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5 ways to enjoy family time without spending a penny

It’s almost Halloween here in SA, TX, which means the weather has finally dropped from 100° to about 75°! This is my family’s favorite time of year, because it means that we can spend more time outdoors enjoying nature and each other. 814 more words


Get Lost in the Stacks of These 10 Beautiful University Libraries | Atlas Obscura


Uniquely wonderful… I love libraries that allow you to relax and ‘get lost’. A comfy chair, excellent- natural – lighting, and books all around. I would walk into the library, sit down at MY favorite seat, spread my books on the table before me, and just starred “dreaming with my eyes open”. 15 more words

The Utility of Monsters

I had occasion to be in a house with a 10 year old child not long ago. My friend and I, awake much earlier that Saturday to deal with his offspring (just barely out of the ages we measure in months) had watched a couple of childhood favorite “scary” movies, and had left the final one queued up on the TV: … 893 more words



That is what humanity has been so obsessed with for all of time. Whether it was oral tradition passed down generation to generation or some of the first ones written down like Gilgamesh, humanity has been so fascinated by stories. 302 more words


Canadian Library Month and Readathon!

2 posts in one day?! Crazy!

I didn’t want to let this month go by without mentioning what month this is:
Canadian Library Month!

As some of you may know, I’m planning on entering into a Master’s program for Library Science with the hope of joining the field some day so I’m tuned in to all things libraries! 257 more words

Friday Design: Inspiration and a Challenge

Happy Friday, dear readers! I hope your week has been going well and you have some lovely weekend plans. Today I want to share a bit more design inspiration and a design challenge. 533 more words


Ode to my Library

Oh, my library – my one and only!

I have been like a woman lost in the desert,

Thirsting for the knowledge of your pages. 143 more words