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Election 2016: From a Libertarian Perspective

I am a pro-life Christian Libertarian Veteran Hispanic…and I think those are enough labels to give you an idea of where I’m coming from. Basically, picking a candidate this election was a lot like picking which STD was just right for me. 1,193 more words


My Story

Since creating this blog, I haven’t properly explain why I created this website or my journey. I am someone who desires truth and freedom above all else. 822 more words


For my Constitutional Conservative and Libertarian Friends...

We have, for many long years, been fighting a hard battle on many fronts. Attacks on many of our beliefs and values, an ever-expanding and over reaching government, the seeming desire to destroy anything that remotely resembles a free market place, the abandonment of individual liberty for the sake of group identity and the seemingly ever-rising tide of collectivism have been among the things against which we have fought. 167 more words

Magic 'Psilocybin' Mushrooms Help Cancer Patients With Depression & Anxiety

I wish there weren’t so many laws telling us what we can and cannot do to our own bodies…

Scientists have recently completed more studies concerning cancer patients and end of life care using ‘Magic Mushrooms’. 828 more words

Phenology - 5A




So the sermon at church this morning was all about equality, we are all equal in God’s eyes, and need to treat each other so. 680 more words