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The Peril and Promise of Democracy

It’s been a while since I’ve written for the blog, and in particular, about the election. Honestly, it has depressed me more than anything. Even if he wins California, Bernie Sander’s electoral chances are nil, making Hillary the presumptive Democratic nominee, and Donald Trump has unfortunately become the presumptive Republican nominee. 1,080 more words


You Don't Have to Settle for Trump; Meet Austin Petersen

If you’re like me, you’re trying to figure out what to do with your vote in November. I’m a conservative republican who doesn’t see much difference at all between Trump and Clinton. 333 more words


Own it to Change it

“They” are imaginary friends…..

I was never a star student, tending to set my priorities elsewhere at the time, but I have always harbored a nearly insatiable and somewhat undisciplined curiosity. 1,207 more words

POLITICS: Talking Out Of Your Face And Your Ass At The Same Time

Ron Paul: Court Decision Broadens Executive Powers

May 24, 2016—For his latest Liberty Report segment, Dr. Ron Paul discusses the latest stories on the Supreme Court’s decision to increase the power of the Executive Branch, effectively restricting personal liberties across the board. 447 more words

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The 2016 Election and Total Freedom

We’ve moved beyond the, “lesser of two evils” model here in 2016. On one hand, I reject the hysterical fear mongering of the right which states that a Hillary presidency will lead to the National Guard busting in your front door to steal your guns while they force you to watch an atheist perform an abortion on your wife. 771 more words

How Gov't Twists Incentives, Forces People to Adapt

By Judge Jim Gray

May 24, 2016—While people must have liberty to make decisions freely, it is also a universal truth that people respond to incentives. 314 more words

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Big Green Tent

Chris Napier

If the past few days have taught us anything, it’s that we get hung up on labels a bit too much. Some folks are uncomfortable with the Greens being closely linked to socialism, some people think they are inextricably so.   608 more words