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I have been on a little hiatus, between work, house stuff, baby stuff and being sick I have not been spending a lot of time on here. 584 more words

Library Life

HERE'S A CANDLE- From Worzel

Godfrey was ill..He called it “FLUX O” BILE”. He was curled up in my turquoise chair, unhappy. Lest it be perceived that in telling his story, I have elevated Godfrey to sainthood- it was his own fault. 692 more words

You Must Like Books (Part III and End)

Blogger’s Note:  A moment of silence is in order for those who passed away while reading parts one and two of this series.  In their memory, and as a form of deliverance to all who have survived, I offer this last post on how I became a librarian.   1,147 more words


Books I can't wait for...June 2015

I’m a librarian. (Have I mentioned? :P) And thus, it is my job to seek out new books. At the moment, I purchase Mystery, Science Fiction, Western, and the 200s and 700s. 1,097 more words


#King of the Nerds: Finding the Perfect Gift

Oh the joys of gift giving!  I love to get people gifts, don’t we all?  I just hate shopping.  I am the kind of gift giver that wants the person to have a use for the gift.  396 more words

Information is power and we have it in our hands.

This anonymous interview is with a public librarian who has been a hiring manager and a member of a hiring or search committee. This person hires the following types of LIS professionals: 466 more words

Library Hiring