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Naturals green drink-MINT flavor

I never tried mint, and tried many green/veggie/grassy tasting supplements and drinks. I wouldn’t have expected mint to be palatable at all, so i’m not sure if this is exceptionally good for mint flavor, or if it’s just not as bad as I thought it would be. 219 more words

Herbal Supplements To Increase Female Libido And Lovemaking Desire Naturally

Stress, estrogen dips, poor communication with partner, loss of trust and everyday life pressures can dry up the normal endocrine flow in the body causing dullness and loss of interest in lovemaking.Women suffering from the problem of dissatisfaction in conjugal life need to identify the conditions and find the right options to prevent it. 459 more words


Benefits brought couple watched porn together

5 benefits brought couple watched porn together: No TV in the bedroom? Maybe it disturbs sleep, but studies show that it has an important role in sexual seasoning. 30 more words


Ayurvedic Sex Stimulant Pills That Can Fight Low Libido In Men Effectively

When libido is low for the guys, they either don’t realize it or hesitate to share it with others. The masculine property to copulate plays an important part in determining manliness. 493 more words

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Libido to libi-no

I cannot determine my lack of sex drive to any one thing in particular. Maybe it’s my diagnosis. Maybe it’s the six year relationship. Maybe it’s the tablets. 237 more words


Organic Foods to Enhance Your Man’s Prowess

More men are facing the problem of low sex drive than popular culture ever stops to realize. The traditional perception is that any man will have sex any time anywhere and will 712 more words


Maca Root For Body Shaping?

Hi All!

Quick blog about Maca Root and the effects it could have on your body shape plus all the extra pleasantries I discovered a few months into taking it! 498 more words