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Voting on the decision to bomb in Syria

A letter to my MP, Sir Paul Beresford:

Dear Sir Paul,

I appreciate that as a very loyal member of your party, this plea is unlikely to be persuasive.  783 more words

An Evening with Enoch Powell: A Brief Extract from Sean Gabb’s Diary

An Evening with Enoch Powell:
A Brief Extract from Sean Gabb’s Diary

Note: This is an exact transcript from one of the handwritten volumes of my Diary. 1,107 more words



Street, narrow and congealed, stripped of facade, bare brick and peeled plaster broken by sun and rain. My street. Containing my room, our room, the family’s room. 458 more words

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El Día que los Argentinos Superamos el Cinismo

Hace una semana que Mauricio Macri (Cambiemos) es el nuevo presidente electo de Argentina y ya todo parece distinto. A pesar de muchas y muy perjudiciales medidas del gobierno kirchnerista saliente (nombramiento de personal, sanción de leyes controvertidas, emisión de dinero, endeudamiento de último momento) la mayoría de los ciudadanos nos sentimos optimistas respecto del futuro en Argentina. 1,452 more words

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A strategy for liberty


(Original publication: Catallaxy Institute)

In a beautiful article, Jerry Taylor claims that “in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ the bundled product has been regularly and thoroughly rejected for over a century. 2,291 more words

Giovanni Birindelli

Nonsequitur: Moral Perspective

… violations of the Bill of Rights, obsessions with race rather than character, inflated and puerile self-regard, adolescent self-indulgence and materialism, along with epidemic factual ignorance, inability to speak and write coherently, and the loss of inductive reasoning may ensure that the early 21st century will be judged as an era of anti-Enlightenment ignorance — with the twist that never have such pampered people so little deserved all that they inherited.

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