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Linear Panoramas (Mosaic) Tutorial

Another development cycle is coming to an end.  Bruno released libpano13 2.9.17 and paved the way for Hugin 2010.2.0.   This version of Hugin will bring a lot of new… 1,811 more words


Releases, Releases.

Somehow the end of the Gregorian calendar year seems to be a popular time for software releases. There have been a number of interesting releases in the past two weeks in the area of Free photography in general and panorama making in particular. 280 more words


Pushing the Boundaries.

One of the constraints when shooting panoramas with Hugin (and with most panoramic tools) is the No Parallax Point (NPP). There are physical and logical reasons to turn the camera around it when shooting images for a perfect stitch: Physically, pictures taken from the same NPP have no parallax. 252 more words


Google Summer of Code 2009 Wrap Up

Another summer is over. The maples in my neighborhood are changing color and we just finished our third Google Summer of Code (GSoC) participation, the best ever. 1,453 more words


Give a Man a Fish

So the Hugin project team released 0.8.0 three weeks ago. What are the expectations, and what does release actually mean?

Some users, particularly in the Windows world, expect the release of a shrink-wrapped product. 843 more words


Hugin 0.8.0 released!

Bruno Postle released Hugin 0.8.0. This is the best Hugin ever and despite the 0 as major version number a very mature and usable piece of software. 80 more words


Hugin-0.8.0_rc5 released

Most likely the last release candidate for this series, watch out for 0.8.0 very soon.

It has been a long way: the majority of the code written during Google Summer of Code 2008 had been in the repository since late last year along with a few other new features such as the new libpano projections. 134 more words