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What is the Purpose of Government?

In contemporary political discussion, it’s not uncommon to hear someone assert their belief for a certain role that government should assume. This occurs on both the left and the right, and manifests itself through a wide range of positions including the beliefs that guns should be restricted, hate speech should be illegal, certain drugs should be illegal, and that the government should fund healthcare, schooling, or anything for that matter. 1,169 more words


21st May 2018 | Liberty from Ice cage

When I got my consciousness, I was standing in the grand circular shaped valley surrounded completely with gargantuan ice glaciers. Something like in image below. 586 more words


"Where Were You When..."

There are certain movies that, as soon as the first image comes to life on the screen, you know with out a doubt, what year you are looking at. 697 more words



On this day,
I am compelled to poem;
Of not-so-smooth life’s journey
But your tender caring prevailed.

I am compelled to poem;
Of the days of yore… 109 more words



Today, education is withheld from millions of children. Today, millions flee from their homeland, labelled refugees, making them seem less than human. Today, those who are divergent face oppression, rejection, and suffering. 125 more words

Politics, Economy, & Concord

"... comrades who died in defense of their country ..."

Memorial Day is a United States Federal holiday that is observed annually on the last Monday of May. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. 409 more words


Come and get us, we're gun-free

Come and get us, we’re defenseless;
Come and get us, we’re gun-free;
Come and get us, door’s wide open,
Come and get us, watch us bleed. 89 more words