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Hello? Libido?

My libido has definitely been dampened.  My pre-hormones masturbation schedule was every 2-4 days.  That felt like a healthy rate to me, and my body definitely was ready for the release at that point.  272 more words


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CNI DC715 Kelelahan yang tidak segera diatasi akan mendatangkan beragam penyakit, dari yang ringan hingga berat. Kelelahan ditandai     dengan tubuh yang lemah, lesu, letih  hingga fungsi tubuh kemudian menurun. 302 more words

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Natural aphrodisiacs

Long before lust-boosting pills came along, men and women used herbs, scents and foods as aphrodisiacs. But which natural products really work?

Is your sex life as good as you’d like it to be? 964 more words


What It Feels Like To Lose Your Libido

When you’re feeling really down, sex is normally the last thing on your mind. Add certain medications into the mix, and it can be a downright no-go. 2,066 more words


Is Gluten Making Your Sex Life Worse?

Our libido and sex life satisfaction can be disrupted by a number of conditions or life situations. One thing that might be to blame for a less than satisfactory sex life is gluten.  343 more words

Female Sexual Desire: An Evolutionary Biology Perspective

One perspective on sex differences in libido.

“Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

In recent weeks there has been a… 2,162 more words


He wants to marry but we never make love.

After my divorce five years ago, I had a three-year relationship with a man who had anger problems, but we had an amazing sex life. I have now met a wonderful man who has a huge amount of stress in a very responsible job. 713 more words