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The tough times...

Since being single its like my libido has woken up from some great slumber..like “HEY, HERE I AM”. Goddamn it quite down you, at least let me get home first before I tend to those needs hehe…

She's Hot for a Co-Worker, Has Two Kids at Home

Q: I’m not in love with my husband anymore, but we stay together for our two young children. I’ve become extremely attracted to a co-worker, and fantasize about him nonstop. 269 more words


The lack of libido is a consequence, not a cause of displeasure

It has long been known that the quality of sexual life in a mature relationship is crucial for both partners, and mental health of the person. 362 more words

Love And Sex

Sexless Marriage or Cheating?

You have argued that society’s position on cheating is logically incoherent. Society says, on the one hand, sex is not that important, so living in a sexless marriage is not a big deal. 172 more words


Savage Love Letter of the Day: Sexless, Nearly Sexless, and Formerly Sexless Marriages, Ad Infinitum

I have an idea for those in sexless marriages! I know, I know! This topic is overworked! But I haven’t seen mention of something that has been a wonderful discovery for us: WEED!

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6 Month Relationship Turns Sexless

I have been seeing a guy for about six months now and he is great — intelligent, attractive, creative, hilarious. We behave as a couple in all ways, but our relationship is at the moment sexless. 360 more words


Intimacy Intervention: 'I'm Scared to Have Sex With My Husband Because We Live With His Mom'

Dear Abiola,

I have been married just for 3 weeks and so far it is already a sexless marriage.

We are living in his mom’s house right now. 424 more words