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Halcyon Days

Halcyon days indeed;
The dragged down moments
The spaced out seconds
Our inert bodies
On the unmade
Mussed up bed 220 more words

An Unsentimental Education

I refuse to be
Just another sentence
In your story. Loitering around
Like a skiving schoolboy
Hands deep in shapeless pockets 112 more words

Citizen Sade

In 1789 the Marquis De Sade was one of eight prisoners held in the state prison of Bastille. For a number of years he had been detained under… 408 more words


Unmade Again

Murky, very, very murky, definitely, decidedly so—how else could I describe my motives for not fucking Margot? Before getting in the car I stared up at the window where I had just left Margot lying unclothed and spread-eagled on the mussed up bed. 2,707 more words