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Help an Interior Designer Help Libraries

Hello everyone! Today’s post comes from Danielle Lewis, an interior designer in NY and a friend of my co-worker Becky Stahl. She’s doing some research to help out libraries and I’m sharing her survey with y’all here. 341 more words


Review: Alone

Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat into Victory by Michael Korda

Liverlight, 2017.  Hardcover, 544 pages.

This all-encompassing work is both history and memoir.  Korda was written a rare example of a book that shows many perspectives on a small segment of time centered around the lead up to the famed evacuation at Dunkirk in May and June, 1940.  523 more words


The Brown Betty teapot was once in its produced in its millions but in recent decades has been overlooked. The ceramic artist Ian McIntyre is hoping to change this by re-imagining the design of the teapot for the 21st century. 167 more words


Why wait until College?

In The Library Internship and Expo as a Pathway to Diversity: A Case Study by Asher & Alexander, they look into the state of the LIS profession and how internships can be a gateway to increase diversity within the profession. 511 more words


Appreciating Hokusai

Japanese Art has always been a style I love. The design, composition, colours, graphic style, use of line, and deft touch is to be admired. Who can go past… 223 more words


Comic Review: The Librarians #1

Comic Review: The Librarian #1

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Writer: Will Pfeiffer

Artist: Rodney Buchemi

Colors: Weslei Manuel

Letters: Troy Peteri

Review by PeteR

The Librarians #1 is based on the popular TNT television show bearing the same name. 386 more words


Google in Human Form? Check Out the NYPL

“In what year was J.K. Rowling born?”

“What are the exterior dimensions of Radio City Music Hall?”

“Why do 18th century English paintings have so many squirrels in them and how to they detain them so they wouldn’t bite the painter?” … 359 more words