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Mac Powell - Liberty University Convocation

On September 19, 2014, at Convocation, North America’s largest weekly gathering of Christian students, Mac Powell addressed the student body at Liberty University. Mac led the students in a CFAW convocation filled with worship and praise for the Lord. 25 more words

Bacolod City

The Priority Principle And The Shock Principle

From my life in 1999 to 2004 I was a undergrad student at Liberty University, and I finished my bachelors degree in Exercise Science. How I decided on that degree was God sent, and I remembered what made me decide to switch from studying the bible to studying about exercising. 1,147 more words

John E Boardman

On Being a Theist

The following is a paper I wrote for my Philosophy class at Liberty University in response to a popular article written by an atheist.

On Being a Theist… 2,362 more words

School Assignments

Cleaning Up Your Online Classes: Why you should deal with "That Class"

Most of us have probably received “that class”–the one that we know will come with all the errors that will have to be fixed before our students even log in for the first time.   719 more words


Spacing Out: Getting your Blackboard announcements to space properly.

If you’re like me, for years you’ve struggled with making announcements (or other text) you type into Blackboard look like something that has come from the “pen” of an intelligent person.   824 more words


Zeroing in at LUO: Why systematically recording 0s for late work seems like a good idea but is really a bad one.

Just a quick post for a grading hack that seems like a good idea, but isn’t, at least not at Liberty University Online:  Systematically recording 0s for any student who doesn’t submit work on time. 448 more words


College Part 2

Sophomore Year

Going into sophomore year, I had some self-struggles. Luckily, I was greeted with the best RA’s within the first couple of nights of being there. 500 more words