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mon histoire

je lit je vois des video de vos histoire alors je vais essayer de me presenter en plusieurs chapitre
là ou tout a commencé 1,561 more words

First présentation

  1. Question existentielle
    Suis je une travestie ,du tac au tac on répond oui, mais en réfléchissant je suis Alice dans mon âme et dans mon corps donc je ne suis pas travestie quand je me révéle en Alice, en faite oui je suis travestie lorsque je me montre comme les gens me vois dans ma vie de tous les jours.
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Getting Nailed by NYFW

New York Fashion Week is that time of year coveted by many women looking forward to seeing what to expect for the upcoming fashion season.  The clothes, the colors, the street style.  155 more words


Beyond The Prison Of Words

Yet another tryst, with enigma of thoughts
Which slip like sand, from the clasp of mind
How a man is spent, whilst, tying in knots… 98 more words


An Appeal Denied

Edith Nesbit was an unconventional woman, a late Victorian writer, a socialist, a sometime-poet. In 1880, at the height of Victorianism in England, Nesbit married Hubert Bland when she was 7 months pregnant. 257 more words


Super-Imposed Love

I was seeking a greater resolution
Wishing to bring life into focus
Love, I thought,
Would throw into sharp relief
The chiaroscuro background, 223 more words

Unmade Again

Murky, very, very murky, definitely, decidedly so—how else could I describe my motives for not fucking Margot? Before getting in the car I stared up at the window where I had just left Margot lying unclothed and spread-eagled on the mussed up bed. 2,708 more words