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Profoundly Undesirable Doesn't Mean Impossible

I’ve written before about my views of those who want armed revolt. It’s not a positive view. It certainly wasn’t made better by the decision of the Bundy’s to do what… 1,301 more words

President Ronald Reagan Quote Poster

Enjoy this political poster featuring a famous quote from conservative President Ronald Reagan espousing individual liberty and the importance of a limited government.


Frequently Ignored Facts About The US Tea Party Movement

I was never interested in being in the Tea Party, but I am always interested in Facts Over Feelings.

Having frequently listened to the podcast “The Freedom Report”, specifically “Who Killed The Tea Party?”, I have decided to make this page about all the facts about the TP. 580 more words


A Letter To The Heirs of The Earth

I speak solely to the children of the future. I do not know whether your world has degenerated into societal collapse, so forgive me for assuming. 228 more words



I was stood in a bar just getting in to character – about to go to a gig. And it was a date. I won’t lie – I liked the girl. 174 more words

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness

Shortly, no time for pleasure

Shortly I shall have no time

nor opportunity to

read my life in terms of

pleasures multiple.

And the life I led to this point… 268 more words



Jennifer K. Lewis

 Psalm 35 ~ The Lord the Avenger of His People

                                                  1 Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me;                                                     Fight against those who Fight against me. 415 more words