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How Many Lies Does "The Good Lie" Tell?

In today’s Western society, with the overwhelming majority of us products of at least twelve years of mandatory government schooling, free market advocates are vastly outnumbered by defenders of the status quo. 903 more words


Health Insurance is Illegal

Health insurance is a crime.  No, I’m not using a metaphor.  I’m not saying it’s a mess, though it certainly is that.  I’m saying it’s illegal to offer real health insurance in America.  To see why … (more)


Life is better in sleepwear

“Oh, dear. I really ought to do something but I’m in my pyjamas.”

This will be my go to retort to any question after 3pm. Consider yourselves warned :) Particularly likely when the option of slipping on some  28 more words


Summer Sewin' (had me some fun...)

I just picked up a lovely Atelier Brunette cotton from Sew Over It and it’s got me SO excited for summer! Two weeks’ from now I shall be sunning myself in the south of France, and of course being me the two week deadline has inspired a whole raft of new dressmaking projects. 358 more words

Liberty Print Blouse

Hmm, it’s 8pm, we have to be up at 3am to travel to the airport, and I’ve just finished sewing my last top for holiday! … 314 more words


Spurts of freedom - tanka


I wonder sometimes
does the blood rushing through veins
wish to be free

to rise, to rain in glorious
red arches of liberty

~~~ 12 more words


Episode 268 - Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls

Tonight a special episode of Patriot Come Lately talk radio, with guest author Paul Skousen​ talking about his latest book, Bassam and the Seven Secret Scrolls. 46 more words