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Aries Sun, Libra Moon

The blending of the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra is fundamentally illustrative of the need to integrate the dynamics of the assertion of individuality and harmonious social relations.  389 more words

Who knows best?

YOU do. Where is that part of you located? The deeper, pensive you who loves and wants to do good for both you and the world. 178 more words



The Libra personality is known as the charmer, the diplomat, and peacemaker. In everything they do, they strive to see both sides of every story to decide upon what is most justifiable. 563 more words

Libra: Cancer New Moon Tarot reading, 2017. Learning to recognize your own vibe.

As above, so below. As above, so below. As above, so below.

I feel compelled to say this to you, beloved.

But firstly, happy new moon in Cancer, Libra. 566 more words

Oyeezy Vibes

Libra: New Moon in Gemini Tarot reading, 2017. We all need you to be YOU, not your scales.

Libra, libra, libra! ⚖️😉

Happy New Moon in Gemini.

I hope you’re feeling like the Venus ruled person that you are, Libra. If you are not, the cards are suggesting that you remember. 518 more words


Full Moon in Sidereal Libra: The Sensualist

The Signs of astrology represent twelve different modalities of consciousness. They can be rationalized in sequence as a progression of seasons, as a daily cycle of the biological clock, and as stages of enlightenment. 1,039 more words

Moon Phases