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7 Annoying Things People Do In A Library That Librarians Cannot Stand

Contrary to popular belief, public libraries are not on the decline in America. Every day over 120,000 libraries open their doors to present the world with shelves upon shelves of books in glorious Dewey Decimal System order. 1,065 more words

My favorite reads as a child

This past weekend I went to three bookstores (I used the holiday as an excuse, because everything should be allowed when you have an extra day off… right?), and I bought a lot of books. 641 more words


BLA Conference, Liverpool 2015: Innovation in libraries

I am writing up my notes from the conference over a week after the ever. I have therefore had some time to reflect on what I learnt and experiences, however I have forgotten things, and my notes for the most part look like this… 2,662 more words

Love this book!

This book has to go on my list of all time favourites.

Ralfy is rabbit not like other rabbits;  he’s not interested in carrots and lettuce but books! 185 more words

Children's Books

Voices between books

One of the nice things about borrowing books from a public library is when I find little notes when opening a book. It is always a surprise for me; it makes me think of me walking my path of reading and, suddenly, I find this other path crossing mine. 61 more words


Matchy Matchy

I’ve been using my Library Stacks quilt quite a bit now that i’s warmer and I no longer need a huge duvet. The only problem was that I didn’t have a matching pillowcase – but it wasn’t hard to fix that. 197 more words


Review: At The Water's Edge

At The Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen

Spiegel and Grau, 2015.  Hardcover, 348 pages.

This spellbinding and poetically descriptive novel opens to a prologue that seems out-of-place except for the geography.  599 more words