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Kathy Byron, R-Forest, and Matt Staver

Two more people, from Lynchburg, VA, not thrilled with the SCOTUS  decision of last Friday are Kathy Byron and Matt Staver.

Delegate Kathy Byron, R-Forest, is a member of Jonathan Falwell’s Thomas Road Baptist Church. 287 more words

Lynchburg VA

Life Inside The Bubble

I recently heard someone say that the humans in the Bible were not very refined. Well, it’s the truth. Followers of Christ can’t claim perfection. I’ve had to remind myself of this concept over and over. 1,224 more words

A Writing Lesson Plan

Here is the writing lesson plan that I created over the course of my 8-week Instructional Practices for Content teachers class at Liberty University. Compared to assignments where I have had to come up with an entire lesson plan in one week, I really like how this assignment broke down lesson-planning into smaller steps and had us look at and practice each step in great detail. 2,341 more words

School Assignments

Global warming: Science-denying Senator tells scientist Pope to listen to scientists

Well, perhaps not quite a scientist, but Pope Francis really does have, on his CV, a chemistry lab technician’s diploma and related work experience. And Rick Santorum is not quite a Senator, either, more of an ex-Senator, having lost his seat in 2006, but nonetheless a candidate (yet again) for the Presidency of the United States. 1,935 more words


An Intro to My Blog

Hello! Somehow you’ve found your way over to my little blog, so I’ll start off with a bit about why I started it, and what it will be about. 352 more words

Liberty University

The Problem with Certainty

Dressed in a poorly fitted jacket and tie, I sat on the wooden pew and mouthed what little I knew of the lord’s prayer, which was the part about bread and the part about trespassing. 3,284 more words

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