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No Condemnation

In Him there is no condemnation. He is our refuge – our fortified wall and shield from every accusation. In this truth, we taste a liberty and love that is beyond words; We begin to experience this new life that is within us by the power of His spirit. 87 more words



Instead of fighting over whether the census should ask about citizenship, like Fred said to Ginger, let’s call the whole thing off.

We should work an amendment through the processes and fix it permanently, but Congress has the power to pass laws to direct the manner of census. 770 more words

Bill of Rights: natural, God-given, or government-granted?

Most people are indeed on their way to hell, because wide is the way and broad is the gate, and many go in thereat.

Democracy and Government are two false gods that people will follow to destruction, and my point was that the same principle applies to people that trust the Bill of Rights instead of the One True God tGodhat enshrines the rights of man in the Creation itself. 139 more words


Stand for Every Individual

I’m not going to explain any of my own history, but I identify fully, exactly, with Jordan Peterson. #jordanbpeterson @jordanbpeterson

Also with Lindsey Shepard.

My views don’t align well with any group I know of. 244 more words



We usually define it as messing up, missing the mark. We know, for the most part, what we need to aim at, yet we often miss, either from simple failings or bad choices. 268 more words


Libertarianism, Classical Liberalism, Right Wing Populism, and Democracy

An interesting exchange has occurred between Will Wilkinson of the Niskanen Center and Ilya Somin writing for the Washington Post on the issue of the influence of libertarianism over the modern Republican Party’s erosion of liberal democratic norms. 3,489 more words