presidential debate between Trump and Clinton.

Here is his interview in full from last night: