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TPP is cronyism masquerading as free trade

Reprinted from Facebook
TPP is cronyism masquerading as free trade. Pulling out of it is the right thing to do.
Take a look at the “concessions” that the U.S. 311 more words

Paradise Lost?

THE PREMISE: Liberalism is dead. Conservatism is dead. What we have left is Collectivism.

The notion that traditional liberalism and conservatism are alive and well is a joke. 789 more words


Well here we go....

Well I’m back and I realize that having only a couple of posts on this blog is not how I wanted to start this project.  I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had that much to say.   1,140 more words


Abortion "Rights"

The day after Donald Trump took his oath of office, millions of people took to the streets in protest under the moniker “Women’s March on Washington” . 749 more words


Should We Really Give Trump A Chance? This Libertarian's Answer is Hell No!!

People and politics are interesting facets of our society. During election cycles, there are people that preach concepts such as character and principle. We see candidates run that we either get behind 100% and some that we detest with all our might. 366 more words


Stop with the free healthcare shit, you're not a victim if you don't have it, you're not a victor if you do.

The solution to hard to afford healthcare is not free universal healthcare. We are seeing that. It creates animosity among the payers, and dependency upon the recipients. 261 more words

Yes, There is a New President

No the world is not going to end.

As a libertarian, I have the point of view of never really getting what I would like to see elected to any significant office, and we are likely still years away from seeing even a member of the U.S. 515 more words