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Gary Johnson on The Nightly Show w/Larry Wilmore

Following the two weeks of the Republican and Democratic conventions, the Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson took to the late shows to discuss his run for the Presidency and sell himself as the sane alternative to Trump and Clinton. 14 more words


The path for Gary Johnson

I’ve been leaning Gary Johnson since two events happened. 

1)    “Look at my African-American”.  What the F was Trump smoking before he said that?  I have given him a pass on a lot of things because he’s been “genuine”, but this was a line in the sand where after 213 gaffes, I had to seriously reconsider.  1,739 more words


Gary Johnson Has Until August 15 to Get the 15% for the Debate Stage

Now that both major political parties have had their national conventions the general election is now full force and the Presidential debates will be the next big event. 50 more words


Gary Johnson, Libertarian

Gary, Johnson, a former Governor of New Mexico, is running for President as a Libertarian. Johnson claims to be a social liberal and fiscal conservative. Johnson hopes to win enough votes to prevent any other candidate from winning a majority. 493 more words



Please do not vote for me, I’m actually only 17 and in this election would like to endorse Gary Johnson (legalize freedom, vote libertarian!).  This site is for me to unleash my political views to the world, so read, enjoy, and always vote Libertarian or Constitution!

Are FOX News Satires Even Possible? Bill O'Reilly On "Well Fed" Slaves

I came across this meme mocking FOX News well before O’Reilly said his comments about how well the slaves were treated who were forced to help build the white house. 110 more words

Should You Vote Third Party?

The question is asked more frequently than ever before: Should you cast your vote for a third party candidate come November?  With the unpopularity of both major party candidates, voters are thinking of jumping to a third or fourth option. 1,001 more words