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Here’s an updating – and politicizing – of the “Actaeon and Diana” myth. The composition is from a 1634 painting by Rembrandt. See it here: … 454 more words

A tribute to Libertas: The life of Asinius Pollio, a forgotten hero of the Republic

In the previous entry I had the opportunity to analyze the institutional decay of the Roman Republic in the last century BC and the emergence of a new order, the Principate. 3,342 more words


Augustus who?

The tyrant? The statesman? The warlord? The monarchist? These are the questions that pop up in my mind most of the time when in my readings about Rome I confront his presence. 4,113 more words


Round-up of Interesting Links!

I’ve been working on Idunna’s God of the Month club post the last couple of days. I owe Her! I fell horribly behind and kept neglecting Her the last couple of months and just saying, “It’s okay, I’ll roll Her over into next month’s GMC.” But in the meantime, here’s a round-up of interesting links. 186 more words


Education. Indoctrination. Whats the Difference?

Right Wing Child Indoctrination a video by Harmful Opinions has in my opinion a lot of appeal to emotions then arguments, like kids being used for an ad being cringe is emotional and not an argument. 279 more words