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Joe Gerstner, political refugee from

gathered in the car). He reported theft. The next day a 15-year old boy told police he saw Gerstner shoot a transvestite dead. That went nowhere fast because the boy couldn’t keep his story straight and finally admitted a bribe from somebody “from the FBI”. 180 more words

Why did the Pseudo-Libertarians Bring a White Nationalist to ISFLC in the first place?

This weekend I attended the International Students for Liberty Conference in DC, the largest global meeting of libertarian students, professionals, and intellectuals. I was excited to meet a few friends I seldom get to see from across the world, listen to a few exciting talks by some of my favorite intellectual influences, such as Jonathan Haidt, Steve Horwitz, Edward Stringham, Sheldon Richman and the like. 4,254 more words

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States independence, not constitutional convention

Mark Levin is a smart guy, but…

Please think before accepting a new constitutional convention.

One, if all three branches of the federal government have acted illegally and unconstutionally with impunity the entire history of the Republic, beginning with Hamilton’s execrable central bank, the Marbury v. 215 more words


Fugitive charged with Liberty murder arrested in Florida

LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – A fugitive charged with shooting a Liberty man who later died has been arrested in Tampa, Florida.

Michael Curry, 21, was picked up by police in Tampa on Thursday for cocaine possession and resisting arrest. 127 more words


We Need Not Fear which Administration Holds Sway

We need not fear which administration holds sway, either right or left or in between.

We have only cause to fear the ever-growing government itself. 386 more words

Pill Bottles and You

My lovely daughter Alden is quite a young lady. Last week, she volunteered at a local school at an event for special needs children. As a parting gift, she received a nice water bottle from the “Georgia Department of Public Health.” She gave it to me, knowing I need to drink more water. 578 more words

Georgia Laws

Hidden Figures Review

My wife and my sons were able to go to Hidden Figures tonight.

Go see this movie!

Excellent movie. I figure they played a bit fast and loose with the factual history, but I think they got what it meant. 512 more words