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Dave Smith: Libertas

Libertarian comedian Dave Smith released a comedy special last year that ancaps will love. It is  called Libertas, and he hits on a number of hilarious topics, from bumbling politicians to the brainwashed graduates of government schools. 55 more words


Book Review: Heir - All dialogue, all day!

Darius asks, “How many kingdoms are there?” King Leo responds, “There are eight: Pythus, Noil, Boris, Agle, Pirus, Nordia, Zavier, and Corvella. Pythus is ruled by the Endelson family, Agle is ruled by the Hanson family, Boris is ruled by the Dumont family, Pirus is ruled by the Phyro family, Zavier is ruled by the Yanz family, Nordia is ruled by the Nor family, Corvella is ruled by the Kessler family, and Noil is ruled by the us, the Rey family.”

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SmartMule Urban Blight

By Stephanie Diane Ford and Fergus Nolan

Adam Guerrero is a 38-year old former teacher,  who was recently fired from  Libertas Montessori School in Memphis.  He operates a business, … 2,073 more words

Reasons to be bullish on Monero.

Monero is one of the currencies I am bullish on mid to long term. The biggest reason to be bullish on Monero is because it already has a real world use, one that people have a need for in various parts of society and business, and that is privacy. 481 more words


Symbolic Uses of the Pileus

I’ve ended up talking to my former PhD student about the pileus quite a bit over the past year.  I’m creating this post to have place to store references. 153 more words

Real Folk of the Dark Web

A couple of weeks ago I got back from an 8-week trip around the globe to meet with all manner of dark web types in preparation for my upcoming book, … 749 more words

Silk Road

The Maid From Orleans

She came from Orleans, the one in France, sometime in the late 1800s.

She had worked in her father’s bakery in a little place near the cathedral. 864 more words