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Russian propaganda or American blowback?

Media Matters now says Matt Drudge pushed Russian propaganda, by its linking to RT and Sputnik. But they don’t share comparative counts.

The people voted for the peace candidate. 295 more words


Left is swamped

Swamp has been dividing it’s victims for a long time, trying to set up groups based on superficiality especially and labels, getting groups to blame other groups for their woes instead of the Swamp creatures. 170 more words


Day the Towers Fell: Unanswered Questions

—What of the “five dancing Israelis” that same day that were barely a flash in the pan in the news cycle, and the dozens (hundreds?) of Israelis that were deported in the following days? 211 more words


Zero Tolerance Idiots

Today’s quote offered by a faithful reader: If you don’t want your car keyed, don’t date a stripper. T.B. (2017)

How idiotic are “zero tolerance” policies you ask? 534 more words



And he brought forth his people with joy, and his chosen with gladness: Psalms 105:43 KJV

God loves to show Himself mighty on behalf of His people. 163 more words

Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism

What with the regressive mind set of the so-called alt-left and the alt-right (the Siamese twins of authoritarianism and thuggery), discussion of the rule of law, free speech and liberality is more salient than ever. 31 more words

Spontaneous Order