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COFFEE (Premium Kopi yang Disukai Pria & Dinantikan Wanita)

MOMENT COFFEE adalah minuman kopi yang terbuat dari bahan pilihan, sangat baik diminum untuk meningkatkan stamina, energi, dan daya tahan tubuh. MOMENT COFFEE sangat aman digunakan karena tidak mengandung BKO (Bahan Kimia Obat) terbuat dari bahan herbal serta manfaatnya akan terasa saat diminum secara teratur 2-3 sachet sehari. 206 more words


The joy of side-effects: How endometriosis killed my sex life.

Like many women with endometriosis, I’m living in a little place that I like to call ‘side-effect city’. Right now it’s because I am taking the oral contraceptive pill to help  manage my pain while I wait for my appointment in May with an endometriosis specialist. 752 more words


I'm not depressed

No, not at all.

I went out with a spectacularly beautiful woman for about a year. And she had a voracious sex drive! And she indulged me in my sexual desires. 91 more words

Sex Drive Medication for Women

A person’s sex drive, also called libido, is their overall sexual drive and desire for sexual activity. The level of sex drive that a man or woman experiences is affected by many factors. 423 more words


What Is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine, also called herbalism, herbology or phytotherapy is the use of plants for medicinal purposes. Archaeologists have found evidence of the use of medicinal plants dating back over 60,000 years to the Palaeolithic era. 643 more words

Uncontrollable Urges

I hate and love these uncontrollable urges. I feel them building in my stomach and within seconds the urges have consumed me. My legs, my mind, stomach, back, everything and anything. 187 more words

Anti- Slut Shaming

Freud and Jung. A chart comparison.

Today we are looking at a comparison between the chart of Carl Jung and that of Sigmund Freud.  I felt compelled to look further into their similarities and differences when I noticed that they both had 7th house Suns.   1,046 more words