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Stebbins-Martin House, Dorchester

A 1914 photograph of this house (not posted here) indicates that the present portico is a later addition, replacing a lower porch roof.

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Those beautiful pitcher plants

If you grow up in Florida, you see pitcher plants.  They’re colorful and they’re carnivorous. You can observe them safely, but bugs cannot. They’re over a hundred species of them, so if you’re looking for them, it will take you a while to find them all. 276 more words


Dorchester Academy Boys' Dormitory, 1934, Midway

Dorchester Academy was founded as a primary school for African-American children by the American Missionary Association after the Civil War. The dormitory, designed by architect George Awsumb in 1934 to replace an 1890s structure lost to fire in 1932, is all that remains of a once-larger campus. 137 more words

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American Foursquare Houses, Midway

These two houses, across from Dorchester Academy, are modified examples of the American Foursquare style.

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Roselon Plantation, Circa 1870, Liberty County

Also known as the Cassels-Martin House, this stately Italianate landmark was built by Richard Baxter Cassels on his father’s (Thomas Quarterman Cassels) plantation not long after the Civil War. 68 more words

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Sam Ripley Farm, 1926, Liberty County

Sam Ripley, who was born to Harry Ripley around 1900, built this house on a section of his father’s land in 1926. He used salvaged wood and lumber discarded from area sawmills. 137 more words

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