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Yes, Libertarians care about civil liberties just as much as economic liberty

While we libertarians tend to be loud and boisterous when it comes to defending our economic liberties we don’t do as good a job proclaiming our support for civil liberties. 746 more words


The so-called socialists

It seems like the new trendy political thing these days is socialism or what they like to call it ‘democratic socialism’. Well the thing about all these so called socialist countries that people keep pointing to as successful models of their beloved Socialism in action is, they aren’t really socialist! 787 more words


Could Libertarian CONTROLLED Opposition?

Libertarian is controlledĀ opposition, it is meant to derail kids from embracing true-conservatism.
Libertarians love “free” trade, anti-tariffs, open borders, anti-police, anti minimum wage laws. 30 more words

Libertarian growing painsĀ 

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Recently, I have seen a kind of pretend, lopsided libertarianism emerging. This false “libertarianism” attempts to present freedom without responsibility. Unlike true libertarianism, this false pretender is basically a combination of welfarism, hedonism, and irresponsibility. 312 more words

Aversion to collectivism is not rational

I will admit that the title is clickbait but don’t close out just yet. I’m sure you have a busy day of raging against the man for banning weed and taxing you. 814 more words


Do You Really Need A Dictator?

It has been an interesting month since Donald J Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. And when I say interesting, I mean fucking awful. 1,939 more words

Is capitalism dying in the U.S.?

The Screwed Generation Turns Socialist


Where are you?

A very interesting article about the changing wheels of American politics.