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Sunset at Liberty

A play on words and ❤️ company for a lovely walk!


Frisbee Time

There should be more frisbee time in the world…


We're getting warmer...

Pooches, the arctic grip has loosened and we’ve been well above freezing for the first time since  early Tuesday morning!  Woo hoo!  Naturally, after a breakfast of bacon and tatties, an excursion was in order to enjoy this spell of nice weather.  188 more words

Our routine is suspended

Pooches, the activity level around our den has been ramped up to high following yesterday’s much-needed day of catching our breaths.  My manservant said he didn’t have time for a walk/run this morning because of all the preparations that would be underway for our Christmas weekend. 185 more words


Pooches, not much to tell you about today.  My manservant decided to skip his morning walk/run in an effort to begin leaf-gathering in earnest.  After breakfast the leaf-gathering activity commenced and continued through the morning.  136 more words