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"Complacency and Apathy: The Death of Freedom" by Luke Lirot, Constitutional Attorney

The Libertarian Party of Pinellas County is proud to present Luke Lirot, Constitutional Attorney, on Constitution Day 2015.

Come spend one hour on the topic of “Complacency and Apathy: The Death of Freedom”, we need to end the “go along to get along” mindset and stand up against those who destroy our freedoms. 135 more words


Progressive Activist Continues Sticking it to the Man Despite Being the Man

Progressive activist Jenna Sampson has vowed to continue her war against the Powers That Be, while simultaneously being a firm pillar of that same Power. 226 more words

Random Observations.

People in the mass do not understand the role of the “public intellectual”. They do not understand the worrying out of an idea in full view of everyone, of putting one’s mental processes on display. 367 more words

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