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Why 71 Republic Exists

People in America are confused now more than ever, we have rioters that claim peace, racists that claim others are racist, anti-fascists using fascist tactics, liberals that claim to be conservative, libertarians who are pro government, the list could go on. 702 more words

71 Republic

IHST - 11/22/17

Just a quick break before the, you know, break. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Three Strikes Against This Blog (and why I don't care)

Admittedly, I’m just getting started, but reading an article in The Atlantic about the chief propagandist of the alt.right makes me realize the limits of my reach with my approach. 490 more words

Against Proportional Representation: The Statist Boondoggle

One of the most vile, and most seductive, political ideas is that of proportional representation — the idea that a political party should have as many representatives in government as its proportion of the vote in the general election. 439 more words


Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism, Right Wing Populism, and Democracy

An interesting exchange has occurred between Will Wilkinson of the Niskanen Center and Ilya Somin writing for the Washington Post on the issue of the influence of libertarianism over the modern Republican Party’s erosion of liberal democratic norms. 3,489 more words