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Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Attending Two Conferences in the Same Weekend

After a layover in Detroit (re: pic, what a neat airport!), I’m sitting here at the Manchester Airport, waiting for my shuttle to arrive. It’ll drop me off at the Raddison, where this year’s Liberty Forum is taking place. 192 more words

How data from fitness trackers, medical devices could affect health insurance.

Below is a link to completely clueless reportage about the use of wearables and fitness trackers by Big Brother, er, I mean, healthcare industry players that have only your interests at heart. 657 more words

Health Policy

The Changing World

D J Webb

With Greece and the Ukraine frequently in the headlines, it seems we are witnessing international events that could well have a formative impact on international relations in the decades ahead. 3,170 more words


Suggested Readings: The Purpose of Education/A Lesson in Backbone

This week’s Suggested Readings include an essay by Martin Luther King Jr. on The Purpose of Education and an article by Stanley Kurtz demonstrating how President Ronald Reagan resisted the “deformations of the liberal spirit” to stand against the Soviet Union in… 8 more words


Thatcherism: What went wrong?

Mustela nivalis

‘“Economics is the method; the object is to change the soul,” Margaret Thatcher declared in 1981, revealing the way in which Thatcherism for her was always about transforming values rather than simply GDP,’ writes… 1,860 more words


Not Just A Matter of Animals

Vegans are often portrayed as being manically concerned with animals solely to the detriment of all other interests. Whether true or not, seen as good or bad by each individual, what I want to focus on is how the stereotype is a good warning: while getting animals away from their slavers and our plates is the concrete goal most of us are focused on, it isn’t the only issue. 729 more words