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Practical libertarian: The goal


That’s it, that’s the answer, that’s what libertarians want.

As this post gets longer, it will be a metaphor for what happens when governments get involved.  362 more words


Can a service be a human right?

I met a guy at a Christmas party the other night, and we started talking politics. He claimed to be a libertarian, but when I asked him more questions about his views, I learned that he believes the government should own healthcare and the internet, and that both should be provided to all as a basic human right. 807 more words

Wow, forgive me for the redundant name, but it’s something I feel every single day. A Fire Inside, the official name of the band known as AFI. 727 more words

657,000 Meaningful Hours to Live

We have one life to live. There are 8,760 hours in a year. The average lifetime is seventy-five years, give or take half a decade. This gives us an average of 657,000 hours in a life. 566 more words

Lessons of Political Economy

You can’t can peas without a can. But when the price of steel is high, you can set up a simple math problem to minimize the amount of steel per volume of peas. 885 more words

Political Economy And Ethical Values

The practical libertarian

Americans, as a rule, do not like sudden, massive change. Over time, our reactions moderate themselves, and we usually wind up in a place where the majority benefits, but we tend to not start that way. 1,018 more words