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Z580 Final Paper - Thomas Fountain Blue

Wheeler, Johnson-Houston, and Walker state that “At the end of the 18th century, African Americans who could read were virtually nonexistent (or invisible), except for a few in northern or free states” (Wheeler, 2004). 1,043 more words

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Library School - Dissertationing

I have officially finished library school! I posted my Masters dissertation off to Newcastle on September 5th in an embarrassingly large padded envelope, drawing a line under formal academic study for the time being. 663 more words


Thing 19 - The legal stuff...

Copyright, creative commons and all things legal have been well presented by Caroline Rowan in her write-up of Rudai23 Thing 19.  It’s a topic that we should all be familiar with, but as librarians even more so, to ensure we offer proper guidance and advice to library users. 399 more words


Interesting reading this week:

You are not a digital native: Privacy in the age of the internet.  A really interesting post about how companies are getting away with invading privacy by saying “but the kids are digital natives so they know what they’re signing up for”. 168 more words


Agile Writing for Archivists and Librarians - Now scheduling for Spring 2017

bring Oliver to your library for

Agile Writing for Archivists and Librarians

interactive workshop and training geared toward librarians/archivists

It’s a way of approaching writing as a continuous and iterative process, one that embraces small sprints, great frequency, and reflection, and it’s equally suitable for folks wanting to make headway on scholarly and/or creative writing. 516 more words


Thing 18: Communicating through photographs

If a story is not about the hearer he will not listen . . . A great lasting story is about everyone or it will  not last.

490 more words

Interesting reading this week:

Why ‘medalling’ and ‘summering’ are so annoying. An interesting and entertaining look at the “verbing of nouns” in the English language. Made me snort and nod my head. 227 more words

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