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This is where the Mad Part Comes In




I breezed through the remainder of Are You There God?  It’s Me, Margaret while on the treadmill at the gym on Thursday after work.   339 more words


The Case for Libraries by two of my top authors

The battle for libraries is on! Obviously, I think they’re magical, excellent, exciting and necessary places (see my joy when I registered to my local library… 75 more words

Book Thoughts

"I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down"*...

Mary Kelly and Holly Hibner, two Michigan public librarians, have struggled for years to prune their collections.

As The New Yorker notes, librarians call it “weeding,” and the choice of words is important: a library that “hemorrhages” books loses its lifeblood; a librarian who “weeds” is helping the collection thrive. 196 more words


On the other side of the front hall, directly opposite the dining room, a matching pair of doors opened into the library. Bookshelves built into deep architraves, stocked with leather-bound volumes and edged with a bedraggled leather dust fringe, gave off the faint glint of faded gold leaf.

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Lament for the Robert's Arm Public Library

As I’ve mentioned before, I had the good (and bad) luck to grow up in small-town Newfoundland. I don’t know anyone whose childhood was more rural than mine. 894 more words

Hennepin Co. Library ordered 100 'Purple Rain' DVDs due to high demand

If you went to the Hennepin County Library website right now and added yourself to the wait list for the “Purple Rain” DVD – it would probably be months until you get your hands on it. 442 more words


Funny library jokes

Allow these library themed jokes to tickle your funny bone. More can be found here.

Q: Why didn’t the thief burgle the library?
A: 68 more words