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Healthy Upgrades for Every Meal

By Caitlin Cammack & Rachel Sanders RD

Do you often find yourself reaching for the same items at breakfast, lunch, and dinner? As students, we can become too busy to think outside of the box when it comes to creativity in the dining hall. 373 more words

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When Your College Roommate from Nearly 16 Years Ago Reaches Out to You to Tell You He'll Be Visiting in Nashville and You Actually Meet Up

I live in the Nashville, Tennessee area. I will occasionally see on Facebook or Instagram where people I went to college with were recently here and I’ll think, “I wish I would have known they were coming. 462 more words


Shane Claiborne on His "Charismatic DNA" and When He Ministered With Bill Johnson

Shane Claiborne’s Red Letter Revival in Lynchburg, Virginia, was a success. Not only did it gather 300 people celebrating Jesus and justice, but it also caught a lot of media attention thanks to Jerry Falwell Jr’s Liberty University. 768 more words


Mindful Mile: Be Mindful About Your Movement!

By Sodexo

Edited by Rachel Sanders & Caitlin Cammack

Do you find yourself feeling absolutely exhausted at the end of a long day of sitting in class? 504 more words

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I Love You but You Didn't Do the Reading

Spring still feels pretty far away up here in the woods. Here are some stories that kept us occupied this past week:

Trumpism and the authoritarian personality, at… 300 more words